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A community for the Blaugust - thirty one days of blog posts initiative. Watch this space for awesome blog posts August 2014.
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My 1st impressions of the Manderville Golden Saucer

[FFXIV] The Manderville Golden Saucer
The 2.51 patch dropped last night, so this morning the "MGS" is now available. To get there you must be level …

Belghast and his Ultros minion


Jaedia showing off her new Doctore's Harness she picked up while running Halatali.


Made it to level 45 on the White Mage. Only 5 more levels to go for my Archmage title!

[FFXIV] White Mage to 45!
45 levels down, 5 to go. Or since my goal is more the Archmage title, agruably it's 145 levels down, 5 to …
  • Feb 21, 2015 5:08:19 AM

Still one of of my favorite titles I don't think I've changed it since I got it. lol


Got my 2nd class to 50 in FFXIV! And since it was the Arcanist, that means I got 2 jobs to 50 simultaneously in the deal. Go me, and all of that.

[FFXIV] A Burst of Leveling
My current goal in FFXIV (beyond "getting better gear for my BLM job" anyway) is to get the 3 magic classes …

Main story completed up to current, a few more dungeons and trials cleared, Expert Duty roulette unlocked.... leveling alt classes, gearing up BLM still.... life at the "endgame of FFXIV!

[FFXIV] Main Story Complete
I've completed the main story line now, including the new portions added in the 2.5 patch. I actually only …
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My daughter got me up early this morning, so I had some time to kill and did the Valentine's even already.

[FFXIV] Valentine's Day Event
The FFXIV Valentine's Day event went in this morning at 1:00 am my time. My 5-yr old daughter woke me up at …

Completed my Relic weapon quest, a bunch of hard modes, the Syrcus Tower raid, and much much more! Plus, a glimpse of the Salt Lake Comic Con.

[FFXIV] Endgame stuff
Finished off my "Soldiery set" for the Black Mage and also got my relic weapon and put the 450 Soldiery tomes …

Seeing crappy low-level tanks made me try my hand at working a low-level tank up and that led to job-hopping.......

[FFXIV] Alt-itis
I got the leg piece of my Soldiery tome iLevel 100 gear set the other night, so I just have the chest piece to …

Gear level progress slowed (as expected) but I got through several more dungeons, trials, and quests, so I still got a lot done over the weekend!

[FFXIV] Progress of a Different Type
I played rather a lot of FFXIV this weekend, but progression (as defined by my average gear level, anyway) …

I actually got to do more on a weeknight than my typical "run 6 dailies in a half hour" and jumped 12 gear levels as a result. Go me!

[FFXIV] Gear Level 88!
Thursday nights are supposedly my "designated game night" for weekdays, but due to how life happens, I usually …

I surprised myself with how much I got done in FFXIV this past weekend

[FFXIV] A Busy Weekend
I got a surprising amount of stuff accomplished this past weekend. Perhaps "accomplished" isn't the right …

I like how even though I've hit 50 on 1 job, I'm still unlocking things and learning more about what option FFXIV has as I continue to play. Where the gated unlocks bugged me at 1st, now they're a source of excitement -- like wondering what's in the next box, so to speak.

[FFXIV] Beast Tribes, Chocobo Training, and Low Level Scholar
One semi-annoying thing about hitting the higher levels in FFXIV is the introduction of daily quests. Of a …