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Final Fantasy XIV: Eorzea so far..

It's very rare nowadays that I feel the need to write much game related content. Back in the early days of WoW I used to keep a blog and write RP stories for my characters yet more recently that has diminished. It's just over a month since I began my journey in Eorzea and I suddenly feel the urge to write about it and share my experiences in the game so far. Please feel no obligation to read what I am sure will be a massive wall of rather poorly written text, but once it's done at least I will know I tried to convey something, rather than think 'oh I could have done that but ... too lazy!'. Also, sadly I couldn't directly embed the short video's I made to illustrate points into the post so I've linked them under where they would have been.

Before I get started, I want to ensure that no one thinks that I'm writing this to slate games like WoW or such. I have and still do hold many fond memories of other games, I just feel compelled to write up my positive experiences with this game, having had such a negative impression with it during my free trial about a year ago. Maybe I will be bored in two months, maybe not, but so far it's going well.

Eek, slow down!
I think my biggest mistake when starting this game for the first time was expecting things to be like every other MMO I've tried and in doing that, blinded myself to what the game was actually trying to show me. With other game start points you are thrown right into your class and told to kill 8 of these, 10 of those. What we have here are directional introduction based quests and at first I didn't really see them as that, I thought the game was needlessly spamming me with courier quests and I just wanted to get out there and use my class spells and kill stuff! It wasn't until later on I realised that there is no rush at all and all it was trying to do is introduce me to the various guilds and vendors throughout the city, which I will be sure to need on several occasions.

Dedication to One
For the very first time in any MMO I've ever played I feel true dedication to one character. It's a rare thing for me as I am always changing my appearances in every other game, never settling. I was really excited to unlock the hairdresser within FF14 as I'd totally missed the highlights section (doh!).

One rather bizarre questline later and I had this option! However, I haven't changed a thing, because it wouldn't be her anymore. Even some of her questionable looking gear has only added to her storyline. This game allows you to build everything into one character, all classes, all professions..everything. If you want alts they are there but I, for once, do not feel any need. Changing your class/job is just as easy as changing your weapon. While on the subject of gear change, I really like the built-in gear management option. It's super easy to use and you can even drag each gear set onto your bar for an even faster wardrobe change.. just incase you need to hop into a bath quickly!

>>Outfit Change Video<<

Hours of Nothing
Never before in a game have I been as content to do 'nothing' as I am here, most of the time I've been the least productive have been the most fun times in game for me.. Watching @Hultay creeping people out with his male Lala in the inn while @Vordt.Ororyu tries to push me off my chair, gatecrashing official weddings with @Lessa, @LunaDra and @torhagen or keeping people company/stalking them while they level.

Sure, idling in your garrison or Stormwind is one thing but here, when I've ended up in a main city between quests and dungeons I've usually run into another Whitestarian and things just tend to go on from there. Even sitting, watching the sunset is beautiful.

>>Limsa Sunset Video<<

The emotes system is quite something too, they've really put some effort into it. Not only can you change your standing pose but also your sitting pose, facial expressions and even make your own custom macros that can chain different emotes in a row.

>>Chain Emotes & Expression Video<<

Each emote feels so much more interactive than any I've experienced in a game so far.

I am slow. Horribly slow. Does this matter? Seemingly not. I've been honest with my fellow guild-mates about wanting to make sure I take the time to read things and absorb the story as it comes. I was out questing in Gridania and while I was doing a quest I actually got this really weird game atmosphere feeling (so hard to describe!).. maybe nostalgia of some sort or the feeling of being immersed in a single player rpg when not being in one.. it felt like an Ocarina of Time moment... random I know. It was so nice though. I even found myself feeling a little guilty after one of the quests I did.. I've heard from others that the storyline is awesome in this game so I'm looking forward to the future quests.

When I'm on my main story line I prefer to be levelling alone because I feel that would be a totally different experience, even though random visitors have popped up a few times to come visit and watch me while I noob around^^. Not that it wouldn't be nice to have company but I think I'd be far too panicked and it would mean I'd be chatting away with them, worrying about being too slow, trying to read quests too quickly and not being able to immerse myself. I've already been honest with those kind enough to ask me about levelling :) still, that's what other classes are for! My personal story quest is giving me the best XP so I save it for my archer. If I level with anyone else it's far better for me to level my other classes via Fates and the hunting log. It's really nice to have these options! I've had no pressure at all all from anyone and there's still plenty of stuff I can do with guildies whether they level sync or not.

I've only seen one seasonal event so far and it's my absolute almost favourite.. Halloween!! A short set of quests, firstly rewarding an entire outfit set, then a mini-pet followed by a broom mount. There are also some really nice additional items available on the mogstation (store) which are surprisingly inexpensive. I'm in love with the ghost costume, it's so silly and makes me laugh every time I see it.

>>Halloween Outfits Video<<

Gold Saucer
Oh my goodness... SO PRETTY!

I was squeeling lots when i went here for the first time. There's a moogle claw game!!! Wah! Triple Triad, random events pinging up and.. Chocobo racing!! *squee*.

Finally we come on to something that I have whined on and on about.. MAPS! Good lord these were the bane of my levelling career so far. I'm very, very slowly getting used to them but my main annoyance was that the little Aethernet portals weren't named and you can't click on them via the map to port to them. Grr!

Communications & UI
Another for the 'not accustomed to yet' list. I'm used to the chat system in WoW and this one feels clunky, however, that's most likely down to me! Once I have more time I will have to look into it and see if there is a way I can set this up to make it more intuitive.
Hm, what can I say for the UI... Cluttered but functional! I've seen others rearrange theirs into something cleaner so... I should add this to the list!

You can move pretty much everything it seems!

In The Details
One of the things that makes me appreciate this game more and more are the tiny details, some people may not even notice them but each time I find a new one I'm super happy. For example, when you are in a building and it switches from night to day, the windows glow with the sunlight, when you run over wood then metal detail on the floor the sound effects change, and when you step out of water you leave wet footprints on the floor! My favourite though, has to be the wind. If you are in an area where it's windy the gust will actually blow your hair and robe in the appropriate direction and when you turn your character, it blows the robe against you rather than away.

>>La Noscea Gales Video<<

Oh and the mini pets interacting with you is another really cute feature! Shooting stars and twinkling stars in the night sky.. There are so many more things!

Can't really comment on this yet, all I know is that the carpentering dude leader tricked me into nudity! Since then I haven't gone back!! :D

Don't trust this man!

As much as some of the gear in Final Fantasy might be deemed as questionable *cough* .. There really are some lovely, detailed gear sets. It seems that they stagger the good looking items between dungeon levels so for example you are new and see the Foestriker set which belongs to the first set of dungeons so you work towards levelling enough to get there. The next level is not so good looking with the Toadskin or something..goodness now I can't remember the name, I've been wearing it long enough! I don't mind it all that much but there are certain *cough* guildies who find it horrid! Then then following on from that there is the Infantry set, which I'm collecting at the moment and looks really pretty! Even comes with a free giant purple ribbon, hooray.

Here's my Amu crafted starter gear (bottom left, along with various other outfits I've had along the way so far.. couldn't fit them all in though!

A few more from the guildies..

Class & Playstyle
At first I wanted to go with what was the most straight forward.. Archer it is then! Then I found out that at level 30 you had to level a Pugilist to level 15 so that you could become a Bard (one of the Jobs) as levelling Archer all the way up would put you at a significant disadvantage.

I got a bit confused and frustrated. Why can't I just play the class I picked at the start? At this point (level 26) I thought that Bard would be very different and so I went to look for a spell caster class. Seeing as the Archanist gets a very awesome little blue Picachu (Blupachu hereafter!) pet, I was sold!

Levelling felt a little slow as I didn't have the xp bonus from having a lv50 character and my main story quests were being saved for my Archer (these would have only commenced at level 26 anyway), so I used the hunting log and fates to get her to 26 along with daily roulette. In dungeons I literally felt all I was doing was dotting things and seemed rather slow so I went to reassess the Bard play, watched some videos, read some posts and went back to finish the Archer..sacrificing beautiful Blupachu for a little while. I'll be sure to go back to the Archanist and convert over to try Summoner once I've progressed a little more on the Bard. Decisions are clearly not my strong point. Combat still feels a little slow because of such a different GCD than WoW but I've heard this gets shorter based on gear and level. I'm still just a newbie really so again, I can't judge too much yet!

Even though I found it frustrating at the time, I like that running into a camp of mobs kills me (unlike WoW where I can just AoE them down) or that I can still die in my personal story instance because I'm not doing it as it should be done.

Community Matters
The community in this game has been such a shock. So-many-nice-people!

When I was maybe a week old in the game a player randomly ran past me and gave me my very first fawn mini-pet..too cute! People randomly hug me or wave while I'm questing.

The other day I was looking at the Halloween decorations in Gridania for screenshots and I got a whisper from a guy sitting by the display 'would you like us to move?'.. I mean, how nice is that? So polite. Later that day he invited me and my group along to one of the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding (which is an official wedding thing with proper cutscenes and everything!) it was just.. mad!

The dungeons have also been really nice with everyone bar ONE person being super nice, and this one person may have just been expressing 'help' in an odd way so it wasn't that bad. No swearing or yelling or berating! There's also a nice player commendations system within the dungeons and I think when you get so many you are rewarded with a mount (or something!), such a great initiative.

And of course, the best part of the community is my guildies. Even through the rain and the poop, they've been there.

Oh and I almost forgot the guild house! So pretty.. had a very fun night pretty much playing the Sims or some odd version of the chuckle brothers with @Xera, @Hultay and @torhagen.

>>FFXIV: Whitestar Guild House Exterior & Interior Video<<
>>FFXIV: Whitestar Guild House Interior Decorating<<

I've written way too much already so I'll stop babbling now! There is so much more I would want to mention but for now I will leave it! Just want to say a big thank you to @Vordt.Ororyu, @LunaDra @Hultay @Xera @Acharial @torhagen @Lessa @Cornilius @Baggie and all other Whitestarians for making my time in game so great and for all the help so far! Also a super big thank you to @Firkan who generously offered this game up as a prize and I feel so lucky to have won it!

Please ignore all the mistakes and typo's in this post, it got too long and I've read it too many times to know what's what! Sorry!

  • Jan 31, 2016, 11:22:15 PM

I have no idea how old this post is but god damn tis amazing! brings so many feels to a game I had very little feels towards. Literally makes me want to roll a new char and play from the beginning slowly.. taking everything in that Eorzea has to offer.

  • Feb 1, 2016, 12:27:29 AM

@BT-Vanguard I think it's about 4 months old now, written in my first month (I think!) when things were so new and shiny! Thank you for reading^^

FFXIV Giveaway: Maid & Butler Attire

Items up for grabs:
1x Maid Attire
2x Butler Attire

Bonus: Two people who do not win will be chosen at random to receive some sparkly wings!

How to enter:
Comment on THIS POST. IMPORTANT: Specify "Maid" OR "Butler" in your comment.
Winners will be chosen at random on the >>1st November 2016<<.

What is Anook?
In short, Facebook for gamers. Games and users have their own pages and you can pick who to follow and keep up to date with various game news and participate in the game related community. Guild forums also function through the Anook platform along with personal blogs and events systems. Support the Anook community by following your favourite games and visiting us at the Whitestar community site!

You must have a European FFXIV account (no trial accounts).
One entry per person on one item "Maid" or "Butler".
These are EUROPEAN CODES ONLY. Please do not enter if you have a US account.
Item code MUST be redeemed by >>31 December 2016<< through the mogstation.
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The item code shall not be used for any sales or commercial use or in any activity relating to the trade of real-world money, in-game currency or in-game virtual items. If lost or if the redemption period has passed, SE shall not re-issue a replacement code.
Please also make sure you are following either me, the FFXIV page or this blog for further updates.

Thank you for entering and Good Luck!!
-Novi Rae (Odin EU)/Aeyvi

  • Nov 1, 2016, 1:50:48 PM

Winners are now drawn!

FFXIV: Constellation Linkshell

This is a tiny something I've been meaning to get sorted for a little while and for some reason or another I didn't get round to it. However, here it is!

Lets be honest, guild activity in FFXIV has been inconsistent lately, what with all the shiny new things coming out and people wanting to try other games or coming to a close with content. I thought it would be nice for the players who are either newer to the guild/game or old time players who are still playing, to have connections to other players from other guilds who are nice, friendly and helpful. Originally @mazza set up a linkshell to gather friendly people together so that we could all help each other and meet new people. I've ever so slightly hijacked this (sorry!) and expanded a bit to people who I have also come across in my travels who have always been lovely FF community members and really nice to us here in Whitestar.

In short, it's not an official guild authorised thing.. its just a nice network of people that is there if YOU would like to take part. It also means that regardless of whether the guild is busy or not, there are always nice people around if you want to do things and stuff, even if it's just sitting around watching the sun set!

What is a Linkshell?
Literally just a chat channel, similar to those in WoW, though you need an invite to it. Shortcut to type is Alt+L (then repeat if you already have multiple).

How do I join?
Poke me or use the player search function to look for Mazza Chronos.

Any questions feel free to PM, comment below or poke in game!
Remember this is only optional and there for you if you would want to be part of it, there is also no harm to leave whenever you like.

-Novi Rae Odin EU

  • Sep 18, 2016, 6:43:39 AM

Just to let you know I am also on here although I don't logon as much as others, I am happy to help whenever I can so come join us :-D

  • Sep 20, 2016, 11:12:34 AM

that's a really great idea!

  • Sep 20, 2016, 11:34:34 PM

This sounds great! I'll need to join in the fun next when I can.


Recently @Elloa made a post on Anook regarding moderation of the FFXIV page. Some of my happiest gaming memories have taken place in this game and still care very much, so with this in mind I put myself forward to help out. So, tada! I'm your new moderator of the Final Fantasy XIV page! Thank you for trusting me with this @Lonrem!

I'll try to do my best to keep an eye on all related things and highlight the shiniest of content. I'm thinking of having some monthly themes/competition for screenshots but I'm not sure if this would work yet. What do you think? I'll also be making a video soon on how and what I use to edit, so if anyone is interested in that it will appear soon(tm).

How can you help?
By just doing what you're already doing. Submitting awesome content related to Final Fantasy in the form of screenshots, blog posts or videos. This is the lifeblood of the page so please keep it coming. It's lovely to be able to see everyone's activities within the game.

Recommending Anook to your friends is also a HUGE help to both this page and the wider community. Bring them all here so they can share in the community and be tagged too!!

Liking, commenting and tagging your friends on posts is also a great help.

How do you make sure your content is seen?
For each post there is the option to add a game. The content will only appear on the game page if that game has been added to the post.

If you have any questions please ask below or drop me a PM.

Please please keep submitting your wonderful content and help our little segment grow! Thank you so much!


  • May 4, 2016, 7:56:54 PM

Congrats @Aeyvi \(^.^)/

  • May 5, 2016, 9:27:35 AM

Congratulations honey!! I could Not Imagine any other Person fitting better than You do!

  • May 5, 2016, 11:59:43 AM

@LunaDra @YuukiM @Nenyphone Thank yooooou! So kind <3


Hello all! I'm back!

MOST IMPORTANT: I have missed you!

What a wonderful, shiny day to return to the community!..No? Okay fine, most of you are probably still a bit riled up, annoyed stressed or such. Obviously by taking a 'break' I meant that I wouldn't check anook *cough*.. So yes, as much as I'd like to say I'm oblivious to what's been going on, I'm not. It's caused much stress, sadness and feelings of much urghyness. There are a couple of things that I feel relatively important to just blurt out, hopefully in some mildly sensible and calm manner. But before I go on, the things I write about, I have been directly involved in, I'm not swooping down and just adding my 2 cents. I've been there, seen it and directly had the impact from the rambling tangents.

So lets start with something that makes all people happy.. GLITTER.

That's totally not an image copyrighted by Getty.. Nope!

DISCLAIMER (do I really have to?!): If you don't want to see some text that's slightly controversial to your own view, or you can't read it without having to comment 'shouting' my views down, please just stare at the glitter and move along. Obviously you can still comment because..y'know.. it's public. I'll do my best to answer anything I can. I'll try to keep, short, but I think I've already hyped it up in the title... which.. uhoh, the last time I hyped something up was @Neny on the stream and I got smacked in the face by a canonball *ducks*.

Now lately.. drama. I've been involved in it and I've been in talks with the council and went through all the normal processes, because.. that's what you do if you have a problem with something. That's the policy and the process.

Yes I have had some issues with people that have made me sad, no I will not be explaining every bit in detail because there is no way anyone could understand months of this stuff based on one side of a story, out of context and out of time.

Some situations just don't always have a solution are inevitable so, rather than letting it make me bitter and that bitterness feeding through to a community I care about, I 'left' those things that were highlighting or making the issue worse for me (anook/disco). Should that happen again, I will do this again, because I don't want the yuck to spread and I believe it's the most healthy thing for me to do both for myself and the community.

What's baffling is, drama about a no-drama policy. Perhaps how it was written, perhaps certain points mentioned hit nerves, perhaps the timing. But lets look at it in black and white. Either you support the council trying to protect members from drama, or you don't. Through past months the policy was preventing 'protection' (eh!) of members perhaps, and so it's acted upon. Assuming it is only about one matter in particular needs to be taken up elsewhere. Though if policy changes are set in stone and completely agreed by the council perhaps it's better that they remain in a locked thread under the community guidelines?

Now what I've realised is, well, odd because I'm not sure what to do unless someone offers me some rationalisation on it. I've found that I no longer agree with one of the pillars of our guild (strange, I know!), so does this mean I have to leave? I assume not, but here's my reasoning. The pillar I speak of is TRUTH. Being truthful and honest is a good quality when used in the right sense at the right time. But it can be dangerous and hurtful depending on how you use it.

Useful truth-
Friend 1: Do you like me?
Friend 2: Yes!

Not-so useful truth-
Friend 1: Yey, that's awesome!
Friend 2: But your hair is ugly, you clearly didn't brush your teeth today and you have the most ugly voice I ever heard.
Friend 1: *cries* ..*friendship destroyed*

This is an extreme and rather silly version but, do you get where I'm going? There's being honest, and being too honest. There's being honest to be helpful, and honest to cause pain. Where is the line? For each person it differs, so to have a solid 'pillar' for something that is 'flexible' or debatable within a situation, slightly confuses me and I think this causes the most conflict. Sometimes people do not know and the 'line' is different with each person. Can we just pick and choose when to use it? For this it.. is like a pillar we just put up sometimes, then take away again to protect others feelings. If it is there all the time does it mean I have to truthfully explain and call out people and all of everything going on in the background for me because it's 'fair'! I don't want to have to explain myself and situation to everyone, but for them to understand a council decision with the perspective achieved through TRUTH, this would have to be done. Which, in the process causes even more stress and pain for all involved. Logically we cannot just apply truth to everything.

Instead, I don't know.. but perhaps a focus on tolerance, understanding, amity? But you can only tolerate something to a point, abuse of that tolerance is beyond unacceptable in any community.

Because we are such a kind and considerate, warm and caring community I think its easy for situations to become distorted. Things that are 'normal' become 'bad', things that are 'bad' become 'intolerable'.

Having things your way, being dominant in a community but not taking the responsibility of leadership or general feeling of exclusion is .. not going to to well. So what do you do? When you sign up to the guild are you automatically meant to 'trust' that the leadership is taking the right direction? In all cases trust is earned, so, then we move to 'hope' and I think that's the most important. If you don't trust instantly, HOPE that people are taking the guild's best interests at heart.

Finding leadership in a warm fluffy community is going to be hard because they need to make hard choices that others MAY not have the perspective to see and yet treat members with a kind heart. A warm fluffy person with the balls to make hard choices and take whatever backlash is hard to find in any community. Which I guess which is why we have such a variety on the council.

Stop it Getty! Your images are so awesome but I claim them as MINE!

We are a big community, we need leadership that people know and see if we are to trust issues to them that emotionally impact on our gaming 'life' and we are expected to trust that the situation is dealt with compassionately. Our leadership does reach out and offer comfort like very very few other communities would, in that sense we're really very lucky. However, this is foremost a gaming community and sometimes for those not wishing to participate in Anook (because of it's similarities to Facebook) or the constant stream in discord may feel disjointed from leadership as you might never see them in your game or know who they are, let alone having a heart to heart. As I see it the majority looking for pastoral care will go to two people. For such a large community I personally don't think it's fair that all of it falls to them. Having a go-between system in place may be an option to make some feel more comfortable or widen the options between players, but I don't know if this would work well in practice. I have a the topic may be raised that 'we shouldn't need it' but seeing the posts from the last while .. I think we do need *something*.

I'm not trying to snipe at the council here, please don't take it as that. It's merely offering a perspective as to why some may not feel comfortable trusting some issue or another.

As I'm just a normal member I see it from that perspective but I can also sympathise from a leadership perspective, having spent 5 years already giving my soul to the running of a similar guild (I may have mentioned this 1million times already but if you forgot ..5 YEARS...*cough*). I've seen and dealt with this before.

Just because you have not lead a guild does not mean your views are invalidated at all in any situation thought. Perhaps more of us, me included, should take a second and play out the scenario from BOTH sides in your head, how you would act, what possible outcomes you would hope to achieve. This is why when it comes to any kind of conflict or text situation I ask someone else to read the stuff that's totally removed from the situation, community and our games. This way it will show me if I'm stamping something with too much of my own emotion and being blind. Blindly doing things is bad.. blindly agreeing, blindly trusting. This all leads to potential situational manipulation. Moving on!

SO MANY Screenshots

Yes, I know I post a lot but it's my thing. I don't post to Whitestar for two reasons:
1. I don't want to spam the Whitestar community page stream. When taking up FF I found so much enjoyment in the visual aspect of the game. I used to take my RL photography very seriously but after I got sicker I lost that passion. I sorta found an element within it in FF and just went with it. I wanted to create pretty pictures and images and show people how much joy the game was giving me. I'm sorry if it is overkill for some of you and I say this truthfully (as I'm not sure if this will continue or not)... IF you don't like it I am not going to be offended in the least if you block me. Perhaps it is too much to some. I'd rather be blocked than cause someone stress each day in seeing images liked by others coming from my page. 2. If I ever throw a massive emo wobbly and quit in the most dramatic style ever, all my images are on my account in my album.. all safe in one place.


I regret having to post this but now I've been encouraged to for a second time, to help with the understanding of certain things.

A few already know this in WS but it seems it's time to be more open with it in the community to hopefully save more sadness and complications in the future. I will be as brief as possible and please don't feel the need to reply to this segment, it's just advisory.

I have a couple of serious illnesses. In short, regular attacks that bring on neurological and mobility issues. As well as occurring randomly, these can be triggered by light, stress, temperature, fatigue. In winter the attacks increase significantly. Gaming is my escape as such, yet even this effects it. Depending on the severity of the poorliness I may have no choice but to leave the pc immediately regardless of content. It makes me feel rubbish to do this but pressuring myself or feeling pressure to stay tends to only make things worse. I wouldn't want people thinking I'm being rude, lazy or ignoring them. I don't like letting anyone down. Sometimes I zonk out completely, partially or I just cannot keep up with everything or process things properly.

I hate this to be sounding dramatic but it's going to be easier in the long run if more people understand when random things happen. Thank you.

So.. That was a big ramble huh!

What this boils down is last night I was enraged by what I saw happening. It brought me to tears (YES TEARS.. FOR A GAME!) to be told I had failed, we had failed by someone not active or participating in the vast myriad of issues we had been facing recently as a guild, after spending my energy.. hours, days, months trying to help resolve things in some sort of positive manner as a general bod member. It's not just me, many do this. And so many are there for ME when I'm a wreck, when I'm having trouble with life or gaming or whatever.. they've been there to help scrape me up off the floor. Why do we do this? Because we care. Because we want to preserve some 'way of life' for gamers and think above ourselves and our own comfort. This doesn't mean that people can just turn a blind eye to stuff because we are nice. Taking advantage of a kind community is not cool (yes, I said the word cool, I feel so old!).

NO WE HAVE NOT FAILED. And IF we have made a mistake, that is not failing. Nor should @Elloa take full responsibility as she says in the post yesterday, that is deeply unfair because that is the reason we have a council. You can't just blanket blame one person for a mistake or misunderstanding, regardless of if there is one or not.

If I have a complaint about someone it goes through the process. If I feel something that I disagree with then I will voice it to the council as, after all, this guild is there vision. I accept that if it's not for me and I've exhausted all avenues, I will have to go. There is always room to work on things.

Anyway. From now on I might take the llama approach because it hurts less and because.. like.. who managed to get that scarf on him!?!?

People may decide to leave, that is up to them if there is no middle ground or they feel this is not the right place for them any more. Moving forward we will be stronger and more united *plays some trumpet theme tune and makes a cape out of my used shopping bag from this morning.

I leave you with this most amazing, incredible image! Goodness that was long, if you managed to read it, 10 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR. (pls don't hate me!)
Many hugs.

(Disclaimer 2: Some, just some of the images in this post MAY not have been mine.)
..also apologies if none of this makes sense or typo's.. much brain blurgh trying to come out at once. That's what blogs are for right?

  • Apr 13, 2016, 5:36:07 PM

*hands back the keys* Welcome back <3 Few words needed, you know everything I was gonna say anyways ;)

  • Apr 13, 2016, 7:34:51 PM

@Savian Thank you m'dear! *nodnod* .. Yep.

Black Desert Online - Adventures with Hair Colour

It's been a long while in between blog posts, mostly because I've been consumed with many things and not felt that urge to write. The following post is something I wrote and posted to my other blog but I thought it might be handy to have on here, I have however re-written it in parts and moved bits around.

Recently I've been able to have a play with Black Desert Online and it has some very beautiful graphics and in-depth character creation. For someone that used to love to build things in the Sims it’s always fun to try and create a little person you’re happy with.

This post originally came about because I was spending many painful hours trying to come up with one of the most 'simple' hair colours and struggling. Firstly I tried a blonde gradient hairstyle I ended up with this character below. Looked fine to me!

But when I logged into the game it was a mess of bright orange/green-blonde and mud. Eek. So much fail! I very quickly logged out again and went to delete the character to re-use the name but was hit by a 24hr delete cycle, whoops.

How can making colours be so hard?! I looked up how other people made the colours, but I couldn't find a tutorial on anything close to what I was after to back to playing with all the sliders. It seemed I could either have green-brown or reddy brown with green ends. It was frustrating because why should it take so much effort for something so simple? It doesn’t help that the palette colours don’t match how they look on the hair then the slightest variant in lighting change the whole thing. I thought of going with bubblegum pink or something ‘wild’ because that is so easy to create. Speaking of colours, I think my screen must be way off or something because the option I have for skin is actually blue on the palette. Very strange!

After a few disaster attempts I’ve finally got something I’m happy with that doesn’t turn horrific colours in various lighting conditions. I really wanted something neutral without it ending up green or red based. I decided to make this post for anyone that’s having the same struggle that I did and wants something a little different to the black/red/rainbowsplurge (nothing wrong with rainbows!).

Version 1

Here's the sliders:

Although in game things weren't looking too great. My hair was described by a guildie as 'magical hair' as it was pretty much every colour in all the different lighting.

Which leads me on to..

Version 2


In game:

Much happier so this will be the one I stay with for now!

It’s absolutely amazing to have so many options in creation but you have to be able to foresee what you would like your character to look like (I'm terrible with this) to get the best out of it. I’ve seen some amazing attempts at making copies of famous people, which are scarily similar, but still a copy! I've been scared to even move certain features because there is no undo button that I can see, just one that resets the entire part and you end up working on suck a detailed scale that when it resets you've lost track what’s what and return to the previous save to be safe. For me, this route of creation, although an amazing step forward in customization and graphics, is the most stressful I’ve used so far. However, in time, and with practice and a few more undo buttons, it might be a pleasure. For many though, I can imagine that such a vast array of options will lead to prematurely giving up and sticking closer to the default face/hair templates.

Had not intended to go off on such a rant. Time to actually try the gameplay!

  • Mar 16, 2016, 2:02:05 AM

@Wynbjorn Thanks! Yeah I'm going to have a bit more of a play to get used to them. Glad you've nailed it!^^

  • Mar 16, 2016, 11:30:29 AM

@Aeyvi Very nice article. The hair choices suffer from no default brown and the strange palette. As you will know, you can drop the Shine to Zero that will lessen the variance of the changing colours, but then the hair looks dull. If you work out a better fix please let us know :)

  • Mar 16, 2016, 12:06:03 PM

@Azurri Thanks :) Of course, I will keep you posted!