It was a test, an attempt to gather the community a specific day in a specific game, and see if it was something we could do regularly. You can read more about this project and share your feedback in this thread. But without further adoo, this is what we did last week!
Thanks to @Aeyvi for the FFXIV event summary.

During the day, several guildies were playing together, doing Dungeons, LFR and the usuall activities you can do in World of Warcraft. The evening, we started to gather on Discord, and soon we had 8 members online chatting together @PrHasenfuss @Agagor @Aeyvi @Conor @Vordt.Ororyu @Neny @Internet and Elloa Instead of going to Goldshire, we decided to go in the snow of Northrend and have some fun arround K3. We played with various toys, having a Murloc VS Gnoll battle, and other flying bear-form silliness. Then we headed towards Ulduar. @Animan joined us, and it was his first raid ever, he may have been ...slighty confused.Just a bit! We ended the night with @Vijo, Aeyvi, Fizzpop, Internet and Elloa doing some Mythic Dungeons.

After the usual gathering at Klang Manor, the Whitestar estate in Wayrest, we formed a first group to do the Gold-key pledge: @Gribbly @Azurri @PrHasenfuss and Elloa. We eat some cake and had a very smooth run, especially considering that Proffesor was only vet7 and had never done that Dungeon before. We continued the event with two groups for some random Dungeons. One one side, @boinged Gribbly Azurri and Proffesor and on the other side, @Maggie-one @MCFranks @Internet and Elloa explored Arx Corridum. This was a good feat for Frank, who tanked for the very first time on his lvl 10 Argonian!
We ended the night by gathering everyone in a single group, and we attempted Maw of Lorkaj for the first time. We scaled the Trial to Vet1, as we were only 7 unexperimented members, and not everyone was Vet16. We managed to kill the first boss without too much problems, and enjoyed very much our ride to the second one. However, the second one was more difficult to understand and abandonned the fight for that nigh after a few wipes.

We were six to gather in Sakura Lane, the long road that long Heidell and lead to Mediah. @Firkan @Kitiandra @Aeyvi @Azurri @Internet and Elloa. We started by showing off our horses, chatting about breeding and training, and even had some demonstration of our skills as a horse trainer, and our abilities to fall flat on our bottom in front of the crowd. But that was only fun!
We decided to go on a adventure, we mounted our horses and rode towards the East, a warm and desertic area.
We met some misadventures on the way, Aeyvi even lost her mount who got killed by a rampaging creature. But we continued our adventures nontheless, in good mood. We shared some good laugh, and some nice talk all along the way.
We ended the night by crossing the sea on Internet's boat, and have a promenade on the Iliya island, a heaven for fishermans.

Abandoned by her Sharlayan caretakers following the exodus, the Antitower had since been overrun by magical guardians left behind. The fearsome group from the Whitestar Free Company battled through the deepest depths of the aetherial sea to overcome all manner of strange and mystical creatures within. @Cornelius taking up his sword and shield to protect us, @Xera shining the bight lights to keep us safe and injury free, @LunaDra with her spikey pole to impale all evils on, and @Aeyvi taking up her bow and arrow to impale the wall with. In a land where nothing makes sense nor is it what it seems. Their eyes first bestowed upon a giant frog wielding a lollipop known as Zuro Rogo, followed by the sinister dust bunny Ziggy with his magical rocks of doom.. but the last, and greatest challenge came by the name of Calcabrina, the mighty overlord of all the dolls with her 6 little doll minions. With their superior strength and skill (or a lot of arm flailing and panic) the group used all their might and self determination to face this abomination of doll-kind down and crush her back into the fiery box from whence she came. Pleased with their success, and having seen no more adventurers on their travels, they journeyed far once again over the aetherial sea to the watery lands of Satasha, this time donning new weapons and armour that was yet to grow accustom to them. They bravely fought through the fishies and the evil Serpent Reavers with @LunaDra protecting us from the punches this time, @Cornilius flashing light around to cure our wounds, @Xera with his misbehaving punchy fists and @Aeyvi with guns (which silly person trusted her with those)
. Following their success in defeating Denn the Orcatoothed, the adventurers returned home, tired and weary, looking for peace and tranquillity that only their beautiful house in The Mists could provide. In the meanwhile one of their fellow company member, @ConorHiggins had arrived back at the house and joined the group for a quick natter. The Mists was also graced by the faces of many Whitestar friends including Ed's future husband and the beautiful @MikuYiki. The group tended to their wounds, found a trusty fire to sit at and took some rest to prepare themselves for the next challenges ahead.

As always, there was much silliness, fun and laughter, both in game and on discord.

Text written by Aeyvi