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lives in United States

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It's as if Emcee Emel Exai (Norn - Reaper) is going "oh damn girl, that's one fine dress!"


(seriously though, I'm trying to find this outfit for my ladies. Any hints?)

  • Mar 23, 2017, 1:16:45 PM

It's not Daydreamer's Finery. I have that one and it's not this.

  • Mar 25, 2017, 2:45:24 AM

So I've learned it's not an outfit, but appears to be the Flamekissed Light Armor skin. A gem store exclusive. And it rarely makes rotation. ARGH.


I unfortunately was caught sleeping on the job. Yes, I have finally pushed a longplay series on Youtube and since I don't want to do 7 posts I will do one post of 7 videos. This is for "Alwa's Awakening", released by Elden Pixels for PC/Mac/Linux on STEAM at Feb 2. 2017; if you need some help deciding if this is right for you, I encourage you to check out other recordings as well, INCLUDING THIS LONGPLAY by yours truly. <3 (Playlist)

Alwa's Awakening Longplay (Segmented) - YouTube
A "longplay" is a general playthrough of a game from start to end. This playthrough of Alwa's Awakening …
  • Feb 13, 2017, 7:52:53 PM
altermaven wrote

For anyone who just doesn't want to sift through my metagarbage on my personal Twitter, I have made a Twitter handle that deals with ONLY content uploads, stream announcements and other assorted events.


I will be cross-RTing these on the main twitter, but following this one guarantees no garbage.

int's announcements. (@int_func_out) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from int's announcements. (@int_func_out). content, stream and event announcements without …
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#GuildWars2 screen for 26 Jan 2017: 10 minutes prior to server reset and ready to beat the crap out of the "something in the water".


My norn warrior with the green hair standing on top of a …

altermaven wrote

No, I'm not dead. I've just been busy cooking up some behind-the-scenes stuff and handling Real Life and its 13 hours a day BS.. but I'm alive.


I have a long rant and since it's GW2 related and longer than 140 characters it is going here. NSFW warning: verbage.


TL;DR: There is no TL;DR. Read everything.


I run around with the Easy Access Quartet of world bosses almost every day, helping people out when I can. However, there is one stop during this Easy Access Quartet where someone throws a blockade of fuckery at us.


It's not Great Jungle Wurm. It's not Shadow Behemoth. It's not the Svanir chief.


It's Fire Elemental. Every. Single. Fucking. Time.*


What happens? During either one of the last two events in the Fire Elemental chain (Kill the Fire Elemental, Guard C.L.E.A.N. 5000 during main spill cleanup), someone sneaks in and activates the panel that shields the reactor which accesses the Champion Steam Ogre.


Why is this bad? Because the status quo is someone charging up the Fire element on the Matrix Cube Key after killing the FE by accessing the destroyed golem. By the time we get to the _now reactivated shielded reactor_, because of the prior breach, the console override protection is up, and we can't use the key to usher in the 30+ who JUST FINISHED FE AND WERE LOOKING FORWARD TO THE STEAM OGRE FIGHT.


There's a term for this. It's called "griefing". And apparently ArenaNet doesn't care.


If you've been a victim of this, I encourage you to bitch (POLITELY) at ArenaNet about this. Maybe if they get more reports they might look at changing the credentials necessary to keep this whole thing streamlined.


Sorry if I'm being arrogant but I needed to vent.

  • Nov 11, 2016, 6:17:37 PM

GRIEFING (grEEf-ing) N. To abuse a game's mechanics to prevent an individual(s) from normally progressing -- usually in a malicious manner.

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"This swamp would be ideal for tranquility, except for a very nasty neighbor that needs shutting up every two hours."

altermaven wrote

While I'm currently mitigating a SHTF moment regarding a fantastically-failed series push related to capture software, my Youtube channel is still semi-active with frequent playlist adds, including a growing stash of found older electronic musics.


That being said, I hope to be back on track sometime after our very important day here in the US. Stay safe, everyone.

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so an Inna variant became top vote on Diablofans.. it involves 2p Raiment, Shenlong's and 5p Inna w/ cubed RoRG. Aptly called, "Inna Gen Monk". The only thing I'm worried about with the setup though, is that Unity pair w/ Inv follower and Spirit Guards are practically mandatory.

  • May 12, 2016, 2:28:10 PM

Author does make a note, however: if you can't do Fists of Fury, use the Crippling Wave "Mangle" rune instead, for a steady reliable damager.

  • May 12, 2016, 5:13:01 PM

Great, thanks mate!

Will farm it once I have time. :D

  • May 12, 2016, 6:03:14 PM

I've noticed the build used Endless Walk. I'm not sure if you're depending on Dashing Strike and Epiphany to keep moving from target to target, or you're using the DR component and staying mobile. I could see EW being viable as you're practically required to use a Unity pair, however...

altermaven wrote

It's with regret to inform all of you that since my Youtube has become so stale as of late, and I haven't any time to actually create content, that I'm shuttering my Youtube account. If I decide to try this again, I will form a completely new channel. But as it stands, my current channel is now DEAD. This is not the only reason, however...


Youtube is also planning to livestream a hatemonger that's attempting to run for our country's President. I'm sure all my US buddies know him. Since this runs in direct conflict with my beliefs, it became a compelling factor to make the move. But the majority reason for me closing the account in the first place is because I just can't contribute enough of my own content, with the time frame that I've been put under.


I'll still stream the occasional Hitbox, but if I do want to make snippets during my downtime, I'm looking to the possibility of using for just that.


To all the people who've been eyeing my channel, I'm truly sorry, but life happened.

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'Asura' had a reason to be showing off them Chaos gloves. *ducks* (xpost from Twitter)


Salve Polling Rate doing the Golem -- er, i mean Robot.


It's all fun and games until the #Diablo3 patch signalling the impending of a New Season gets released.


Here's the big turns from the previous patch. Do note that some leg gems got reworked, especially the hotly-contested previous configuration of Taeguk finally making its purpose clear. That will be discussed below.


Read ALL the patch notes here:…


+ SKILLS: It appears Blizzard is doing more of a job in removing the ability to spawn health globes with skills. Hammer of Ancients - Birthright; Laws Of Hope - Hopeful Cry; and Grasp of the Dead - Death Is Life runes no longer have chance to spawn globes.

- Birthright now heals for 3% max Life on a critical.

- Hopeful Cry now reduces Physical damage taken by 25%.

- Death Is Life now has a 70% chance to spawn a Zombie Dog (increased).


Wizard "Archon" damage, armor and resistances have increased during the active phase:

- Damage increased from 20% to 30%

- Armor and Resistance Bonus increased from 20% to 150%


Wizard passive "Unstable Anomaly" no longer has priority if using Firebird's 2P -- the set death save will proc first.


Demon Hunter's "Boar Companion" passive regen and resistance now apply to all allies.


Skills and legs that boost damage by a percentage are now applied multiplicatively to other sources of bonus damage.



- Solanium's chance to spawn a Health Globe now has an 8-second internal cooldown.

- All unwanted legendary potions CAN NOW BE SALVAGED.

- Gogok of Swiftness gem is reimagined to trigger attack speed increase on hit 100% of the time, with dodge chance stacking with IAS. Dodge chance ramps up by 0.5% per stack; Rank improves the chance-per-stack by 0.01% (0.75% per stack at 25).

- Taeguk gem now only increases stacks if you're using a channeling skill (Whirlwind, Strafe, Rapid Fire, Firebats, etc.). Stack is hard-limited at 10. Damage increases 2% per stack, with an increase of 0.04% per rank (3% per stack at 25). At 25, also increases armor by 2% per stack.

- Teardrop gem had its base damage and damage-per-rank increased, Rank 25 duration between procs reduced from 5 to 3 seconds; and every time a smite occurs, gain 3% max life.

- Pain Enhancer and Wreath of Lightning gems' damage was increased board-wide.

- Toxin gem's rank 25 also causes affected to do 10% less damage as well as take 10% increased damage.

- Enforcer gem's rank 25 pet damage reduction is now 90%, to encourage more pet builds (Zunimassa's is up for Haedrig's Gift -- coinidence?)


- Oculus Ring will trigger by your kills if your follower's wearing it.

- Sanguinary Vambraces benefit from all sources of bonus damage -- the new must-have for Invoker's?

- Frostburn/Magefist's skill damage boost is now a Leg power; Frostburn's chance for cold skills to freeze is now fixed at 50% and is still part of the Leg power package.

- Skull Grasp (Barbarian)'s whirlwind bonus damage got reduced, but damage is now multiplicative.

- Johanna's Argument (Crusader) comes with +100% to Blessed Hammer now

- Lord Greenstone's Fan (Demon Hunter) got a per-stack boost.

- The Flow of Eternity (Monk) comes with +100% to Seven-Sided Strike now

- Nilfur's Boast (Wizard) had its initial Meteor damage and damage hitting 3 or less increased

- Twisted Sword (Wizard) is now locked at 8 Energy Twisters' worth of benefit max

- Swamp Land Waders (Witch Doctor) no longer strictly increases poison damage, but can roll with Physical, Fire and Cold damage along with Poison damage;

- Swamp Land Waders (Witch Doctor) now has a leg power benefitting Sacrifice damage increase to enemies affected by Locust Swarm or Grasp of the Dead



- Demon Hunter's 6p sets are getting general damage increases specific to the set

- Barbarian's Wastes 4p now causes you to take 50% less damage and your applied Rends to do triple its damage while you are using Whirlwind; other sets' 6p damage boosts are ramped up

- Crusader's Invoker set 2p can hold a max of 25 stacks now, damage per stack is up to 35%, but the 6p damage bonus was ramped up

- Crusader's Roland set 4p had a damage bonus ramp-up; 6p duration is up to 8 from 5

- Monk's Inna set got no love this patch

- Monk's Raiment 6p increases spirit generator damage by 300% for 6 seconds after using Dashing Strike.

- Monk's Sunwuko set had damage bonus increases for 4p and 6p

- Shenlong's damage bonus increased from 100% to 150% after reaching max Spirit

- WD's sets get general damage boosts across the board

- WD's changes to Raiment 2p and 6p generally translate to more damage being done

- Zuni's 4p and 6p got some effect increases including 6p damage increases

- HT 6p got damage increased from 900% to 1400%

- Looks like Delsere's isn't going to be doing well (Wizard)



- Merciless Witch no longer randomly becomes invulnerable during your fights with her.

- General QOL changes to make Set Dungeons more comfortable to complete

- New treasure goblin type


+ UI:

- Stack counts are now easier to read, with numbers having shadows under them


- Inventory no longer flashes if you pick up items as a Lv.70 character

- Stash tab icons have been added, more to choose from


To gain the full benefit of the Patch Notes, explore the link above.

  • Apr 28, 2016, 12:09:38 AM

I like a vast majority of the changes honestly

  • Apr 28, 2016, 2:01:53 AM

Might need to play the game again at some point :P

  • Apr 28, 2016, 5:02:08 AM

I'm actually impressed about the majority of the changes; the QOL Set Dungeon improvements were actually quite welcoming.

altermaven wrote

Morning Caffeine 26 Apr 2016 a.k.a. "Hungry for Vanilla": File under #WoW.


In light of the WoW vanilla server "Nostalrius" controversy, in which the vanilla server was shuttered by lawsuit from Blizzard Entertainment, I will shed some light on why -- in most cases -- vanilla servers might actually be a good idea.


Before I hop to it, let me inform you of my definition of "vanilla" in terms of gaming: untouched by modifications, extra additions by the company, or purchaseable goods (microtransactions or "micros").


First off, let me make a case example -- my old favorite, Team Fortress 2. It was good, until Valve decided to make it bloated with Steam-specific promotionals, hats, and items that gave an advantage over standard players. MIND YOU, there are ways to obtain these things without ponying up, but the fact you actually have to go through the hells to obtain them in the first place shoved me off the entire ideal.


However, I wouldn't mind playing on "vanilla" servers should they become more prominent -- that is, using the original weapon sets for the classes and no criticals.


"But int, there ARE vanilla servers out there" .. I haven't seen a decent-pop vanilla yet that is in good ping range my dear, and one that isn't popped by bots. And even if it's one, THAT IS NOT ENOUGH.


Let's take that contrast over to World of Warcraft. "Nostalrius" is a private server, yes. It's not a Blizzard-sanctioned server, yes. It was material to be sued by Blizzard, yes. HOWEVER, Nostalrius is what the fanbase considers to be a "Vanilla" server, using old rules, scalars and events that appealed to a LOT of people.


Was the lawsuit a bad idea? In general conclusion, yes: Blizzard invoked the ire of all those players. Yes, they were more or less playing rent-free, but Blizzard can dig itself out of this mess. Blizzard needs to do more than make an appeasement to the gilded gods. It needs to LISTEN to the players, reach out to the owners in some sort of peace offering that doesn't involve sucking them dry of funds, and perhaps even build on their concept and make "vanilla" servers of their own.


That's all I could see that might allow Blizzard to survive all this. Any deviation is unexcusable.


But what makes the World of Warcraft scenario different to a vanilla appeasement of, let's say, TF2, is that all the servers for WoW are controlled by Blizzard themselves. Any average joe can set up a TF2 server and not have to face being sued. But Blizzard did specifically state that any emulation of realms (including private servers) is against their terms of use.


Nostalrius may be offensive on that end, but Blizzard really needs to pay attention on what made Nostalrius successful, and not what they did wrong -- for the sake of the current playerbase, and the future increases of said playerbase.


Is the operators of Nostalrius in the red for what they did? Yes. Unfortunately, so is Blizzard for how they actually handled the ordeal. Blizzard is on thin ice, and the only way to keep them from breaking that ice, is to listen to the players.

  • Apr 26, 2016, 2:54:37 PM

TL:DR; Blizzard is at more fault than the operators of Nostalrius for committing this, and needs to listen to their fanbase.

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The view of this Krytan monastery in Shaemoor is as intoxicating as the brew they provide. Beware of centaurs. #GuildWars2