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p0dmaster wrote

Hey guys, long time no see. What have you all been up to?


Well, as most of you maybe been noticing i haven't been updating anything in this group for a long time. Maybe it's time to bring this "blog" alive again?


Well for the time i don't have anything to write about. But just to get something going, have you heard about the new standalone game? What's your toughts about it?


I'm looking forward for the realese and hope it will be out on the market soon so DayZ will come alive again!


Well, that's it for now. Take care guys, and happy hunting for you who still plays!

p0dmaster wrote

Was watching some youtube erlier this day and found a pretty nice interview with one of the developer of the Dayz mod.


Some of the things hes talking about is how fast everything just went and how Dayz is gonna develop in the future.


I found it pretty intressting how their plan for the game is looking and i found the most of what the interview told us posetive.


So, After watching this video. How do you feel about the developent and what do YOU, want to see in the future of this game?


I my self don't want to much. The game is good the way it is imo. The only thing i maybe want is some minor fixes as, glitches, buggs and such. I don't want anything big realy. The game is awesome as it is and i feel that the game future is pretty safe in the hands of the current developers no matter what ideas they may come up with.


And remember to tell your DayZ buddies and friends about this group so we can get a good discussion going!


And if there is something you want to tell me or just curious about. Pm me and we will take care of it!

And you want your stream on this group? Just tell me the name and i'll see what i can do.


Over And Out!


Hi guys!




I just wanted to share something with you. Some of you may already know about this, some may not. But there's actully already a new map out for DayZ!




The map is not made by the official Developers, It's actully made by some guy on the internet.




The map name itself is, Lingor Island.


this lush green environment in a fictional country somewhere near the Equator. And their Inspiration were countries such as Venezuela & Colombia.




Here is an tutorial on how to get the new map and play it!


And here is the map official homepage




My toughts about this is positive!


I realy like it that other people is making their own maps and helping the developers to make the game more enjoyable for people who's already tired of the "orginial" map.




hope you like it and press follow for future information about maps, updates and such!

p0dmaster wrote

And i forgot to mention. If you want your stream added to the "Streams" menu. Just message me the name of the stream and i will do my best to add it.


Hi and welcome to this group! I will try to keep you guys updated what is happening in this game and about my toughts around them. Feel free to message me if there is something.