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Void 52
Sep 1, 2015, 7:04:10 PM
Void 45
Sep 1, 2015, 4:54:17 AM
by Dario
Void 47
Sep 1, 2015, 3:02:45 AM
by Dario
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Sep 1, 2015, 1:44:02 AM
by Dario
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Aug 31, 2015, 10:24:43 PM
by Dario

All my tanks are now 59, and I think I'll get PLD to 60 tonight, then WAR on Sunday, with DRK bringing up the rear next Tuesday or Wednesday. Good times!

[FFXIV] Tanks are all 59
I'm still plugging away at the tank jobs. All of them are up to level 59 now and I've managed in the past to …

I logged in daily for Esoterics once they were introduced right after HW came out, but now that 3.1 has dropped... I've suddenly stopped caring. Is it the better gear now available, or just decision paralysis?

[FFXIV] Apathy for Esoterics
Ever since Esoterics were introduced, I've capped them out religiously. Until 3.1 dropped a couple of weeks …

And the warrior's now 58 also in only 2 days of casual play since leveling dungeons and Vanu Vanu tribe quests give a buttload (which is an actual measurement of 126 gallons, in case you wonder) of XP since the 3.1 patch.

[FFXIV] Warrior is now 58 too
2 more levels for each tank and then it'll be time to move on to MCH and BRD! In Patch 3.1 they said they were …

Paladin's 58 now! And had an odd experience in The Vault yesterday too.

[FFXIV] Paladin is now 58
Go me! I had an interesting experience in The Vault yesterday. Got it as my leveling roulette. Me as Paladin …

This week's gameplay report

[FFXIV][TSW] New dungeons
I finally got around to going into and completing the Arboretum and Pharos Sirius (Hard) dungeons, so now I've …
pkudude99 shared his post

I don't really go for horror stuff, so even though I've surprisingly enjoyed TSW, I still was a bit leery of The Park, really only buying it to support the TSW devs, but today I finally had an uninterrupted block of time so I ran through it.


The verdict: More please!

[The Park] Finally did The Park
I was really tired last night so went to bed early, hoping I'd actually get to sleep until my normal get-up …

More 3.1 Impressions. I need to get into the new dungeons and Void Ark raid......

[FFXIV] More 3.1 Goodness
In my quest to not immediately burn through everything that 3.1 has to offer, I've actually played less than …

Patch 3.1 initial impressions

[FFXIV] Patch 3.1 is here!
As the title says, patch 3.1 dropped early this morning. 3 am my time, according to the schedule, anyway. I …
#IntPiPoMo 2015 Post 2 - LOTRO Minas Tirith

Knifesedge Blogs
Having recently arrived in the Gondorian capital of Minas Tirith, Jestro has done a little exploring...

Still doing my daily Expert dungeon run for Esoterics and working on the tanks. Slowly but surely.....

[FFXIV] Waiting for 3.1
I'm still doing my daily expert dungeon for Esoteric tomes. I've been grabbing the healer set jewelry for 375 …
Lotro Bullroarer Stress test

Knifesedge Blogs
I spent a little time on the LOTRO test server, Bullroarer this weekend. Not only were Turbine calling for …
ggchestnut shared her post

I've been passed the torch for the IntPiPoMo initiative, which started back in 2011 as a WoW-blogging initiative. I've opened it up to any and all bloggers, and I hope some folks will participate!! See the post for more information, and to sign up! ^_^

Gamer Girl Confessions: #IntPiPoMo 2015 is Here!
As November approaches, we come closer to another blogging initiative--International Picture Posting Month …

A screenshot post today

[FFXIV] Fun with Dyes for All Saint's Wake
Not all those who wander are lost

All Saints' Wake -- why the level 20 requirement? There's no combat and it's all in safe areas. But hey, I like the cosmetic gear and the broom mount!

[FFXIV] All Saints' Wake Stuff
It's like it's almost Halloween or something.... I don't know why the event's got a level 20 requirement. …