This is a rough summary of our first roleplay event. Participated @BlackBriar @santrasa and @Mida The story was very simple, but we had a lot of fun playing it, adventuring in the dungeon, and using all amazing emotes at our disposal.

That day, Elloa gathered her friends around some drinks at the Krang Manor. It wasn't the first time they were gathered at the old Manor of Wayrest, but it was the first time Elloa alarmed them with a letter, calling for their help. Maddy, Briar and Frost answered her call, and with patience wait she give them some explanations.

Their host, Krang, an old orsimer, adventurer retired, had ask her a favor. The Manor was in pitiful state and he needed help to gather fond to repair it. Willing to help him, Elloa had immediately searched for a solution. She wasn't rich herself, and had not a cent to spare. She asked some guys from the Undaunted guild in the most popular Inn of the Capital, and they suggested her to search for some mines in Deshaan a province of Morrowind: The rumor said an amazing treasure were burred there.
The idea of Elloa was to gather her friends and to explore that famous mine. She hoped they would find the treasure and be able to help Krang considerably with the gold found. Maddy, Briar and Frost agreed immediately to join her in her expedition: Elloa had prepared some equipment for their journey: some leather armors, and the weapon she managed to find.
They used the Wayshrine to magically transport in Morrowind: That would save them a long travel. Once they arrived inside the Cave, their adventures really started...

Briar, Maddy and Frost are listening Elloa's explanations

Carring the equipment, Elloa fall on unstable slab

The team wearing their new traveling clothes plan their expedition.

First surprise when they arrived to the Mine, a Dunmer were welcoming them and asking for their help. The Mine was apparently invaded by bandits.

The team was fooled, the dunmer revealed to be a Wanted murderer. The money to catch him would replace the unexisting treasure.

More surprises were awaiting the team! The Mines opened on Dwemmer ruins, crowded with wild creature and defence automaton. Frost, Maddy, Briar and Elloa approach in silence a giant Golem.