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Sep 1, 2015, 7:04:10 PM
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Sep 1, 2015, 4:54:17 AM
by Dario
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Sep 1, 2015, 3:02:45 AM
by Dario
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Sep 1, 2015, 1:44:02 AM
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Aug 31, 2015, 10:24:43 PM
by Dario

Not been playing much lately, and what I have been doing isn't very exciting, so..... revisited Rift a little, as well as got my Bomb Chair mount in FFXIV, at least.

[FFXIV][Rift] Capping Tomes and Re-Visiting Old Loves
I haven't posted much lately. As noted in my prior post, I'm really just doing a daily Expert plus Vath quests …

It's been a while since I posted since I've been playing a bit less and I don't find it terribly exciting to post "I did the daily Expert roulette and Vath quests until I capped Lore and bought a piece of gear" but this past weekend I tried some new things, and last night was a fun unsynced run through Turn 9 with the FC.

[FFXIV] Fun, but with a Side of Apathy?
When I log in to FFXIV, I have fun, but now that I've completed all my leveling (that I care to do, anyway -- …

And the long journey is finally completed -- all my combat jobs are level 60 in FFXIV!

[FFXIV] All Combat Jobs are 60
Go me! Last week I was just shy of 57 on the Ninja and dinged the level Monday evening from doing the daily …

Gave BDO a look-see this weekend on a guest pass. Still mostly played my FFXIV, though. got my Lore Tome caster robe!

[FFXIV] [BDO] Black Desert Online impressions
A friend who bought Black Desert Online gave me one of his guest passes last week, so I activated it and …

A rare mid-week post from me.

[FFXIV] Miqo'te and Ninja Progress
I've gotten my daughter's character up to 59 as an Arcanist now. I've had the daily hunt logs unlocked for a …

I got my Ninja job to 50 now. Only 10 levels to go! I also got my daughter's character up to level 56 as a Summoner, unlocked flying in CWH and the Forelands, and am now beginning to run through the Churning Mists. Fun weekend!

[FFXIV] Ninja to 50, Miqo'te can fly!
Since I last wrote, I've unlocked more of the new content. I haven't necessarily *done* it (Alexander: Midas) …

Non-spoilery impressions of the 3.2 patch

[FFXIV]Patch 3.2 Impressions
As anyone who follows FFXIV knows, yesterday was the big 3.2 patch, and while I normally don't play much on …

I've got my daughter's character to level 52 now, but I'm still working through the Main Story Quest so as to be able to unlock the Heavensward zones for her. And on my own character I've hit 60 Monk, so I've just got 15 levels of Ninja to go and I'll have all the combat jobs to 60.

[FFXIV] The MSQ is rather long
This past weekend I focused most of my effort on Friday and Saturday on my daughter's character, playing …

Did a little on my monk this week, but spent most of my weekend working on my daughter's character instead, with an eye toward eventually getting her "the purple pony."

[FFXIV] Playing the Miqo'te
My 6-yr old daughter's been asking me to play her character more so that I can eventually get her the "purple …

Valentione's was a little bit of a let down this year, I felt. It was cute, but short and just a hat? On the other hand, I got my monk to 51 and am enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.

[FFXIV] Valentione's and Monk to 51
So... just as I got back into dungeons since last November, they announced that come Feb 23rd and the next …
  • Feb 9, 2016, 10:42:14 AM

I'm going for monk in FFXIV. It feel very weird for me to DPS

  • Feb 9, 2016, 4:02:11 PM

Melee dps hasn't ever really been my cup of tea in any game either, but it's definitely growing on me in FFXIV. Probably since it's so easy to change off of it by just swapping the weapon. Other games where you need to log in and out to change classes makes it easier to just stick on the 1 focused style of play instead, I think.


More progress on my melee jobs.

[FFXIV] Monk and Ninja to 45
Through a combination of dungeon running, FATE grinding, and catching up on hunting logs that I haven't done …

I got my monk from 35 to 42 and now have Mantra. No more cross-class skills to get! I also got Ninja to 39 from 35 also. Upgraded my Summoner's gear to i207 average. Much progress made this weekend!

[FFXIV] Melee Progress
I did quite a bit with Monk and Ninja over the weekend also, getting Monk to 42 and Ninja to 39. Not perfectly …

Did a lot of dungeon running this weekend and managed to get Dragoon to 60. Not bad since I was level 52 a week ago.....

[FFXIV] Ding 60 Dragoon!
Wow, Wordpress did another forced update, this time to try to make it look like Office 2013, it seems. Can't …

The journey to 60 is complete as a Machinist. Not I'm working on the Dragoon. Already 52 too!

I got my machinist to 60 this weekend, and I've decided that I prefer bard. The machinist's proc-based combo, …

Got my Machinist to 58 and my Bard to 60 this weekend!

[FFXIV] 60 Bard!
I've been doing more of the same with my playing -- daily hunts and Vanu Vanu quests. Not too much excitement …
  • Jan 6, 2016, 2:49:28 AM

Grats! :)

  • Jan 6, 2016, 4:02:37 AM