Updates and Quality of Life

Large updates will be coming out quarterly, starting with the Imperial city. Next will be Orsinium, and net year we will see the Dark Brotherhood, and then the Thieves Guild.

Orisinium will be a story and exploration focused DLC, with roughly 25 hours+ of gameplay.

Starting soon, it's going to be possible to group with other plays for dungeons regardless of which alliance they play in! No need to level an alt anymore just to play with your friends.

Imperial City and Crafting

Imperial city is going to have an interesting story that will wrap up the Planemeld arc.

Two new dungeons, the White Gold Tower and the Imperial Prison. Bot will drop unique Undaunted head pieces. The one show was the Lord Warden's mask which will create an aura of magic resistance for yourself and your group.

Lots of new item sets. Six each from the new dungeons, six sets purchasable with Tel Var stones, and 3 crafted sets. Each set will have the full sever armour pieces. There will also be jewellery mini-sets, nothing fancy, just stat boosting.

The PvP sets are being revamped too. They now have a small chance of being dropped from the rewards of the worthy bags.

The materials for crafting are only available from de-constructing drops in the Imperial city, from chests, or purchased with the Tel Var Stones.

Prismatic Enchantments! These will be enchantments that boost all three stats, designed to help people with non-traditional builds.

New pets, and a new type of costume called skins. Skins will change the skin of your character, but not the appearance of armour and equipment. The example give was a new Soul Shriven skin, but I'm guessing there will be a Daedric one soon enough.