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It’s Lottery Night!

It’s Saturday evening. People all over the UK are tuning in to the TV station that does the lottery to see if their numbers are winners. Some will be delighted! Most will crumple up their tickets in disgust - more win real money wasted…

Lotteries are big business. Most countries have them, and have had them for many years. Britain is one of the last to do so! Some countries, like Spain for example, have big special lotteries at special times. The Spanish Gordo is the big Christmas lottery. Last year over 80 people became instant millionaires thanks to the Gordo, and a very welcome Christmas present.

Playing the lottery is one of easiest ways of gambling. Many people don’t even consider it gambling. The draw is done to very high standards:

“The lottery draws are protected by extremely high security. The draw machines, which are accredited by the British Standards Institution (BSI), are kept in containers with two security seals which can only be opened by the independent auditor and the draw manager. The draw machines are tested before the draw in the presence of the draw manager, independent auditor and The National Lottery Commission. Once the pre-draw checks are made the machines are kept under closed circuit television surveillance.”

Of course, the odds in favour of any single person winning the lottery is slim. You have much better odds in any one of the many sportsbooks or casinos online. But nevertheless, lotteries all over the world will always be extremely popular.

Last updated Feb 7, 2019, 4:15:42 PM