Whitestar is a place where to gather friends and allow them to enjoy their favourite games together. It's not as easy as it seems. Whitestar is a small core of people with different tastes, interest, gamestyle, and time on their hand. We are a tiny community spread in three guilds and even more games. How to organise ourselves to be sure to not cross and miss each others while logging in our favourite game?

As we have a fair amount of new members – I'm taking the chance to welcome them again in this thread @CunningB @Tufan @Vaetilda @luther @Celebryn @yorkeyg @Rimmorn @Alana – I though it was a good idea to remind of the method we are using to ease our organisation.

Today I play – Whitestar schedule
As our guilds are small (for now), we needed to concentrate the activity on certain days. Important events are organised those days to allow players that play several MMO and want to be active in several guilds to not have to sacrifice an event for another.

Our weekly schedule (need to be updated):
Monday: ESO
Tuesday: ArcheAge (previously WildStar)
Wednesday: WOW
Thursday: ESO
Friday: WOW
Saturday: Community
Sunday: ArcheAge (previously WildStar)

If you are playing several games, try to respect this schedule. This allow us to be certain that the guild will be very active on said days.

Today I play – TIP
This is the image you see every days stickied on our wall. It's a reminder of the game of the day, of the events organised, and it allow our members to organise themselves more easily.
- "Guys, I want to try the new Dungeon in WOW, anyone up to play with me arround 5?" - "I'm currently playing ArcheAge, going for a Trade run in 15min"
- "Remember our Cyrodiil event, tonight at 21h.Be on TeamSpeak"
We are using the TIP everyday, but we could use it better to really organise ourselves and be sure to never play alone (unless we want be left in peace of course)
Do not hesitate to give rendez-vous to other players, tag them (@<name>) to get their attention, organise your own mini event using the TiP.

Guild leaders and officers organise events to concentrate our activity on certain days. In that case, even if we have a tiny guild of less than ten active members, we will always have fun together!
Major events are organised on Schedules days, but sometimes other events are organised on different days. It all depend of the dynamism of the guild.
We highly appreciate when our members sign up an event (accept – maybe - decline). It make everything easier to organise. It's also a good use to have for future as at some point, in some games, events such as raiding will requiere sign up and be confirmed and those signed will have priority over others.

We know that not everyone want to join a voice chat, some people want to be left in peace, and some are shy or simply can not join. We do understand.
But we really want to promote the use of Teamspeak. We really hope than in time, people will log in Teamspeak when they log in a game, even with the sound cut. This to allow more easy communication, being able to see who is playing what, increase our social interaction and allow us to chat (by writting) if nothing else.

So far we have not been very succesful to promote TeamSpeak, but we will not give up. We really do believe it's a great way to create contact and bond with other players!

Saturday Community Night
The Saturday, we used to organise Community Night such as Diablo, or Tera. We ended to drop the idea of organising events, and leave the day free for members initiatives.
However, we often start the evening with a monthly Community meeting, which is the occasion for new players to introduce themselves and get to know others, to make a roundtable for everyone to share their opinion, and to announce important changes.
We also organise regularly some funny competition on TeamSpeak. Those are announced in the forum Contest, and players can earn points that are registred in the leaderboard. Those point will allow the winner to win a prise et the end of a season.

Anook is our forum, our website, our blog, the place where we gather, we chat, we organise ourselves and we share ideas.
Lot of our members are exclusively playing one game, while some others are playing several games. Anook is the only place where you can get aquainted with everyone, stay in touch with everyone, no matter how is your activity in game.
Our goal with Whitestar is not to create nice guilds. It's to create a community where all our members know each others even if they are not playing games together.
And who know... one day maybe @Mida and @Baktra that are respectively playing ESO and ArcheAge and are never playing together will both meet in EverQuestNext2 or StarcraftOnline (or whatever MMO we will fancy to play) and they will be happy to already be familiar with each other.
This allow our member to stay in touch, even when they are missing, even when they decide to not play anymore or to try that other game they have heard about. They can follow the progression of their friends and their adventures with the screenshots and post that we publish on our Nook