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To save a Demon Hunter

*rubs away tears* okay so where was I, oh yeah, Maeiv and the cheaty rag tag group had just slain my hubby Lord Illidan Stormrage, but I was not afraid because I knew things the group didn’t (because blizzard made it up like 9 years later or some shit) I knew Illidan was a demon so his soul would make a new body for him..or something..To be honest its not that clear. But the sneaky Maeiv knew too..i guess? Look lets not focus on the details. She used his demon blood against him and froze him in place! As all the reinforcements from Mardum came rushing in the same fate befell them. I knew I had to act fast at risk of being locked up in the vault so I joined the rag tag group and made my way back home to Azeroth where I stayed undetected for 7 years.

One day while walking through Stormwind I received a summons to the Iron Front in the Blasted Lands, orcs from the past and another reality (like I said don’t think about it) had invaded our world This could be my chance, another reality, perhaps I can find their Illidan! He could help me free our Illidan, then they’ll be two of them. *Amy becomes lost in her thoughts for about 15 solid minutes of telling this story* I packed my things and tyranda mask and headed for the Iron Front. Hordes poured through the gate, but I followed Khadgar through, the mage seemed to know much about the fel, he is my best chance at finding Illidan, I decided to stay close to him. The adventures in this land took me far and wide but never close to my daddy, until we assaulted Hellfire Citadel.

There I met everyone’s favourite lovable character Gul’daniel. While the group of hunters and mages went off killing everything in sight, I snuck up to the peak of the citadel to strike a bargain with Gul’daniel. We hatched a plot to free the Illidan of my world. While the gang tore the place apart and Gul’daniel realised his fate he presented our idea to Don Archimondé. His desire to see Azeroth burn was unquenchable and so the three of us put the plan into motion. Gul’daniel called up his side hoe Cordona to tell him he’d need someone to pick him up once he lands in Azeroth. Don Archimondé fell before the gang and made them believe they bested him and took that chance to transport Gul’daniel into our world. With everyone thinking they had stopped the legion I waltzed home to Azeroth, I knew once the Vault had been breached, we would be called to help, and I would be reunited with my beloved, I just need to grab some more staples for my mask.

Fourteen months past as I awaited the plan to move into phase two until finally Khadgar took flight as he had heared of an invasion at the Vault of the Wardens. I offered to go with him, but he said no, the demon hunters had been realised and it was far too dangerous and that Druid powers would be of no use in this situation. I stayed undercover knowing I would soon be sent to clean up after them. Now im not going to say the whole legion invasion wasn’t my fault, but it takes two to tango so come on Gul’daniel takes some of the blame. Because this little plot ended up in a full blown intergalactic war. People died, family’s were torn apart, I think some vodo troll guy died after sitting on a chair or something, idk. But you gotta admit, my plan worked. Khadgar sent for us to retake the vault but upon inspection…Illidan was gone. Its been to many nights without him. The hunt is on

  • Oct 30, 2017, 10:45:03 PM

Comedy gold xD Also the references to Blizzard's more... confusing storytelling are great. Keep it up!

  • Oct 31, 2017, 12:05:49 PM

@Trellisaze Dont tempt me frodo!

  • Oct 31, 2017, 2:37:51 PM

@Amy-Higgins just do it already

Gate Crashers

Well this was quite the evening, I was in the mansion my husband Illidan had claimed in the name of outland on a normal Thursday. The kids were in bed, the naga things we’re in the basement, not a peep all through the house. Then suddenly, our security guard, Supremus had been murdered! I looked down from atop the spire, to see a rag tag group of hunters and some funny looking fellows storming the gates!

Me being a quite welcoming host, went to meet them and showed them to our Butler, Mr Dumb Dumb McPoopy (He keeps telling us to call him Akama Mattata or something?) He kindly takes their coats but then one of them tells him about a viva le revelation and they all start making a mess in the coat room! How barbaric. Me being very passive, I try to reason with them and take them to see my cousin in law, Gorefiend. Now Gorefiend is a bit hashtag edge, and starts turning them into ghosts so I had to go around resurrecting them, peasant work am I right? But then one of them drives a sword through his heart! As I stood their trying to stop the bleeding they all run off to destroy that soul engine thing Hubby keeps in the basement. Going to be honest with you guys on this one, I let them take it out, that thing keeps me up at night (not the only thing am I right or am I right?)
Anyway after they completely ruined the guest floor I had to escort them to Illidans Friend ChambersTM Its where all those lady’s with the masks stay, he’s such good friends with all of them, sometimes they hang out for hours at a time..and sometimes for 5 minutes….
They went around killing all of Hubby’s good friends! One of them even claimed a bed, I allowed the carpet area to be her room.

Once they reached the peak of the Chambers, The Sensation Station, they killed that lovely 6-armed lady, we were supposed to go out for coffee next week! Then they went and killed those blood elf people, they were very close friends of mine. After all this nonsense Mr Dumb Dumb McPoopy shows up, and brings his ghost friends and starts breaking into the master bedroom! At Illidans alone time of all times. I stand my ground but the others push past and interrupt his skull session.
Then, they start doing battle, Illidan being no stranger to battle, starts cutting them to bits, the hunters fell, the mages blood painted the room! The broken fell to the floor, some say when his skull hit the temple, it could be heard throughout all of outland. As he stood proud over all of them that slut maeiv showed up and made a move, I kicked her out though. The day was won, but then the flesh from their corpses disappeared and they got to have like 3 more goes?! How is that fair Blizzard come on we won fair and square?

The last image Illidan Stormrage saw as the light drained form his eyes-1997 Colourised

SO after like 20 goes or something they finally cheated and killed my hubby, and he didn’t even get a respawn! Hacks I tell you, my controller was broken, my dad works at Nintendo. Then they started taking pics of his dead body, kinda messed up if you ask me. But my hubbys days were not over, and the so-called heroes of Azeroth? Their days were numbered, for Illidan will rise again! His wings will cast a shadow over Azeroth and paint the land with the blood of-wait what
Wait so

All Photo Credits To Aeyvi-

  • Oct 20, 2017, 11:13:27 AM

I'm concerned for you!

  • Oct 20, 2017, 6:44:52 PM

Bwahahaha! The Sensation Station... (that would have been an expensive coffee run with all those arms!).. Goodness me, this is hilarious madness. Great job! :)

  • Oct 21, 2017, 5:10:57 PM

Oh my god, Ames, thanks for the amazing read! I enjoyed it thoroughly. :D

Conors Adventure In FF Month 3!

So that time has come, its been 3 months since I entered the amazing and fantastic world of Eorzia, and oh my how far we've come. I have seen things you couldn't dream, done things you couldn't comprehend, experienced things that to this day I didn't think were even possible in a game. But thanks to the amazing world we have set out in front of us to explore, and the company we bring with us, its possible to experience these things.

Level 50
I'd finally done it, something I had striven to do for so long. I hit level 50 and finally had the full set of Armour I set out to obtain so so long ago. It was incredible. A feeling that I had come a long way, climbed the highest mountain and you know what? The view is pretty good from up here. I felt strong, I felt like for the first time ever that I was actually a warrior, a person that could help, someone to answer the call, no matter where it comes from, I will be there to help.

I felt it was time for a more studios path, enough with the killing and fighting, I wanted to learn! Study, discover and return to my roots of healing, so I decided to study the ways of a Scholar. The choice of which healer I would become was very tough but Scholar was were my attention was drawn. Maybe it was the idea of being a student, carrying books around and learning! Maybe it was having a little companion to keep me company, or maybe it was just the pretty pink haired cat lady ;) But im happy with this new career im pursuing, and I wouldn't be surprised if I like it even more than the dragoon. Thats whats great about this thing we call Final Fantasy. You can be whoever you want, If you wake up and decide you want to play music on a bow and arrow, well you go for it! No ones stooping you!

Transform into a kitty

My transformation was pretty strange and out of the blue. Nothing really edged it on, and there was nothing wrong with my old look in my opinion. But I decided I would give the kitty's a break and give it a go! And I fell in love with the kittys!! <3 As a cat I feel like an energetic little ball of fun! Gives me a less mature look and lets me be on my wild side :D I still love my dragon and I feel strange with this. I think it it because the game allows you to do everything with one character so I'm almost limited in what i can do with that character. I kind of want to be both my dragon and my kitty at the same time since I love them both so much, ill be a kitty for now but I might go back to the dragon since I like them both as equals :)

The story I experienced so far has been pretty amazing. While I feel it got off to a really slow start, once it picked up it really got good! Of course I cant go into details but trust me its worth playing for the story. But to games I play there;s much more than the story they present to you. And this game is great at giving you a canvas to paint your own little story's on. I began a dragon army with Sinela and Miku! Mat and Zinneth were kinda (they didn't accept my offer) members :3 I had loads of fun with this little thing we were doing that had nothing to do with any lore in the game! I've been writing a small story for myself about my study's as a scholar, what I'm learning, the relationship with my pets and a growing love with the pink haired kitty ;) just something to keep me entertained and its so much fun, If any of you like to write, maybe write little story's about in game stuff, It can really add a lot to the game :)

New home!!
My new home! After saving up money for ages, selling a lot of stuff and doing a lot of favors and with a lot of help from my friends, my dream house was finally a possibility and I am more than glad with how it turned out! I finally have a place for private chats, alone time and somewhere to just hang out :3

Gorgeous Design
Through all my time with the game one thing has become apparent above all the other aspects, and that is that this is a damn beautiful game. The areas I saw were amazing, limsa captures that salty breeze and the white stone used in the city is so bright, perfect for a sea side city. Uldah is smack bang in the middle of a desert, with the city being lined with two major parallels, signifying the divide between the rich and the poor in Uldah. And finally gridania, while it is my least favorite of the three it still manages to capture a serene peaceful look, whenever I'm in gridana I seem to be at a calm state of mind, in fact that is where I am when writing most of this post! One design of a creature in this game was Zu, As soon as i saw him I feel in love, I was speechless at this beast, I dont know why but I adore this beast and think he is my favorite design in the whole game

I guess the one thing to take away from this is that I love FF, even if I have been drifting away from it slightly it still remains as one of the two games I put most of my time into and its still inspiring me to write and create my own stories and art. Any game that manages to that is a 10 in my book. For anyone that's still on the fence with this game I would welcome you with open arms, give it a try, you might find your new home :)
Thanks For Taking the time to read this and sorry ive been so inactive with blog posts and the community in a whole :)
Conor Higgins <3

  • Feb 3, 2016, 8:00:27 PM

Very beautiful post Conor! It really make me want to delve more in a game... but Ive come to that point again, where I feel totally overhalmed by everything!

  • Feb 3, 2016, 9:13:10 PM

Your characters are lovely <3