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Battlefield 4

PC, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3
TBC 2013
Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooter video game which features a single player campaign as well as a multiplayer modus with three playable factions. The game offers gameplay elements such like dual-scoped weapons, target tagging and use of vehicles.
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by KGWolf
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by NiczDK
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Streaming more BF4 because I like to rage.

Chill Minecraft Stream! Come Say HI! -WHITELIST-

I'm back home from vacation! That means BF4 live stream! Come say HI!

Battlefield 4 nonsense. PC - Come Say Hi!

Have to say, I'm liking dragon's teeth


Put about 20 hours in to bf4 in the last 3 days so far, and I think I picked it up pretty well for not being a heavy fps player for the last 5 years. Still not always getting more kills then deaths, but usually in the top 10 of the team, and more often then not in the top 5. Probably because I do too much trying to solo cap.. since nobody bothers to follows orders ^^ level 16


So I bought BF4, haven't played a battlefield game heavily since bf2142 and bf2. Probably gonna stick with healing like I always did


Do not watch, testing link attachment

BattleField 4:Test 1
Test 1 Battlfield 4 -- …

1st time trying out Hardline! Yay for betas! Come check out the game with me!

Chill Minecraft Stream! Come Say HI! -WHITELIST-

This is my/alot of other peoples everyday struggle....

This is why people with slow internet can't have nice things!
My struggle every time i play BF4 and other multiplayer games -.-
MasterZero uploaded a picture

" You shouldn't get this error . " Shut the fuck up .


PS4 Stream is live: BF4 Multiplayer Conquest! New quality : Best HD! Looks pretty cool!

Krxz [EN/FR/ESP] - S3 Platinum - Latenight SoloQ madness (minimal mic usage)

PS4 Stream is live: BF4 Multiplayer Conquest! New quality : Best HD! Looks pretty cool!

BF4 Xhrist Aggressive Sniping Montage
Battlefield 4 aggressive sniping using m1911 and Gold Magnum. I'm playing with the Naval Strike DLC. Enjoy :)

Holy mother of awesome!

Battlefield 4 Through My Eyes - Cinematic Movie
New series Through My Eyes: I will show you war! Battlefield 4 fan made epic cinematic movie Thank you for all …
Kantiel hes playing them Games ! BF4 on the Xbox1 so go give him some love !


Still working on my 10 stars for DMR's! Come say hi! Got any questions about Gunnars/gaming glasses? Come ask!

Chill Minecraft Stream! Come Say HI! -WHITELIST-