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lew-mo 3
Aug 4, 2013, 12:35:30 PM
by lew-mo

Need tips?, Vikkstar is your man, go check it out it will help you alot,

Minecraft Hunger Games Tips and Tricks - Strategy Guide
This took hours to put together, feel free to leave a like rating! Previous HG Episode: …

Official Fan Server - Survive with Homies - Build with Creative World - Weekly Events - Auto Rank Ups - iConomy - Lag-Free


For many years, Homies alike have had no place to go and meet up with other Homies, to share in the embracement of Hipo's everywhere, and long for the trololololol's of the Sly-prone creeper. Myself (Doodle), along with DryNinja, SonicBang and other key admins of the server, have brought together the perfect combination of plugins, events and much much more, in order to create the best possible experience for Homies to meet, and enjoy fighting, crafting or building alongside each other in many events and adventures available on the server! We provide a lag free server with a range of activities and genuinely caring admins, who want to get involved with your projects and listen to what you've got to say so that we can improve the server for all Homies to enjoy!

Official Fan Server:

Many of our Homies on the server have had the enjoyment of meeting Sly for the first, second or even third time in some cases. Sly is a regular member of the server, and tries to visit as often as he can, and this is one of the main reasons why we are the official server =) We focus on providing the best experience for YOU, the Homie! And thanks to the commitment of our loyal Homie visitors to the server as well as constant input from our mature but fun loving admins, we have been able to create the best possible environment, to provide Homies with their greatest Minecraft Experience! Of Course if you are not a fan of SlyFox you are more than welcome to join our community, and try the experience out, and who knows you might even find that special little Sly in yourself, YEA YEA YEA!

How to become a member?:

There is literally no sign up required - all you need to do is log onto the server, and agree to our rules, we ask that as long as you respect the rules (which cover the basics of no griefing, no hacking, no game enhancing clients or mods) listen to admin instructions so that others may benefit, and generally have respect for any Homie in need, we feel that, as a Homie you should be able to walk into the server and immediately feel welcome! However, we do have a website that you are able to sign up at for the latest news and updates, and although it isn't compulsory, its advised as we can get you the quickest updates if there is any server change!

Auto-Rank Ups:

As a member of our server, we want to know that we can trust you, as a Homie, we feel that nothing is more important than trust and Hipo's, and in order to do this, we need to know that you are committed to the server. We don't ask you to fill out any forms, or donate to the server, since as a Homie you should be allowed access without charge, and we follow that. All we ask is that you spend time on the server, getting to know people and helping others, we have an auto-rank system which will rank up members based on the time they are on the server, although if we see that a person has been especially helpful to the server, we will promote them straight away!

The Current Ranks:
Hipo Keeper
Homie Knight
Multiple Worlds:

As a Homie, you will have access to multiple worlds, including our main Survival World and our amazing Creative World, where you can create amazing creations for Sly, Immortal and all of the SIYR band =) We also have a MiniGame world for spleef, and other Homie created MiniGames (of which you can build your own), as well as our brand new Minecraft SURVIVAL GAMES (1 and 2) map, which we refresh daily in order to allow Homies to play whenever it may suit them!

Weekly Events:

Whether it be the Hunger Games, a Hipo Hunt or the Classic: "Hit that Chicken with a ...." contest, we do multiple events across the week as well as our Homie Power Server Friday's, in which we do up to 5 massive events for all the Homies to enjoy!

The Official SlyFoxHound Homie Server! [Survival] [Creative] [Events] [Lag-Free] [iConomy] [Hunger-Games] [Auto Rankups] [MultiVerse]
Posted 12 May 2012 - 03:24 AM Multiple Worlds inc. 2 Survival Worlds, Creative World, …
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WOW GUYS '' has 5000+ people on


~Official Minecraft Survival Games Anook~

Some great Server's that offer survival Games - Jolly 'ol Brit's (and more) - Hypixels - SlyFox's server

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Want to choose a new map for MCSG (survival games) gor vote over on planet minecraft. Link -…


Good look too those who entered let me know if you have.

Hive MC Update June-9-2013

MORE SERVERS FOR ALL GAMES! ...and an in depth update :)

by b0xx3r at 8:09 PM (5,219 Views / 36 Likes) 131 Comments
Hey Bees!

We have just finished adding more servers for all 3 of our game types meaning across all our current games we now have 3360 available slots to play on!

We have added:

- 20 Survival Games servers (Now up to 90!)
- 10 Trouble in Mineville servers (Now up to 30!)
- 10 The Herobrine servers (Now up to 30!)

We also took this chance to re-organize the sign boards to make the server numbers make more sense when you join with friends as well as making restarting server VERY obvious so you can try join them quickly.


Now for a longer bit not so much about the new servers it's concerning the US, Arcade etc, please take the second to read if you want to know what's going on... (I have summarized right at the bottom but I won't respond to questions that can be answered by reading it all instead)

HiveMC 4v4 PvP Tournement this Saturday

guys this Saturday there is PVP tournament over on (thats the server) so click to enter and have fun link