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Affliction Warlock GUIDE for 6.0 - Please Subscribe for more! 1080p 60fps Footage!

[6.0] Affliction Warlock Guide - Stat Priority - Talents/Glyphs - Warlords of Draenor [Indy] [HD]
In this video I explain the Stat Priority for Affliction Locks and I go over their talents and glyphs. I hope …

My first 3s on my Affliction Lock - Check it and please subscribe! 1080p 60fps gameplay!

[6.0] Affliction Warlock 3v3 - My 1st Time Playing Lock! - WLS - Warlords of Draenor [1080p] [Indy]
Hey guys, Try not to flame on me too hard! It was my first time playing Lock in 3s! Sorry it's been a week …
BlackCloverGaming shared his video
BCG Plays Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy!!!!!
BCG Plays Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy!!!!!

YAY a new series I am making for my youtube channel. Jak and Daxter is a ps2 classic by the legendary Naughty Dog. Who just had their 30th anniversary


Streaming, wanna play? let me know in chat!

FinalSummoning - Twitch
League with Jake the Dog? Play with Meh? ~Say Hai~

Rdruid Mini Montage! 1080p 60fps with awesome music ft. Sativ!

Please watch on youtube and subscribe! <3

[6.0] Resto Druid Arena Mini-Montage - RMD - ft. Sativ - Warlords of Draenor [1080p] [Indy]
Hey guys, Hope you enjoy this mini-montage I made. Best viewed in 1080p 60fps at max vol and full screen. New …

New Guide up! 1080p and 60fps!

UI And Addons Guide - How To Set It Up For Arena!


Please check it and subscribe too!

UI & Addons Guide: How To Set Up Your UI For Arena - My Setup - [Indy] [1080p] [WoD]
I hope you guys enjoy this guide I threw together for you. You guys wanted this one the most out of everything …


playing battlegrounds with friends and sativ


1080p HD 60 FRAMES

How to heal in 3s - disc priest arena - healing guide


Subscribe please <3

How to Heal: Disc Priest Healing Guide - Arena - Warlords of Draenor [1080p HD] [Indy]
Yo guys, It's indy. I threw together a guide that you guys voted on! Here is the strawpoll to the next video! …
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Guys, why do none of the skeletons in the game have feet? The aesthetic skeletons you find here and there to give the game a feel of post apocalyptic death don't have feet. Not one. I swear. Has anybody found one which does???


Rookie at Heartstone.

Took at least 20 tries before I finally killed Grand Widow Faerlina! v u v

So relieved!


Here you guys go! How to use Spirit Shell in arena! Please support with a sub! Much love boys - Indy

How to Use: Spirit Shell - Disc Priest Pvp Guide - Warlords of Draenor Arena [Indy] [WoD]
In this video i go over how to use spirit shell as well as what it actually is, what it does, and why i like …

3v3 Thugcleave Arena ft. Sativ and Battlemasterpvp

Rdruid Arena - Please subscribe for guides and more gameplay!

[WoD] Thugcleave - Resto Druid 3v3 Arena - Skype ft. Sativ / BMPvp - Warlords of Draenor Pvp [Indy]
Hope you all enjoy these games i played with Sativ and Battlemasterpvp! Check them out below and make sure you …