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[ONE] sieges the Keep!
Nothing can save you! Check here if you want to know more about us: …

woop woop

[ONE] tearing down Keep Construct! Druid PoV
Al's rage on how i died at the end still haunts me in my dreams... ;) Check here if you want to know more …

matthias hype!

[ONE] saving Tyria from Matthias! Rev PoV
ONE] bringing down Matthias for the first time. The training was really worth it! Check here if you want to …

and here is our gorse kill! split phases were planned like this to make it more entertaining ;)

[ONE] putting Gorseval in his place! Druid PoV
ONE] teaching you how to not do "druid stuff" in split phases... and how great teammates can save the day! …

Here is our Trio kill!

[ONE] burning down the Trio camp! Druid PoV
Spirit Vale full clear in 45 minutes, so we decided to have a look at Salvation Pass as well! #firstpull :P …

Our Sloth kill is now online!

[ONE] putting Slothasor to sleep! Druid PoV
Tried to do a training on Sloth... well, we killed it so fast it was not much of a training ;) Check here if …

here is our 9 man vg training run which turned out to be a kill run^^

[ONE] 9-Man VG! Rev PoV
ONE] doing a teaching run on VG with only 9 people... and we got the kill! Check here if you want to know more …
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