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I got my last job to 60 a bit over a month ago and since then have logged in maybe 1x a week. What is it with me and needing to level a character up all the time?

[FFXIV] So This Happened...
Yep... I got my final job to 60. Go me! But here's the thing.... When I play games I like to feel like I'm …

FFXIV is in a bit of a holding pattern for me while waiting for Stormblood to come out, but I'm still plugging away at gearing up different roles and getting all my jobs to 60.


With a side of Civ6 too.

[FFXIV][CivVI] So....close......
My goal of getting every class/job to 60 is almost complete. Maybe 3 more days of Moogle quests should see me …

Baelsar's Wall, Zurvan the Demon, Beast Tribes, and Hildebrand.

[FFXIV] Baelsar's Wall and More
You didn't think I'd tell you about only 1 of the new dungeons, did you? So yeah, last night I started working …

In which I document my 1st run-through of Sohm Al (Hard)

[FFXIV] Sohm Al (Hard)
Patch 3.5 is out now, which means new dungeons. I got on this morning and grabbed the unlock quest for Sohm Al …

My latest update -- new FC, new content attempted.

[FFXIV] Stuff
My beloved FC (Greysky Armada) in FFXIV has been kinda "dead" to me for quite some time. FC events are pretty …

Still plugging away in FFXIV toward my full i260 set for my summoner.

[FFXIV] Still Plugging Away
I'm still plugging away in FFXIV. Mostly anymore it's 5 Expert runs a week to cap out tomes, plus a run of …

I finally gave "One Tamriel" a look.


It's fine. to the point I'd almost call myself addicted to it. On the other hand, my level 5 character felt about the same as my VR6 character, so it seems like there's no real feeling of progression anymore.

[ESO] Time in "One Tamriel"
I finally gave in and popped in to ESO to check out how it all works now that it's "One Tamriel." 1st logging …
  • Nov 30, 2016, 7:52:21 PM

One Tamriel is the best thing that could happen to ESO in my opinion!


I don't really like raiding in any MMO anymore, and don't care for the Primal fights much at all. But Alex 10-12 was fun enough I went back and did A9N again, and plan to repeat them all this coming weekend too...

[FFXIV] Outside My Comfort Zone
I'm not real big on raiding in any MMO anymore. I did it for a time in EQ2, but now? Nah. I still haven't even …

I got the Red Panda minion from PotD this weekend! Too bad I was playing my daughter's character at the time....

[FFXIV] The Danger of Alts
This weekend, I ran through the Halloween event with my daughter's character in order to get her the minion …
  • Oct 31, 2016, 7:14:33 PM

I got mine from my friend @Cornilius <3 :D Cutest pet ever!

  • Oct 31, 2016, 9:35:50 PM

It's a rare drop from the final boss of the level 55 dungeon "The Aery." But it's rare enough that I've never even seen it drop, and I've run that dungeon many many many times. So to get it randomly from the Palace of the Dead was a very nice surprise.

  • Nov 5, 2016, 10:35:41 AM

I have never seen it drop either and I have many jobs to 60 at the moment!

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Knowing how a game works + having a plan + executing said plan = domination!

[Civ6] Putting it all together
On Sunday evening I started a new game of Civ6. Now that I know everything from my prior "info-dump" post, I …
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Things I've learned from playing Civ6 over the weekend

[Civ6] CivVI Impressions after the Weekend
This is actually an email I sent to a friend today about what I've discovered so far: *** The Diplomacy screen …
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Civilization 6 is out!

[Civ6] Civilization 6 1st Impressions
1st impression is: It's different. VERY different. But just enough the same, so it's all just fine. Sure you …

And after a long hiatus... another post. My 1st impressions of the 2 new "expert" dungeons released with today's Patch 3.4 -- tl;dr -- much easier than expected.

[FFXIV] 3.4 New Dungeons Impressions
FFXIV's patch 3.4 dropped today. I woke up without my alarm as usual, and it was early enough that I had time …

Kinda apathetic about mmo's right now, though I'm still logging in every day. Even so the "not really doing anything new or exciting" makes me not really care to post either. But here's an update anyway --

[FFXIV] Marking Time
I'm back into my "care enough to log in daily, but not really sure why" phase. I like that I feel like I'm …
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Some last-minute gaming goals as I continue with Blaugust!

Gamer Girl Confessions: August Gaming To Do List
Yeah, I know it's Saturday, and August ends on Wednesday. But Legion is out on Tuesday, and there's gaming …