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A wonderful reddit post from the creator of many useful support guides!…


These resources are incredible for learning to support, or even just getting to know how to support better.


Just a fun little update: I've reached gold 3 just supporting! Mainly Zyra, with whom I am currently 31/18. :D A lot of credit has to go to my awesome friend I duo queue with most of the time, of course, but hopefully I can make it to plat. That'd be so awesome.

  • Feb 28, 2013, 9:52:04 AM

Well, Zyra gives me a little more capability of carrying, plus duoing with a friend who is good makes it so I know at least one other lane (or my own) is guaranteed to win.

  • Feb 28, 2013, 1:19:35 PM

lucky. I found that nidalee or zilean as a support needs to win their lane to be efficent after the laning phase. otherwise its waste of support role

  • Feb 28, 2013, 1:52:42 PM

I really think Nidalee support is misunderstood. She's not really a support. She's basically an ap carry who is sitting at bot, getting no farm, and warding. If the team can allow for that, it's super fun, as I recently found out because I got a bug in champ select (, got random'd Nidalee, and supported with it. was the result, which was unexpected since our last two picks locked Ashe and Cait lol. :D


As far as Zilean support, I haven't done it but I'd imagine it's pretty much a waste. He can either build AP in a similar vein to the Nid support, or be only useful for his slow and ult. I'd still rather have Lux, Zyra, or possibly even LeBlanc supporting over Zilean.

Why Support Zyra?

I suppose my first "real" blog post will be about the champ I've been maining in ranked: Zyra, Rise of the Thorns.

But she's an AP mid! Why are you supporting with her?
She's not the only traditionally AP mid that can support, as Lux has been used there quite often, as well as LeBlanc support emerging in the Asian regions. Now, what do these three AP mids have in common? Utility and high damage. They offer incredible zoning and kill potential for their ADC, as well as the CC needed to survive bot lane. Zyra's ult in particular is what makes me favor her over the other two, since it can be as powerful for disengage as Janna's ult and set up some incredible team fights when used offensively too.

High damage? But you're getting no farm for AP items!
Typically, no, I won't build any AP on Zyra unless my team needs it, I'm super ahead, or it's nearing very late game. Where the real damage comes from is runes and masteries.
My runepage for Zyra can be seen here, with the name DEMCASTERTHINGS. I use mpen reds, AP quints, armor yellows and mr blues. I gain some serious offensive power at the cost of some armor and gp10 quints. While some supports may be terrified of losing their precious gp10 quints, I feel comfortable dropping them because it means I will dominate my lane that much harder. In soloqueue, if you can dominate lane hard enough you can generally carry that lead to win the game, especially if it has started bickering among the enemy team.
My mastery page for Zyra is here as well, with the name I CAN GROW THINGS. (Clever names make you play at least 20% better, don't you know?) I run 9/0/21. I'm likely to rearrange the points in utility a bit, but the main thing here is the 9 in offense. Zyra is squishy and can benefit very much from defensive masteries, but once you get comfortable enough with her and can avoid getting caught, you can grab more offensive power. This combined with the runes makes her damage and zoning potential ridiculous. As soon as you hit level 2, you can snare/slow plant the enemy and really punish them.

Okay, so, what else?
Well, the last thing to go over after runes/masteries is skill order. You want to start with E (root), then W (seeds), then at level 3 get Q (damage). From there you want to level your E first, then W, then Q. The reasoning behind this is that the root duration increases with ranks, and the cdr granted as a passive from W is extremely valuable as support. Q is less important since you're really only using it to spawn Thorn Spitters. Plant damage is based on Zyra's level, not the ranks of her skills. This is a really important fact that seems to be missed by some players.

So.. these plant things, how do I use them?
Plants offer incredible zone control, and can be a real nuisance for the enemy. Due to Zyra's delay in when her spells land, it is possible to cast E or Q first, then lay seeds, so you don't give away your plans. This can be difficult to do sometimes with latency or range issues. My personal favorite use for plants is as temporary wards. You can lay the seed for some vision, but if you need more, just make it grow and it will offer you a decent area of vision for the entire duration of the plant. This saves wards, and lives!
Another great strategy with plants is having one grow with the root you cast, creating a Vine Lasher, then another when you use your Q, creating a Thorn Spitter. This means the enemy is rooted, then slowed, then zoned away because the Thorn Spitter is still shooting at them even when they're clear of the slow. It's also an incredible amount of damage, and can usually kill someone if you've poked hard enough earlier.

When should I pick Zyra?
Honestly, I find Zyra can work with almost adc at least reasonably well. My favorite ADCs to have with her are Varus, Caitlyn, and Ezreal. This image is a wonderful resource for support picking/counter picking. She's amazing against Taric and other melee supports, since she can really punish them for trying to do anything, as long as you don't let them hard engage on you.

Final Notes
Zyra is an amazing and versatile support. She can complement a very offensive team by dealing great damage and catching enemies, and she can disengage very well with well placed ults, plants, and roots. If you have any other questions about her, or feel I should add something, let me know!

  • Dec 6, 2013, 7:29:01 PM

I have also found Zyra to be amazing when match with Lucian as he requires champs to be locked down so he can better hit two of his spells and who better to do that then Zyra?

Hello, Anook!

So, I've just found this site and decided I should get involved. I am Fayori, a support main player in League of Legends. I'll probably post my thoughts about certain support related things around here. The main goal I have here is to get some views for my stream page, , as I'd really like to become more popular with that.

So yeah. For now, idk. Have a kitten.


Fay‚ô• - PLAT 1 ranked. qq. ;_; GIVEAWAY TOMORROW! :D Info on Facebook page!