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Female, 45 years old, lives in Geneva, United States

Adiera is now following Strife Fan Zone and Indie Games.
Lonrem wrote

I'm hanging out with the guys from @Adiera and the Avalon Lords guys in their livestream checking out their game, come hang out? :D

Avalon Lords - Live Twitch Broadcast - See the game as you never had before, and ask the staff questions !
  • Aug 28, 2014, 3:05:18 AM

We're definitely having a blast!

Avalon Lords - Redefining the MMORTS
Animus Interactive is raising funds for Avalon Lords - Redefining the MMORTS on Kickstarter! A real-time …
In-game communication in Avalon Lords

Hey there Avalonians, I’m Karen Lowry, screen name Adiera, or Adi, and I’m the US Community Manager for Avalon Lords. My counterpart is our European Community Manager Deborah Calvin, screen name Qukatt.

Our community vision

We have a very definite vision for what we want to do with our great community. One of the biggest issues we’ve seen in the gaming industry is a lack of open, honest communication with the player base. We feel it’s our solemn duty to learn from that and move forward, and to make sure that we don’t make the same mistakes. Our job is to be the community’s voice and its advocates to the developers, while making sure we keep players up to date with all the latest news and developments. We want to keep the community engaged and having fun, and we’ll have contests and other special events to that end.

In game communication

We’ve already started building our community and we’ve got a great base going so far. We get a lot of really insightful comments and feedback from them, and one of the things that we’ve seen a lot of questions about lately is the subject of in-game communication in Avalon Lords. We want to assure you that we know that in-game communication is a huge part of any MMO, and we definitely plan to make sure that Avalon Lords is deeply social. To make sure that this happens, we are going to have various different options for communication. We’ll have a lot of chat and communication channels, including:

  • World/ server chat, so everyone on the server can communicate and get to know other players
  • Local chat, so you can communicate with players whose armies are near to yours
  • Empire chat, so you can get to know your teammates and hatch evil plans of battle siege, fire and conquer.
  • Officer level chat, where Empire leadership can collaborate and work on strategies, without it going out to the whole Empire.
  • Empire forums, which will help Empire leaders and officers organise their Empires, make announcements, and chat to Empire mates who aren’t online at the time.
  • Raid chat, for Empire members who are focussing on a particular battle that not everyone is involved in
  • Private messages that allow you to send text and items to other players
  • A combat report function, so if your troops get into a battle or discover something interesting, you’ll be able to share it with your friends.

We really do understand that part of the lure of an MMO is the social aspect, and we definitely want to make sure that this is present in Avalon Lords. I hope this alleviates some of the concerns from the community, and we’ll definitely keep you abreast of what we plan to do with communication as we go along.

We love to know what you’re thinking, so please comment below, or come and chat with us on our forums!

Hail Avalon

Karen Lowry, US Community Manager

Animus Interactive

In-game communication in Avalon Lords
Hey there Avalonians, I'm Karen Lowry, screen name Adiera, or Adi, and I'm the US Community Manager for Avalon …
Exploring the Avalon Lords Empire system

Hey there Avalonians, I’m Alice Wilkes, editor and writer for Avalon Lords. Today I want to tell you about the functionality of our Empire system.

The Empire system is one of my favourite things about Avalon Lords, and as a habitual guild leader it was great to be able to pull ideas from games that work well, as well as adding a couple of things you won’t have seen before. Here’s a video that should tell you all you need to know about the Avalon Lords Empire system.

Catch the video here!

So Empires are long term player groups, like guilds or alliances. They can come together to tackle server end game goals, and to help out their Empire mates when they’re attacking or being attacked.

Organizational features

  • Coordinate Raids & Events with In Game Calendars and Sign Up
  • Empire, guild and officer chat so you can coordinate and chat in game, in addition to other chat channels
  • Remote Empire warehouse access and in-Empire trading
  • A map overlay that shows you the territories of other empires, and tells you whether they are allies, enemies or at war with you
  • Empire waymarking
  • The ability to see other Empire member’s attack history and espionage reports
  • Notifications of attacks on Empire members
  • An Empire quest system
  • Customizable in-game polls that anyone in an Empire can start.

How do Empires interact with each other?

  • Empires can declare other Empires to be allies or enemies
  • Empires can declare war on each other, which gives combat incentives to Empire members. You can still battle Empires you are not at war with.

Empires and end game

It will take Empires at least six months to win a server, something we’ll be covering in a future update. You’ll also be rewarded for your victories with in-game account bound items exclusive to server winners that you can show off on subsequent servers. These won’t give you in game advantages, but they will show people you’re a serious contender. Winning Empires will be written into the ongoing storyline, and we’ll show off your victory on the main Avalon Lords site.

Mutineers and absent leaders

Avalon Lords servers are designed to last for 6-12 months, so we wanted to make sure players didn’t lose their hard work as a result of Empire leadership issues. To that end we’ve added a couple of new elements to the traditional guild system to give Empire members more power over their fate.

First off we’re including a vacation system that allows Empire leaders to nominate a temporary replacement. We’re including an Absent Leader system that triggers an automatic nomination and voting process if your leader disappears, giving officers temporary leadership rights while a new leader is chosen.

If Empire members feel the need to replace an unpopular or ineffective leader, they can start an anonymous vote to mutiny. If 75% of voters want a change, the nomination and voting process kicks in. This means you can solve leadership problems rather than having to start over and regroup.

As always, we love to hear from members of our community, so please feel free to fire comments and questions at us!

Hail Avalon

Alice Wilkes, Editor in Chief

Animus Interactive

Exploring the Avalon Lords Empire system - Avalon Lords
Hey there Avalonians, I'm Alice Wilkes, editor and writer for Avalon Lords. Today I want to tell you about the …
Dev Diary #13: A taste of dynamic, sandbox city building

Hey Avalonians! This week we’re going to take a look beyond the city visualization graphics we’ve shown in recent videos, and give you a better idea of how sandbox city building works.

The land of Avalon is a sandbox environment. You have a large amount of freedom to build where and how you think best. But some choices are better than others, and often, choices to optimize one area will require trade-offs elsewhere.

Placing your first town hall

Let’s start at the beginning – you arrive in the land of Avalon, looking down at your new domain from above. You’ve got a handful of troops and peasants, and a free town hall ready to be deployed. Where do you put it?

Avalon’s landscape is full of mountains, plains and forests; eventually it will have other terrain-types as well, with mineral veins, rocky outcroppings, and other rare things to be found. Finding a spot near great resource nodes has obvious benefits.

The slope of land determines, in part, how fast troops can traverse it. Many mountains are simply too steep for most troops to climb, and they can also can block line of sight. A narrow mountain valley protected on several sides by steep slopes will limit the areas you need to watch and defend.

Forests can provide a source of wood, but they can also offer great cover to enemy troops. They’ll also slow some troops down significantly. Other terrain types have different advantages and disadvantages.

Neighbors could be friendly or hostile. If you are surrounded by friends, maybe a strong defensible position isn’t so important for you. If there are potential enemies about, you’ll need to consider your options carefully.

Buildings, resources, population and production

Once you’ve decided where to put your town hall, you can start building your first city. The level of your town hall determines the build-radius of your city. Within the build radius, you can put any type of building you like – resource harvesters, housing, logistics, trade, decoration, magical, military or defensive structures. A level one town hall has a reasonably small radius. A maximum-level town hall can host a sprawling metropolis.

Resource harvesters (e.g. sawmills), warehouses and military camps can be placed outside the city radius. Harvesters must be near the resource they’re harvesting or their maximum production will fall rapidly. Additionally, each resource harvester must be staffed by peasants, and it must be within range of a warehouse or production will suffer.

Production buildings give a city the ability to turn resources and peasants into other things, like refined resources or troops. A stable, for instance, allows you to turn a peasant plus metal and food into a knight. Increasing the level and number of production buildings in a city will increase production in a simple additive fashion – more stables make more knights. But there is a specialization factor. As your city’s expertise and focus on certain production types increases, production of that type will become faster overall due to more parts and more expert peasants being available.

The peasantry and the military

Peasants are the workforce of a city, the core of a city’s economy. A city’s maximum population is determined by the amount of housing in each city, although houses can be upgraded to improve their capacity to a limited extent. Peasants can be recruited and trained to be soldiers, or employed at resource harvesters or other production buildings. Soldiers need to have space in the garrison to live. If allies send reinforcements to help defend that city, the garrison must have enough space left for them or the reinforcements will have to stay outside the city and make their own camp.

A city’s population also has morale, which is a factor in peasant productivity. If a city is under siege and morale gets too low, bad things will follow. Both peasants and military troops need to eat and will not be happy if they are starving.

Building in the rest of the Avalon Lords sandbox

Walls, watchtowers and other defensive structures can also be built in or outside of cities, as can camps and roads,but these will be the subject of a future Dev Diary.

It is hard for us to show how this will play out in a video, so I hope this give you a sense for how building in the Avalon Lords sandbox will work. Building optimized cities and strong surrounding defenses will be a challenge, with many pitfalls for the unwary or unwise, and many opportunities for customization and greatness.

As always, we’re here to answer any questions you may have! Please comment below, or discuss this post on the Avalon Lords forums!

Hail to Avalon,

Jennifer Ketzl, Chief Operating Officer

Animus Interactive

Dev Diary #13: A taste of dynamic, sandbox city building
Hey Avalonians! This week we're going to take a look beyond the city visualization graphics we've shown in …
  • Aug 9, 2014, 3:44:03 AM

Wow looks good!

  • Aug 9, 2014, 3:50:44 AM

Thanks! :)

Dev Diary #12 – Learn more about the Avalon Lords AI

Hello and welcome to this week’s Dev Diary. I’m Tim Hays and I’ll be working on AI. <<<<<< Watch the video here

Simplified AI – short learning curve

Having worked on dozens of games, Avalon Lords is the most exciting game I’ve ever been involved with. Having worked on many games with simplified user interfaces and reading feedback from avid gamers regarding learning curves, we will make sure that setting up the AI in Avalon Lords will be easy to do. The selection panels will have sub-selections that allow you to quickly and easily get to what you need.

High-level AI to low-level AI

Avalon Lords AI will be broken-down into LODs (Levels of Detail), such that ‘AI-High’ is at the world view army level, ‘AI-Medium’ at the squad level, ‘AI-Low’ is at the unit level, and when we say unit, we mean the individual soldier. So, at the highest level, you can schedule armies for deployment. You can deploy them defensively to defend your city, or offensive to attack an opposing army. At the medium level, you can arrange squads and formations, and assign commands and behaviors as if you were the commander giving orders to the captain of that squad. At the lowest level, you can influence the behavior of how individual units will react in specific situations.

Commands cascade through the AI, synchronized

When the user/player initiates things that affect AI, such as buffs/debuffs, healing, summoning, orders, movement/placement of the army, that command will be sent to the hi-level AI (on the server) and will cascade on down the levels of AI, and all users who are viewing that action will see the command reaction on their client, synchronized to occur at the same time. Now, think of any game where you have player stats that adjust during gameplay.

Stats, individuals, and groups

Many statistical parameters are set up for physical and cognitive capabilities. Physical parameters are for things such as health, strength, speed, weight, rate of acceleration and more. Cognitive parameters are things that affect decision making abilities, optimum distance to strike, when to attack, retreating, relative aggressiveness versus defensiveness, etcetera. These parameters are associated with the individual units under the control of the low-level AI, and these stats cascade upward to the medium and high level AI, and some things cascade from the high level down to the low level.

Just as an individual person has these parameters, so do groups of people.

So, as the individual units are marching around, encountering their opponents and performing their tasks, their parameters, or stats, will be adjusted on an individual basis. Let’s take health as an example. As a swordsman during combat takes damage received from hits, his health goes down. Then, the entire squad receives its health based on the averaged health of the surviving units, and that army receives the averaged health from the squads it contains.

Load-balanced synchronized events

Upon specific load-balanced timer events, stats for high level and medium level AI are updated in the databases and synchronized on the clients.

Assessing performance of your AI setup

As a player, viewing performance stats will give you useful information about your armies and squads, allowing you to make more informed decisions on how they are performing with your current set-up, which may give you ideas on where you want to make adjustment to the AI prior to the next engagement.

Of course, there are many more details, but this is just a brief, simplified explanation that will give you an overview of the system currently under development, which will be powerful, yet easy to use. And, once the game is released, we will have example video tutorials that will show you how to set up specific situations.

If you’d like to know more about the Avalon Lords AI, please take a look at these earlier Dev Diaries from CTO David Wu and COO Jennifer Ketzl. As always we’re happy to answer your questions, so please add them in the comments below!

We’d also like to thank those of you who have supported our Kickstarter so far – thanks very much! Please keep spreading the news and help us reach our target!

Hail Avalon,
Tim Hays, AI Scientist
Animus Interactive

Avalon Lords - AI overview
AI simplified overview, by developer Tim Hays KICKSTARTER: …
  • Aug 7, 2014, 8:06:04 AM

Can't wait to see more. Definitely check out the links you posted.

  • Aug 7, 2014, 8:12:55 AM

Awesome! We're in Kickstarter too, link is on the game page :)


Our Kickstarter is live!

Avalon Lords - Redefining the MMORTS
Animus Interactive is raising funds for Avalon Lords - Redefining the MMORTS on Kickstarter! A real-time …