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Male, 25 years old, lives in United States

About azgoodaz

I'm azgoodaz.. I'm Cuban American, and when born had a speech problem where I could only learn one language and it was either Spanish or English. So, my parents taught English as my first language. When I entered 3rd grade, I gained a Stutter and that stutter is what makes my shyness and quietness. I'm a Gamer on Xbox, PlayStation, and Pc if anyone is wondering. For most of you, know or dont know I stutter but it only happens when I'm nervous, stumble upon words, or big words. I hide my stutter when I play video games. When I'm talking with friends or other people, it goes away and I can talk normal, but when I stop playing video games I become myself again and the stutter comes back. I'm NOT afraid to have my voice heard and I WILL get loud at people if they get on my nerves.

''az'' in my gamertag & social network names does not mean ''Arizona''.

Last updated Mar 21, 2014, 4:39:06 AM