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A community for the Blaugust - thirty one days of blog posts initiative. Watch this space for awesome blog posts August 2014.
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Alternate Reality Gaming - Football?

I have been playing an ARG for the last five years - I just didn't realize it until today.

Fantasy Sports - the Ultimate ARG?
I enjoyed learning and reading about Ingress over at Kill Ten Rats although I have never played the Alternate …
eldaeriel shared her post

joining in the book fun :)

Books that have stayed with me
Ok so my response to Pasduil's list. Like everyone it is going to be hard to restrict this to ten books and I …
Belghast shared his post

The third part of my Easing into Eorzea guide series targeted at players of traditional western MMOs. In this part I cover the various "Log" systems in the game as well as a run down of the Five Beast Tribes and how to start their dailies, as well as a run down of all of the dungeons in the game and how to attune to them.

Easing Into Eorzea: Advanced Leveling
Advanced Leveling Yesterday I covered a whole bunch of options you have while leveling, but I left out one of …
A Casual Stroll with Destiny

I have put 25km on the elliptical while playing Destiny and I only have three gripes so far. Curious if it's me, my last-gen system (X-Box 360) or the elliptical? (

25 KM with Destiny
I have spent three solid nights playing Destiny on my X-Box 360 and elliptical. I have totalled around 25 …
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Today I continue with my Easing into Eorzea guide series and cover some of the options for leveling at early levels. I've purposefully kept the Hunting Log out of this one, to be covered in depth with ALL of the various log quests in a later guide.

Easing Into Eorzea: Early Leveling
Leveling Your Class As stated yesterday Easing Into Eorzea is my attempt to explain some of the unique …
Swatting Flies

The final WildStar Nation podcast had an ex-Carbiner on it who shared some insights on things that went on in the company. I touch on a few of them, and wish there was more visibility.

Fly on the WildStar Wall
I finally got through the 2 hour and 15 minute marathon of the final WildStar Nation podcast. They add an …
Belghast shared his post

Final Fantasy XIV is a rich and rewarding game, however there are a number of concepts in it that are rather obtuse to the traditional Western MMO player mindset. As a result I am working on a new Final Fantasy XIV guide series to help players "ease into" the content. In today's post I go over all of the base starting classes and how they can evolve job wise.

Easing Into Eorzea: Classes
A New Guide Series With so many new people coming back to Final Fantasy XIV, some of which my doing... I …
  • Sep 12, 2014 8:19:42 AM

More guides like this are needed, especially since every patch brings so much new to the game; It's easy to get lost and drowned with the rich content. Nice work :)

Hard to choose between clever titles.

500 Million Dollar Arm or 500 Million Dollar Baby? despite the non clever use of movie titles to describe Destiny, I wrote a post about the money spent after spending a night with Destiny. Where did the money actually go?

Also - last Blaugester posting here past few days - am I doing this wrong? =)

500 Million Dollar Baby
It seems a pretty fair and common thought that people equate the cost of an item with how good it is. A 5 …
  • Sep 10, 2014 9:08:30 PM

I started sharing my posts just in the general stream rather than only here because... well... when you do that, it includes a picture from your post, and all my posts have pictures.

  • Sep 11, 2014 10:18:26 AM

I was asking myself when I orered the game yesterday: "I wonder where they put all that money in a game like Destiny". xD

A MMO Romantic Comedy?

No, but "How to Lose a MMO Gamer in 10 Ways" also has nothing to do with Kate or Matt either.

How to Lose a MMO Gamer in 10 Ways
In the romantic comedy "How to lose a guy in 10 days" A reporter is writing an article with that name - and …
Destiny Launch Day (Night?) - Define 12AM!

Oh, the FPS. Oh, the MMO. Oh, the Destiny?

I also talk about working out while gaming. It works.

Shooters, Consoles and Destiny - Oh My!
I have a long love of First Person Shooters and much like the MMO genre it has pretty much left me behind. The …
Rift Joins the Insta-Level Club with Nighmare Tide Expansion

Rift becomes the latest MMO to offer a level boost option. Only available with the Nightmare Tide expansion for now, I speculation on when it might hit the cash shop and how much it might cost.

Rift Joins the Insta-Level Club with Nighmare Tide Expansion
While I haven't been in Rift for ages, that doesn't mean Trion Worlds isn't still out there plugging away. …
Sliding Down the Blade’s Edge

My quest for the Loremaster achievement heads into the Blade's Edge Mountains.

Sliding Down the Blade's Edge
Last time around I found my progress towards the Loremaster achievement in World of Warcraft... well... if not …
Damn you Blaugust. >_<

Yeah I know it's over, but because of it I ended up sharing more of me again in what was supposed to be a movie review. Because of that I thought I'd put up the link here, just for completion.

Sunshine (and Death)

Free Realms Inspired Family MMO Raises Seven Dollars on First Day

Oh the optimism involved here...

Free Realms Inspired Family MMO Raises Seven Dollars on First Day
The upside for Wonky Seasons, should they be able to carry this first day momentum, is that is that their …
Rome – A Shameful Display

In which the strategy group displays its lack of prowess in a new game.

Rome - A Shameful Display
I was not sure we were actually going to get together and play last Friday evening. It was a holiday weekend. …