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Personaaaaal stuff, so if you don't wanna know stuff about me or my life, just move along. Nothing g

I don't even know what to talk about, but i just wanna talk. I guess in that case i should just go ahead and actually talk to someone (which i probably really should) but oh well, i am allergic to humans, you know. Yeah, that's not really a thing. I just say that. But i am quite socially awkward. Or shy, i guess. Just really extremely shy and awkward. It's not normal, i can tell you that. I think i talked about this in a previous blog post. I definitely did.
But again: I get really uncomfortable around other people, especially if i don't know them and even more if i am supposed to talk to them. Like, telling someone in a shop (for example) what i want, that's just pure horror for me, terrible. I get extremely nervous, breathing gets hard, i start to sweat. That stuff. I hate it. It's just stupid. I can't even call someone with a phone, even if i know them it's hard for me! I don't know what i can do against that. I think my current work has helped a bit with that. I am currently working with mentally disabled children and they are just so open and nice towards everyone, it's amazing. Maybe i should start playing games with other people, like League for example (or anything, really). I think that would help. At least a little bit.

Something else: I am always very uncertain, unsecure. You probably already noticed how i often write things like "i think", "i guess", "maybe" or "probably". Yeah. That's me, alright. Just completely unsecure about everything, even if i know it for sure. And now i don't know why i even mentioned it, cause i don't know what else i could say about this. Eh. Whatever.

Sooooo, anything else? I feel like this is too short to just end it here, but it could be nice to just have a shorter one for once. Nah, that's stupid. I rarely write these, so when i do i should at least wrtie a bit more. Ok, let me think of something. Something gaming related? About how i really should clean my room? Sometimes i really just wan to take my headphones, go outside, listen to music and walk. Just walk. Clear my mind i guess. But i never actually do it. I am afradi that my parents would ask questions like "What are you doing? Are you okay?" No, i'm not okay, but i don't wanna talk about it with you, go away. I wouldn't actually say that of course, would be more like "Yea, i'm ok." and off i go. So, yeah, instead of taking those walks, i just spend, no waste my time on the internet. Doing nothing. Just clicking through the sites. Not even playing anything or reading anything or watching anything. Just mindlessly clicking through the sites. Like a fucking zombie.

Ok, this got kind off personal, whatever. I am gonna stop now.

Have a good time and don't me drag your mood down. Sorry if i did .__.


My opinion on the patch notes for Scholar of the First Sin

Hey, it's me again, glad that you could find the time to read this! This week Namco Bandai released the patch notes that will be coming with Scholar of the First Sin and i just wanted to share my thoughts on some of the big changes with you.

First of all, this patch will apparently be available on the 5th of February (almost 2 months before SotFS actually gets released) and it features a lot of huge changes to both offline and online play.
Of course there will be a new NPC coming with the patch, the Scholar of the First Sin. He will probably be quite important, but as of now we don't have info about him.
A nice thing for farming enemies: When you are in the Covenant of Champions (the covenant which makes everything harder), enemies will respawn infinitely, so you won't have to use a Bonfire Ascetic to reset them anymore. This is kinda cool if you want to farm some special enemy drops (e.g. equipment/weapons).
That are probably the biggest changes for offline/PvE play, so now i will come to the online changes (which are quite cool).

So, the coolest thing first: You will be able to prevent your Soulmemory from going up. Yes, that is true! A new ring will be introduced and this ring will consume the souls you get from killing someone online (if this also applies for coop is unclear). So basically when you have the Ring equipped, you won't gain any souls from PvP and can stay in your Soulmemory tier for a longer time (if not even forever). This is a really awesome change because right now when you have played a lot of PvP, your character will be in the max SM tier and you will get matched up with people that have a way higher level than you because you may not have used your souls to level up. Also max SM PvP is just the worse, you will encounter all the bad people, trust me. This basically means that your character is either ruined and you have to make a new one or you would be forced to use a third party programme which adjusts your soulmemory to an amount that fits your soullevel.
However, with this new ring that won't be a problem anymore!

Another thing that is real Nito (hehe) is that the bonfire warp screen will highlight the three areas where you will have a high chance for online play. This is cool because thenyou won't hang around i nan area waiting for aomething to happen, you can actually go to the place where the action is.

And now we come to the last big change: "Adjusted rewards in online play"
With the new patch you will receive items when you kill an invader (or host if you are the invader).
When you kill a red or blue invader, you get a human effigy. This is nice. I never felt like i need them that much, since i always use a Ring of Sacrifice anyways, but it is still nice.
When you kill someone as a Rat Covenant invader or host, you get a Smooth & Silky Stone (and the Lockstone of course). I am not sure why they'd do this. It's an okay reward, but it won't get more people to the Rat Covenant areas
Okay, but now the best thing. When you kill a Bellkeeper invader or kill the host as a Bellkeeper invader, you get one of these: Titanite Chunk, Titanite Slab, Twinkling Titanite, Petrified Dragon Bone. Now this is just amazing. Combine this with the new ring and you can just farm all the Twinkling Titanite and Petrified Dragon Bones you ever wanted, while not even gaining any SM. There will be so much more activity in the Bellkeeper areas! I personally love this, since i always loved to be a Bellkeeper and throw those trespassers out of my belltower!

Big changes coming up, guys! I hope you are ready for them! I know that i am :)


Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. Info and my opinion/hopes for it.

So hey, i am doing this again. Yay!
Ok, lets get right up in this. What do i wanna write about? Scholar of the First Sin. (Basically Next-Gen Dark Souls 2) Yep. Will probably not be interesting for people who don't know anything about DS2, but hey, you can read it anyways, kay?

So, what is Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin? Like i said it basically is Dark Souls 2 for the next gen consoles, XBox One and PS4. But it will also be released for PC and the current gen consoles. What is so special about it? Graphics, of course (except not for the current gen consoles and PCs without DirectX11). Gameplay improvements. Every DLC so far (Sunken King, Iron King, Ivory king). And then there is also new content in form of in-game events (?), new NPCs and new enemies. Oh and the small feature that online play now allows up to 6 FREAKING PLAYERS!! Thats two more than right now! That is basically everything.

Now, you may ask yourself "The hell happens to the normal DS2?" Well, we get the gameplay content, the new stuff (NPCs, enemies and whatever, maybe a new area?) but not the graphics, 6 player online and we also miss out on some enemy and game design adjustments. We basically get a free DLC, which is cool, but we do miss out on a lot of stuff.
The worst part is, the online community will get split. There will be people who play DS2 and people who play Scholar of the First Sin.

And what is with the people who already own DS2 and all the DLC, but still want to join in on the 6 player fun and the sweet graphics and all that stuff? So far we know nothing about this. My hope is that we will get some kind of "upgrade-function" or a discount, because buying Scholar of the Frist Sin for the full price would just not be fair. Sure, FromSoft can do that and i will surely buy the game at some point, when it gets discounted. But that would not be a smart move (but they probably know that (i hope)).

Anyways, to sum up: Scholar of the First Sin is a next-gen Dark Souls 2 and will be epic with lotsa new stuff and 6 player online. Let's hope that the Dark Souls 2 (and DLC) owners won't get forced to buy the game full price.

That is all for now. It is one week to Christmas. Damn, still need to get 2 more presents. I seriously hope that i get a new headset, i told my parents about often enough :D
Ok, gonna hustle now, gotta do some stuff, make something to eat and i still haven't played any games today .__.

K, bye. Love you guys :3
Thanks for reading, have a nice day and (incase i won't write again before Christmas) have a happy time with whoever you are gonna be with at Christmasday!

Terraria and then some RL stuff i guess. I don't even know what to write in these headlines. I wonde

Hey it's me again! Just felt like writing something. Don't know about what though. So this will be a totally random post about totally random things i guess.

Oh wait, i know, i can talk about Terraria! Been playing it lately again, with my brother. We are currently trying to beat a hardmode boss. Already failed 2 times against The Destroyer and one time against The Twins. We will probably try to beat The Destroyer first. He seems easier. Right now we need to farm some Adamantite ore to get a good set of armor. Although we currently have Mythril which is just 9 defense points worse, so i don't think it will make a huge difference, tbh. Then we need to prepare a good arena for the boss fight, one that gives us a little advantage. With all that nice stuff like lots of place to maneuver, bonfires and heart lamps for health regeneration. Some potions would be cool too. Ironskin for example. Or just great healing potions. Yea.
We will also need a good tactic. Thats really important. You can't just spam attack and hope you kill stuff. Nah! Gotta dodge and run and fly and shoot and all that stuff! You even have to plan when you can die so that you respawn before the other person dies! Because when you all die, the boss will disappear.

But yea, enought about Terraria. I got a smartphone now. Finally replaced my old phone. Had that for probably over 5 years and didn't really use it that much. But my new phone, i use that daily! To play games.... Yea, i should probably get the numbers of some of my friends. That would probably be 3-5 new numbers. Add that to the ones i already have and that makes 7-9. Man, mobile phones are useful!

Today is Halloween. I don't really care about it. It's not a big thing in Germany, so there are really not that many people going around all dressed up as spooky ghosts and begging for sweets. I don't even care about all the game sales going on, cause those are mostly horror games and i don't like horror games cause they are (n)spooky(n+2)me (thats some math right in your face!). There are probably some parties going on, halloween parties i mean. It's friday after all, weekend and stuff. But i am absolutely not the party guy. Thats why i spent my time alone in my room, listening to....Owl City apparently (man i need to clean up my playlist) and writing my blog, which has 7 followers (including me) and probably 3 of those actually read these posts (again, including me, although, i don't really read it, i just write it). But hey, i ain't complaining. Sure it could be nicer. But it's my own damn fault that i am here alone and not having fun with friends.

Happy Halloween.

The variety is killing me! (not literally, though)

Yep, did it. Did not forget about it either. This one's gonna be Dark Souls 2 related again. Maybe i should make a post for a different game next. Get some variety in here.

Speaking of variety! This post will be about the variety of weapons/armor/playstyles and such stuff. (smooth transition, yea)
As you probably know, there are a lot of weapons and armor in Dark Souls 2, like in most RPGs. And there are different stats for your character too. This leads to the big question: What should i use? The main things would be to either play a caster/mage or a melee type (of course you could also play an archer, but who the hell does that?!). But you are far from done there! When going melee you will have the choice between leveling strength and going for those slow, heavy hitting weapons such as Ultra Greatswords or Greataxes (etc.) or you can level dexterity, be a total scrub and use fast weapons (katanas, daggers, whatever), but you shouldn't level dex, like, never. Seriously. There is of course the possibility to have a good mix between those two and use weapons that work well with strength and dexterity.
As a caster you have 4 possible ways: pyromancy, miracles, hexes (dark magic) and the good old sorceries. However, you don't have to chosse between them. You can use all of them or just two, maybe three, it really doesn't matter. You can basically play however you want.

Now, you know what's awesome? I am. But also, the variety of weapons. In (i guess) most other RPGs, you will find a lot of weapons too, but they will most likely be of one kind and with every sword you find, you can simply throw away your old sword, because it is of no use anymore. This is different in Dark Souls 2 (or the Souls franchise in general). Every weapon, that is not obviously bad, can be used to beat the game or to do PvP. Which opens up so many possibilities. Thats awesome. Why? Well, it allows you to replay the game over and over again, always doing something different. You beat the game using a big fucking sword? Play it again and use a mace or a dagger or a spear or magic.

Every weapon is different and they all feel different, too. They have different movesets, different scalings, different damage output. It is easier to understand if you actually played a Souls game before. Or maybe something similar. The fact that you can use every weapon just adds a shit ton of replayability. I can't really put it in words that good .__.
It is just an awesome feeling, wanting to try out more and more. Like, what can i do with this weapon? How good will i fight if i switch to a different kind of weapon? Should i start a new character and try something out? (btw, the answer to that last one is always yes)

Aaaargh, anyways. I think i am done for now. I haven't played Dark Souls 2 much lately so i will probably write about something different next time. Yaaaay, variety! Uhh, hmmm, yea, bye i guess.

I am still not good at putting an end to these .___.
Have a good day/night/whatever and take care of yourself!


Ok, i promised you a new blog post and here it is. Will be full Dark Souls 2, all of it. (well, i'm gonna try at least). Oh yeah, spoiler warning! Gonna talk Dark Souls 2 DLC.

Lets start with some DLC stuff, shall we? Since my last post, the other 2 DLC have been released: Crown of the Iron King and Crown of the Ivory King. Iron King is set in a pretty hot environment with lots of steam and kinda industrial looking stuff. I personally didn't like the setting too much but it was still really good looking. Hot stuff is just not my thing i guess. (does that sound weird? Eh, probably)
The enemies are somewhat similar to the ones in the first DLC i guess. There are a lot of theses slow, hard hitting guys. you can easily circle around them and backstab them, just don't get swarmed by them, cause then you are in for a bad time. There are obviously also other enemies, like casters and these weird "ghosts" with a greatbow. And ofcourse the giant "steel golems". They can hit very hard. And they spit lava, not cool.
The bosses are cool. Except for the Smelter Demon. Oh, sorry, the blue Smelter Demon. He is the boss for the challenge area and is like the normal Smelter Demon, just blue. And from his soul you can make the same sword that you make fro mthe normal Smelter Demon soul, just blue. But whatever, the other 2 bosses are great and veeeery challenging.
The Fume Knight, holy shit. Such a hard fight, but absolutely cool. And Sir Alonne aswell. But actually the hardest thing about the Alonne fight was the part where i had to fight through a whole lot of enemies to get to him.Sir Alonne is very fast, so it was kinda hard to get him with my Zweihänder and Greatsword (the Ultra Greatsword). He just kept dashing around like a maniac. But i eventually defeated him (yay).

Ivory King is pretty cool, cause it is set in a frozen castle. I love snow and i sure loved this DLC. After getting beat up by an invisible boss, i eventually found the right way and my way thorugh the level. Holy hell it takes stupidly long to get to the next bonfire. And back to the first boss, a tiger, now visible. Kinda hard to hit when he is jumping around like crazy. Not so fun in my opinion. But the other fight was far more fun, except that these stupid knights kept spawning and i had no idea how to stop them.

What is this blog post even? Is this a review? Not really, i am hardly giving my opinion. I am simply telling what i did. And thats not really interesting, is it? I will make a better blog post next time. I wanted to write another one about the variety of weapons, playstyles, armor and stuff in Dark Souls 2. I don't know when i will do that. After the weekend, next week, probably this month at least. Yea, that sounds about right.

I should probably make a banner and a logo for this nook. Looks so empty .___.

Anyways (i like to say/write that), time to say "Bye!" or "Tschüss!" (thats german). Have a nice day and don't judge me too hard. Drink some chocolate milk or something. Now!

Dark Souls 2 DLC - My opinion, more or less.

Massive spoilers ahead, duh!!

Ok, waited far too long to do this. I just want to share my opinion on the first DLC for Dark Souls 2, "Crown of the Sunken King".

Well, what can i say about, it is definitely Dark Souls. It is really great.
The setting is amazing. Shulva is beautiful (even though it is full of poison and toxic stuff). The architecture is great. Just look at the Pyramid thingy or the area before the first boss.
I really like the idea of the whole city (or whatever it is) being overrun by poison. But what can i say, i guess you should see it for yourself.

The enemies are nice aswell. The difficulty varies. While you can easily circle around the Sanctum Soldiers (the first enemies you meet), it won't be easy to figure out how to kill the Sanctum Knights, because they appear as ghosts and you barely do any damage to them. Until i figured that out i feared them. Drakeblood Knights are pretty hard. First time i met them, i thought i was fucked. They hit me so hard and took almost no damage. After a while i figured out how to deal with them though. But seriously, human enemies are the bane of my DS2 existence. I just can't deal with there speed and super aggressive fighting style.
Oh yeah, there are also some walking poison statues, fuck those.
"Got invaded by Jester Thomas" Yeah, thats swell. He fucked me up hardcore. So much fire ;___;
Some kind of dragon things are also there, called "The Imperfect". They are really strong and can jump pretty high. I don't really care about them, you can easily rush through theire area and have no reason to come back.

Bosses. There are 3 of them, 1 is optional, all of them are challenging and awesome.
The first one is Elana, who reminds me of Nashandra. A really good fight. She has magic, a great axe and can summon stuff. Skeletons, pigs or motherfucking Vendrick! Yep, a boss that can summon a boss. Really challenging. Vendrick can be hard to deal with and i wouldn't want to fight both of them on my own but with a summon, it is not that hard. Elana's attacks can be easily dodged (if done right).

Then there is Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon. Yep, a dragon. He can fy. He can poison you and make you toxic, at the same time. And well, he can also kill you by walking. But damn he is a great boss. Challenging as fuck. Best thing: his body, except for his head, is corrosive. So after hitting him a bunch of times, your weapon can break. Yay! But don't get me wrong, i like it. It isn't just plain hard, it is challenging. You can do it after a while. You learn his patterns and defeat him. Then you feel great. It is Dark Souls after all.

Third boss, fuck that shit. Not one, not two, no, three, THREE fucking human enemies. Motherfucking Havel, a sniper with a greatbow and to top it off a super quick guy who can dual wield. Solo, fuck me. With NPC summons, fuck me. With an actualy player summon, i can deal. If you put something between you and the greatbow guy, then it is like fighting two enemies, not three. But still, this fight filled me with rage. The area before is not easy to rush through, this makes it even better!
As much as i hated this fight, i fully enjoyed the moment i beat it.

I am not godd with giving an opinion or doing a review. I mostly just told you guys what happens in the DLC. Maybe i will learn.

tl;dr: It's Dark Souls. In all it's glory.

DOOM, DLC, Anime. Waddup, weirdo? (i should stop calling you weirdo, it's not very nice)

My heart is racing. My palms are sweaty. M̶o̶m̶'̶s̶ ̶s̶p̶a̶g̶h̶e̶t̶t̶i̶ Eh, i mean...ah forget it. I shouldn't even try to make this sound epic. Had the idea of writing it like super dramatic and being like "Is it love? Is it a chase? Nah it's DOOM BOTS OF DOOM!" and then all like "DAM DAM DAAAAAAA" you know, that sound.....

Doom bots are pretty cool, amiright? They are a true challange. Not because they are that good (well, kinda, the yrae quite good actually), i mean because they do so much damage. A lot of damage. Some would even say tons. (who am i kidding, no one would say that....)
I like it. It is fun. Because it is challenging. Sure, some people might find that frustrating cause it is too hard and "Oh noes, we have a jungler, better hate on him!" But yeeeaaa, i like it. I don't even mind losing. (but i also don't mind dying in Dark Souls, so who am i to talk, right?) I hope that sentence made sense. Jeez, i can't even english.
I hope everyone enjoys these Doom bots as much as i do. Or just half as much. That would already be great. Maybe we get more Doom bots when this mode comes back around (soon TM). But until then, i will just enjoy it. And i will get rekt. Oh well, whatever.

In other news: The first Dark Souls 2 DLC is just around the corner. I can almost feel the pain already. "Sunken King". Sounds epic, right? Personally, i am hoping for some awesome armor, i can use for my Fashion Souls. Cause thats the only way to play the game. Fashion all the way. Gotta look good while getting rekt, you know.

Now, lets talk Anime. Cause i got nothing better to do. I just finished No Game No Life. Was simply amazing. So much fun watching it. I highly recommend it. It's just, i don't know, silly and yet, totally awesome, or something. Yeah, thats a good description....Way to go champ!
Right now i am watching "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" or something. 3rd episode, i think. And again i picked a really good Anime to watch. (ok, gotta admit, i mainly picked it because of the dance....yep, the one from Ezreal....)

Just got something to eat, so i wanna finish this off. So, i guess, thanks for reading, weirdo!

Seriously, who would read all this? Don't you have anything better to do?
Well, i shouldn't complain. I am the one writing this shit, after all. Is that worse?

Anyways, i appreciate it. I really do

And to close with some old words of wisdom: Et tu, Brute?
(makes no sense with what i wrote)

Take care and thanks again for wasting your time by reading this. Thanks!

P.S.: weirdo.

P.P.S.: I din't mean it, sorry!

English is a big deal, Mass Effect 2 and stuff that is random because thats what my blog is about. I

Edit: Oh, this actually shows up on the ME2 page. Hmm, the part about the game is further down.

I should write something, i think. But nothing really happens so i don't know what to write about.
Hmmm, something i found interesting: Very often i tend to think in english. Like, when i talk to myself/think about stuff. I just talk english in my head. (Oh, i am from Germany, btw.) I just recently realized that. I think i may actually be reading and writing more english than german. The internet is english (except for some sites). Anook and Rediit are english for example. And thats where i read and write the most time. YouTube is german but i only subscribed to one channel that makes videos on german. That means i mostly watch english videos. Same with Anime. I mostly watch Anime with english subtitles or english dub.
And of course: games. League of Legends is set to english and most people talk english. I also set most other games to english voice and text (mostly because the german synchronisation sucks in most cases (looking at you Metro 2033 (gosh that synchro made my ears bleed)) or some of the funny jokes just don't work so good in german or some things just sound stupid).
Yeah, english is a big deal.

Wearing glasses sucks. They get in the way of everything. You look stupid with them (at leats i do). And they are generally just annoying.

Played a shit ton of Mass Effect 2 recently. God, this game. I finished it like 2-3 times already but since i picked it up during the Steam Summer sale i just have to play it again. Never played a female Shepard so i figured, why not. Played through ME1 with her and now i am in ME2. Afraid to continue the story since i know i will have to do the suicide mission shortly. I just hope i get through that without someone important dying. Someone like Garrus, Tali, Jack or Thane. Or Grunt, he is cool too. And Mordin of course. Damn, Miranda aswell. Jacob and Samara (Morinth), yea, them too. Don't even have Legion yet, but i don't wanna lose him aswell. Zaaed is expandable. Although he does have a cool accent. Hmm, damn.
I love this game, the whole series. But ME2 is my favourite of them. It's just so great. And i will play it again after this playthrough. As a nice guy this time. I usually go full renegade (trust me, sometimes it is really hard). Being a badass is amazing (and something i would never achieve in real life). Oh yeah, mining (scanning planets/searching for minerals) is annoying. But i don't mind actually. There is worse i guess.

Yeah, i don't know what else i should talk about. I guess if you would want me to talk about something specific, then you could tell me. Maybe i'll write about it. You could also tell me a game i should check out. Preferably something free or something i own (check my Steam page for that). I will then play it for a bit, then write about what i experienced. Or i won't cause fuck you.

Sorry, that was mean, i didn't mean it. I love you.

Nah, that sounds weird. I like you. But not in a "I want to be together with you" way, more like in a "I appreciate that you read this" way.

That doesn't sound any better. Gah (thats a noise)

Good, bye, for real now. Take care.

Bellbro invading like a boss (what does that even mean? Geez, i am bad with titles....)

So, this is something that happened to me a few days ago.
I was casually invading as a Bellbro, wanting to get to rank 2. Before you write me off as a ganker, i am not! I always fight 1v1. When there is another Bell Keeper i wait and let him fight first.
So, i was just happily wasting time until i got another trespasser to invade. When i appeared in my victims world (in Belfry Sol) i found out that the host had not yet killed all the NPCs ,so i let him finish them off. Then he walked up to me, we bowed, buffed our weapons and engaged.
After a while, it was clear that the fight was not going well for me, another gray spirit invaded and instead of waiting, immediately charged the host. I backed off instantly and let the new gray spirit go at it. He was apparently not expecting this, got his ass kicked and ran to me, hoping for help. I gave him a simple "No way" and backed off further. Needless to say, my companion got destroyed by the host.
But now, to the actually interesting part (props to you if you are still reading).
The host and i once again crossed our swords (well, metaphorically, he had an axe, i believe) and at some point i was thinking "Fuck it, this guy is probably annoyed by gray spirits by now" and i put away my glorious Zweihänder, switched to my bare hands (bare, not bear, i am still human after all (well, undead, but whatever, you get the point)). Absolutely to my surprise, the host did the same.
Our battle turned into a good old gentlemanly fist fight. And let me tell you, fists dont do a lot of damage. So while we were getting our health bars lower and lower i was having the best time ever. I never had this much fun in DaS 2 PvP. It was amazing. At one point my Third Dragon Ring broke and i even had to fat roll.
After some time, both of us at our last breath, one hit away from death, i bowed to him, signaling him to finish me off. But he didnt. This grossly incandescent bastard wanted to continue the fight. After some more missed punches i finally hit him and killed him. I felt happy, glad for having such an amazing enemy, but also, i felt sad for losing him, for killing him.
After this awesome experience i almost immediately invaded as a gray spirit again. This time in Belfry Luna. "Yeah, this is awesome! Maybe we can do this again!" I was excited to see my next enemy, hoping for another great fight.
But nope, it was a hacker.
tl;dr: There are a lot of people in this community and they are different like night and day. I dont love every single one of them but i sure love this community as a whole :)

Why i like DS2 PvP

So, i have seen a lot of people get mad and rant about Dark Souls 2 and especially it's PvP. I like the game a lot so i kinda wanted to make an "anti-rant" or something. But before i just want to say that i did play Dark Souls 1 but not with the "souls-feeling". I watched a playthrough and ruined my experience a bit. I also did not play it from release on, i just picked it up last year and finished it like a month before DS2. So i havent played a lot of DkS1 and dont have a lot of experience with the PvP in it.

I am not very good at DS2. It is hard for me. I dont think i would even be able to beat the game completely on my own. So i am very glad i can summon people. This carries over to PvP. I lose a lot. When i win it is mostly out of pure luck or because my enemy isn't that great either.

People have been saying that they are annoyed by all the guys that just use the best armor, weapons, spells, whatevers. Sure, i can understand that. But i can also understand the ones that do use it. They just care about winning. They dont have fun when they lose. Not the best attitude, but hey, let them play how they want. I have seen a lot of these guys. Always the same stuff, same weapons, same armor. I have lost to them a lot. But whatever. I won't change my fashion souls playstyle just so i can beat them. I want to look good while playing, thats fun. Most of my gear isn't even upgraded once. My stats aren't optimised, they are all over the place. I don't use multiple weapons on one character. I have a melee weapon, maybe a bow too, thats it.

Another big issue seems to be lag. To be honest i have experienced it not that often but sometimes it is really bad. Had an arena match once. My enemy and me ran at each other, then he just stopped and i backstabbed him. Nothing happened. He teleported away from me and was suddenly getting backstabbed, i lost almost all my health, he died and i won. I was like "Ok? That happened." Laughed it off and went for another arena match. I had this happen on the Iron Bridge a few other times aswell. It doesnt bother me. It is actually quite fun because you never know, how it will turn out and who is actually backstabbing who right now.

What else annoys the people? Unhonorable players? Players that heal in a PvP match, in the arena? Players that dont let you buff? Players that apply a bunch of buffs? There are really no set rules on PvP matches, but there seems to be some kind of code. In a classic invasion through cracked red eye orbs everything is allowed. Same goes for Bell Keepers and Rat Covenant members apperantly. In fights through a red sign soapstone or dragon eye, you shouldnt heal. In a fight club, dont attack the host. And i heard there are no rules against Blue Sentinels and Bell Keepers. A lot of people seem to hate them. Bell Keepers are always ganking. Thats really annoying, sure. It can be quite a challenge to survive that. But always remember, you dont have to go through the Belfry towers. You are doing that to yourself, you should expect it (except when you are entering there for the first time). I have met a couple of Blue Sentinels and yeah, they are weird. Did not yet have a single honourabel fight with one of them. They seem to charge me right away, no greeting or anything (maybe a buff or two). I guess they just want to get it over with. Quickly rank up in there covenant (which is really hard it seems).

Gankers. Yeah, they are annoying. No i am not talking about Bell Keepers. Getting summoned through a red sign soapstone and being greeted by three SmelterHavelWhateverIsCurrentlyStrong armored guys isnt nice. But you know what, just fuck those guys. If they actually give you a change and dont kill you right away, then you have a good training. A good challenge. And isnt that what the Souls series is all about? (wow that sounded really dumb, meh whatever)

I am just having fun. I dont care who invades me. I dont care who will summon me for a PvP fight. I will look fabulous and fashionable (shout out to /r/fashionsouls btw). I will greet them with honour and a gesture. I will fight them with my non-upgraded gear. I will let them heal, sometimes. I will never gank. But most importantly: I will always have fun!

(Wow that last part sounded really....ehhh....I dont know the right word for it, but you know what i mean, i hope .__.)

Anything i forgot? I will happily discuss it with you :)

Update of some sorts

You may have noticed that i didnt put a video out last week and today. I am not sure if i will make one for friday yet.
This has two reasons:
1. I am lazy.
2. At the moment i am having a bunch of stuff to do in RL. Finding a job or something similar. It is kind of important. And because of that i spend most of the time that i can actually do stuff, with playing games for myself. (yeah, thats so selfish)

Anyways. Last week was full of other stuff aswell, this week should be better. So, maaaaybe a video on friday.

Maybe i do something else too. I figured out how to stream on and set up a profile. Now that does not mean i will actually stream. I will first have to get confident enough to do that. I could maybe stream without actually talking, so you would just see my gameplay. It may not sound very appealing to most of you, i wouldnt watch such a stream myself, but i will do that until i feel confident enough to actually put on my headset and talk to you. Which can take some time. Sorry.

Also i will need to find a monitor i can use as a second screen. I dont have one. Wont be too bad if i cant find one (although i am pretty sure we have an old one lying around somewhere), it would just mean that i cant read the chat while i play. Depending on what i play of course. A second screen would also help me set up the stream and make it look good.

Now on to the games i will be playing. Most likely League of Legends or Dark Souls 2. If my internet (which is not the greatest) cant handle it, i may have to find a different game. Shouldnt be too hard, since i have a bunch (Steam sales pls ;___;)

Nothing of this is set in stone yet.

tl;dr: RL hitting hard. Maybe video this week. Maaaaybe stream (without voice)

Good, thats it. Take care and thanks for reading :3

I dont always get mad when i play League

I can actually deal with most of the stuff that people get mad about.

One of your teammates goes afk? Well that sucks. I hate it when that happens. There is nothing you can do about it. You cant talk him out of it. You can't get him back into the game. You just have to hope that he will come back quickly. But i dont get mad about that. I just deal with it. Sometimes i try harder. Sometimes i just give up. If you lose a 4v5 and you still gave the enemy team a hard time, then it just feels great. In those cases i am not even mad about the loss. It's even better if the enemy says that you did well. If there is an afk in a ranked game, that sucks. Yes, i hate that aswell. But there is really nothing you can do about it. Raging won't bring him back. Report him after the game and carry on. Thats all you can do.

Someone is intentionally feeding? Yea, that sucks aswell. But i keep my calm. I try to reason with him. If that doesnt work, then forget him. He may have lost the game for you. But don't let that ruin your day. Report him. Carry on. Smile. Play something else maybe. It was only one game. Or a few more. But whatever. You will most likely not see him again. Think about cookies or kittens.

Another thing people get mad about is flamers. It is even worse when the flame is directed towards you. Dont worry about it. You can always ignore the one who rages or flames. Not a big deal. You can also ask him to stop. I do that everytime before i ignore someone. Does not always work to be honest. But hey, at least you tried. Whatever you do, don't flame back. Do not give him a reason to report you. Do not fight fire with fire. It just makes it worse. You may be fed up. All that anger inside you and you just want to let it out and tell that guy what you think about him. But don't do that. Write it on a paper and tear it apart or something. Scream into a pillow. Punch something (soft preferrably, you should not hurt yourself). Find other ways to let off some steam.
If your whole team is mad at you and you just play bad and get nothing done, don't let them flame at you. Say that you are sorry for performing badly. Some people will understand. And if they don't just stop talking and hope they don't flame. If they do, /ignore.

Stuff that you should always keep in mind:
There are real humans behind those champions and summoner names. They have their own problems, their own reasons for being mad. Don't judge someone because of the mistakes of someone else. Everyone can make mistakes and have a bad day. If someone is not playing well, don't just think that it is intentional. Almost everyone wants to win the game. There are only a few people who go into a game and say " I want to lose!"
Don't play the game to get mad. Play it for fun. Understand that not everyone tries their best in normals. Normals are mostly for people who want to have fun, try out something different, learn to play a specific role/champion.

Thanks for reading. I just wanted to write this. Please dont take this as a whine or rage post :)

Take care.

Different stuff. Like really. Anything.

Long time no post. Sorry about that. Didnt have anything to write about. I still dont to be honest. But 2 weeks is long enough, so i felt like i just had to write something.

So, what can i talk about? My YouTube channel? I honestly dont know what i could say about it. I have no idea why my two most viewed videos are actually just really stupid and short. Makes no sense to me. But i guess people like dumb stuff so i will have to be creative and do dumb stuff. Or something. Eh, i will do whatever. Thats how i roll.

Ok, games. What am i playing right now? Dark Souls. I just recently started a new playthrough where i will play as an archer, with bow and arrows. Sounds really challenging, especially when you think about Capra Demon. Or Nito. Or of course Gwyn. Not cool. I am also recording the playthrough.
I am still playing League of Legends of course. Still hanging in this limbo between leveling my EuNE smurf up and playing one or two games on my main account. No ranked. I probably will get inactive soon, so i will ghave to play ranked eventually. I dont really want to.
Playing Hearthstone from time to time. And other random games.

Personal stuff. I dunno. I dont really want to talk about personal stuff. That post about my shyness was nice. Kinda personal yeah, but i dont want to talk about personal stuff like freinds, family and that kinda stuff. I dont feel so secure talking about that, not knowing if you would actually want that or not. On thw other hand though, this is my blog. I could write whatever the hell i want to. I could write fanfiction, a review of a game, song, movie, video, book. Write stuff about food. Or write personal stories.

Basically anything. I can really do anything.

Period. (thats something you write at the end of something, right?)

Take care.

The socialness is strong with this one

Does that even make sense?

I am not very social. You could say i am shy, extremely shy. It is really hard for me to speak to others. Like you dont even understand. Calling the pizza guy and ordering a pizza is a nightmare for me! And i love pizza! I actually hate picking up the phone in general. I never know who will be on the other side! What if it is someone i dont know? What if i called the wrong number? What am i supposed to say then? It is just horrible. May sound weird, but yeah, thats me in a nutshell.

This is actually the big reason why i barely play with others (League or whatever) and almost never speak to them on Skype, Teamspeak, etc. I just cant. I am afraid. I know that i have absolutely no reason for that, since most of the people here on Anook are super nice, but i am still afraid. It just sucks, i hate it. Why do i have to be like that?
Talking to others on the internet is easier to be honest. Because everyone is anonymous and you dont really talk to anyone, its just text. But hearing the persons voice and knowing that he/she can hear my voice, that changes everything.

Put me in a room with a bunch of random people i dont know and i will stare at my feet until i eventually memorize how every single piece of dirt on my shoes looks like. Thats me. I stare at my feet. Even though my shoes or socks are not even that pretty. Thats how i roll.

New people? I run away.

It is actually weird that i am like this. Because i seem to make new freinds quite easily. People like me. I am friendly and nice and sometimes even funny (yea, i bet thats a surprise for ya). But i just cant walk up to them and say "Hey, i'm new here. Wanna hang out or something?"
I just wait for people to come up to me. And then i ususally just smile silently and dont say a single word.

Man, deep blog post. Sorry that this isnt about gaming so much. And not very random, but rather serious.

Well, read you soon. (gosh, that sounds stupid. I wanted it to be like "see you soon" but since this is a blog i put in the "read" and now its just stupid, meh)
Take care.