Saturday, we hosted our first TeamSpeak contest! Nine members were present and we had a lot of fun and laugh. The game was simple: the players had to find the hidden name of a Whitestar member in the images presented to them. Each right answer was worth a point, each wrong answer was worth a boob, and the first player to answer had a bonus point.

It was really great to see so many members joining the evening, including new members like @Grimmauch, and @ZiggsRPG who was at his work and interrupted by customers! @Nyahna was on fire, motivated by the prospect of beating @Nehr, she got most of bonus points, but unfortunately her spelling mistakes cost her the victory, as she earned too many boobs. The gold boob was earned by our Bewbie Queen though, who answered Cenarion instead of @Lahndon on the first image.

( I had explained the game enough, she had no excuses :P)

Everyone fought well and deserved their points for having participate to the game! You can check out the Stickie Leaderboard here!
We will see you in two weeks for another crazy and fun TeamSpeak contest!