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Neny shared her video
  • Jul 24, 2016, 10:45:40 AM

awwww, thank you Wynnie!! wow, where did that come from? I am acutally nothing but ultimate clumsiness and blabbering, but I thank you very much!!

  • Jul 24, 2016, 11:20:25 AM

I dunno about that, but you're very entertaining and so likeable :D

  • Jul 24, 2016, 1:39:32 PM

:'( *moved to tiny tears* wow, thank you so much!!

Neny shared her video
Clumsy Channel Intro
Clumsy Channel Intro

My latest YouTube Channel Intro :)

(did I mention that I like beer?)

  • May 19, 2017, 7:53:57 PM

haha this intro is just amazing !

  • May 19, 2017, 8:07:43 PM


  • May 22, 2017, 11:07:50 PM


Can you be too old for gaming?

Lately I experienced something strange.

When I hit the age of 30, I first gave it no big thought. I didn't feel any different from in my 20s, I was still crazy, still chaotic and enthusiastic like a little child. But after some time I suddenly felt especially clumsy in my usual games. I am a bit dorky in general but it all seemed to transform all of a sudden - my reactions were slow, when healing, people kept dying. When dpsing, I didn't hit a thing. And I started asking myself... are you too old for gaming?

My passion for gaming started when a business colleague of my fathers dumped his computer. Back then not everyone had a machine at home. So my father got it and let me use it too. With the PC came my first video game ever - Indiana Jones!

Point to click and hilariously funny!! This totally for me started into the world of gaming, being part of another universe, solving riddles, being a hero, experiencing journeys! Soon after I got my first Game Boy and have not been seen anymore for many months, 24/7 playing Tetris, Mario and, later, catching all the Pokémon!

(ancient Neny girl piccies are ancient!)

I met my first boyfriend in the width of the internet and therefore met my today's hubby in the World of Warcraft! So gaming is not only my favorite hobby and free time activity, but also the place I met some of the most wonderful people! I've been in a very ambitious raiding guild, quit on many university lessons to attend various ingame stuff and stood up awake all night to bring some bosses up - many great memories collected in all these last ~ 20 years.

(19 y/o very WoW addicted Neny practically glued to that chair :p)

No matter my pesonal life choices or progress in my daily life, my love for games never ebbed away. Games like Skyrim made me feel more home than my actual home back then and it is still like the best of holidays when I run around Solitude and pickpocked clueless people :')

When I met @Elloa and got into Whitestar, my life changed big time. I finally have not been a tool in a raiding guild to achieve goalds but an important part of a little family in the internet with people all over the world who I would never have met otherwise! Since it's been a difficult time in my life, so many unstable conditions, anxiety and sadness, Whitestar was my solid rock and my place to go. And it still is! My life has become more healthy, I do not feel lost anymore, but I still value the evenings I can come back home with my Smokie and still login to Anook/Discord and all my favorite friends are there!!

I can remember a very special night in my life. I just moved to a new city and Smokie was still back in the old to get stuff done. It's been night and I have been TERRIBLY afraid in the dark. We had no furniture but my computer setup in an empty room besides a mattress. I've been too scared to fall asleep so I managed to get the internet working and there was @Elloa - live streaming as her magical Esper lady, healing @Hultay @LunaDra @Rhashazi and @Kitiandra and I instantly didn't feel lost and lonely anymore. We had a funny chat and watching her die while jumping in that sword maiden place made everyone happy this evening. And it literally made me feel home again and that friends were still around me, no matter how far apart in person.

(credits to @Elloa)

But after quite some time, nearly two decades of gaming, I suddenly feel like I am too old to be doing this quite right anymore. I have never been the best shooter person or server #1 healer, but I have been a decent player, reliable, in the tops, quick. But after the new WoW patch hit I am 99 % of the time like:

My mouse and keyboard do feel alienated in my hands.
Everytone around me appears to move so much faster.
I am dying in this fire I never died before!

What is happening?!

Is it my age, really? Is it the new hardware I got after my old stuff broke? But what if not... what if I really slowly begin to be too clumsy and slow for nowaday gaming? To be honest it kind of scared me. Thinking back I used to be some badass disc priest, for example, melting faces with penance in battlegrounds, too quick to be killed and loathed by the enemy players. If I set a foot into a hostile pvp area now, I get kinda 2shot and remain puzzled.

Have you ever felt this change in your life too?
And if so, what did you do about it? I do not simply want to give up on my gaming life. Yes, I do not desire to be some progressive gamer anymore. I enjoy my relaxed and casual Overwatch matches - but I do not wish to become an ancient skeleton either, who moves so slowly that she can be killed by a 12 year old who insults his mother while sniping all the people.

I want to stay crazy gaming Neny who can keep up with her teammates and don't make them feel annoyed for "carrying" an old woman to victory!!

Did tiny pink hyperactive Neny turn into old boring grandma Neny who is poking young gamers with a trout?!

  • Jul 24, 2016, 6:01:16 PM

I loooved Indiana Jones, was one of the best games I ever played! Thanks so much @Neny for the screenie and the nostalgia! <3 Just keep doing what makes you happy, there's really no age for that is it? ;)

  • Jul 24, 2016, 7:21:23 PM

Thanks to everyone who commented on that post! I would have never imagined it to resonate that widely! I very, very much appreciate your opinions and help.


I actually never thought about the "not investing so much time in the game" thing before @Elloa @Nyah and @Firkan . That is quite a point! Ofc it must be easier and become your second nature if you play game like 12 hours a day (or more!!). If you're reducing that to two hours a day, all seems changing quite faster and and you're losing your grip on what's happening. Also back then I used to read up eeeevery patch note and future changes on MMO Champion, now I just login, play a bit and that's it. That definitely eases my mind a bit, thank you, Elloa! And pointing out Ian is a great fact! He might have lived a couple of years longer than us and he is one of the most skilled ESO players I have ever experienced!!


Also thank you so much for your kind words @Aeyvi, I really appreciate that, your words ring true! Also, adding pink might help everything indeed :) And awww thank you for sharing your story @Xera !! I totally feel you there! It is crazy how me managed to outplay something when we were young! And now some games feel sooo quick and our fingers seem so laazy, haha! We might not rock Sonic adventures or Mario Kart anymore, but we can still be some badass point to click heroes, haha :) And on the other hand I am very relieved to read your comment @Wynbjorn ! That makes me hope the more you try and practise the better you get! Maybe we can not be as capable as our young selves with the super quick reflexes, but we can still kick buttocks and rock it, maybe even more casually and happy then our tiny ambitious selves!


Thank you so much EVERYONE for your comments! It's exciting to read about your unique experiences in this matter and how you deal with it!

  • Jul 26, 2016, 5:30:56 PM

Awww @Neny just read your post (sorry been away for a couple of days) and it really touched me especially how nice everyone's comments are, and they make really good points as well, I would just echo what they say said I couldn't say it better, one thing I will add is when I played Gears of Wars on Xbox360 (for me one of the hardest online games I’ve ever played) the best person in my old clan was a 42 year old guy and he really rocked it, he was an awesome player. So don't despair @Nenyy I'm sure you can still really kick some butt online!

Being a Neny is not an easy task!

(Was meant to write this way earlier when I was totally into the Wildstar spirit again - a typical day of Neny gaming - but better late than never! So there you go :D)

Being a Neny is not an easy task. Or being WITH a Neny.

When I feel like gaming I get all comfy in my chair, get the MMO of my choosing started and dive into the world! No matter if Tamriel, Eorzea, Azeroth or Telara, I try to feel as immersed as possible. So hop: snuggle into blanket, headset on, sound and music to max, here we go!

And the bubbly, babbeling, euphoric person I am, literally everything makes me feel excited and HAPPY!!

A new mount? WOOP, so awesome!!

A new pet? Omg, it looks so sad, but awwww, CUTE!

A pink sky? What could I wish for than that? I LOVE it!!

The NPC @Mida talked about who expresses himself like a crazy African guy speaking glibberish? This was so FUNNY!

New beer signs for housing? AH MAH GAHD, I need those!!

A whole town full of bunnies?!? HOW COULD ANYONE NOT LOVE THAT!

Being my fiancé on the other hand must be a hard job :) If we’re gaming together and he tries to play all calm next to me or watch a movie there is a constant, never ending monologue of “OMG this is so cute what is this I must have this aww this is awesome omg I love everything!!” next to him! Maybe in the last 7 years he managed to filter my constant babbeling or just goes with a random “nice” or “yay” every now and then so I believe he’s still with me ;)

Due to all the gifs and videos in the interwebs I see young men throwing their PCs out of windows, punching their fists into keyboards or even pushing controllers into their TVs in rage. And on the other side there is this Neny, a weird creature, hyped about every single detail, flower, earring, butterfly mob, mount there is. Maybe the world tries to compensade all the grumpy & aggressive gamers with my too cheery mood :)

Maybe it is also about me not very competitive. Yes, winning would be nice but I am totally fine with feeling immersive in a game, being with my friends and guildies and collect some mounts and pets and fisheees ofc. I rarely had such a fun time than in chocobo racing with the guild even when I was last most times, I still had a blast! Gaming is supposed to be FUN after all and not a constant reminder that you need to work your buttocks off to be victorious.

What about yourselves?
What kind of gamer personality do you obtain?
Maybe a healthy match of competitive//relaxed attitude? The happy one? Or the aggro monitor punching internet Troll?

  • Dec 23, 2015, 6:01:26 PM

I'm usually a happy explorer of the world and story. If I get angry/annoyed it's usually when I'm doing something and failing at it over and over (like a jumping puzzle), but then I usually stop the activity instead of getting more and more frustrated.

  • Dec 23, 2015, 11:17:15 PM

I can get really annoyed if smth isn't going well for a while. When that happens I swear a lot, but I never throw hardware around or punch my monitors. If I punch something, it is a big pillow I have on my couch for stress relieving measures xD