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Aug 28, 2015, 11:53:44 PM
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Aug 28, 2015, 9:18:21 PM
by Paeroka
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Aug 28, 2015, 9:16:31 PM
by Paeroka
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Aug 28, 2015, 6:51:16 PM
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Aug 28, 2015, 2:46:28 PM
Sandrian wrote

A bit of a weird post I guess, but I feel really at odds with myself at the moment. Hope it makes sense!

Aeternus Gaming: Re-evaluating me - Blaugust day 22
As I started this crazy Blaugust journey I set some high standard Gaming goals for myself. I did these before …
Day 28

In which I interview wife and daughter about gaming, specifically mobile gaming

Knifesedge Blogs
My wife, here known as Mrs Knifesedge, while not a gamer in the traditional sense, probably clocks up more …

Day 28: I look at some of my goals! God god that smiley is creepy...

Blaugust Day 28: Gaming Goals?
Looking back at the posts I've made, it's been one hell of a journey learning about myself, how I like to …
Blaugust Day 28

Addictive != Fun

Thalen Speaks
While listening to some podcasts I happened to actually look at my podcast app and noticed an ad for some …

Wildstar gets a mention, otherwise a playtime update for FFXIV

[Blaugust Day 28][FFXIV][Wildstar] A little here, a little there
Back in the day I tried out Wildstar for a couple of hours during their open beta. TL;DR of my impression of …
Blaugust Day 28 - That's Not Heroism

How MMO's idea of heroism is messed up, and what could be done to maybe help alleviate it. Call it a sequel from Day 27.

Murf Versus: Day 28

Today, I talk a little bit about my waning interest in Heroes of the Storm, and finally reveal some cheeky opinions of the game's heroes after having played many of them for the first time.

#Blaugust Day 28: Heroes of the Downgraded Weather Forecast [#HOTS]
When I first tried it, Heroes of the Storm was a big disappointment. When I came back to it upon the game's …
Blaugust Day #28 - Post 2

Project: Gorgon charts the course for its post-Kickstarter activity.

Project: Gorgon and the Post Kickstarter Plan
Fresh off of the successful Kickstarter fundraising effort, Eric Heimberg has posted a new update indicating …
A Stroll Around My UI

Soul of the Forest
I've talked a little bit about my UI and addons before, like DBM, WeakAuras, and Vuhdo. Now I'm going to go …
Blaugust Day #28 - Post 1

The war in Providence is over.

Leaving Providence
The Jamylites looked upon the systems and saw ruins and destruction and they despaired in their heresy as the …
Building a game: taking care of business

A post about raising money, spending money, and marketing.

Psychochild's Blog
Okay, I've asked the fundamental questions and put together the team to build a prototype and work out a …