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WoW Lost Subs. Horizontal vs Vertical progression games. Some Ideas


So first of all lets talk about different types of games particularly close to MOBA / MMOs and we will draw some technical comparison. This is going to be a long post (I think...) so grab a tea, coffee, or if you want to think I am a genius and make this "otherworldly" post and if its legal for you - smoke some pot??? Just kidding but lets get started!

Vertical progression games:
World of Warcraft is a prime example on this one. What is a vertical progression game? Its when the producers provide content for the gamers to consume. Imagine a ladder and you are climbing it once you reach the top there is nothing to climb until you are provided with more steps to climb at the end of the ladder.

Think off World of Warcraft - each new patch and each new expansion we have new cool ways of killing a bunch of monsters or players with different gear and skills - this is vertical progression. Once you done it, there is nothing to do; the game becomes somewhat bland and boring until the developers give you more content to consume. That's why world of warcraft is coming with more and more different patches, raids, and gear every patch so we.... well can consume.

The benefits of this types of games - gives you a feel of individuality, it also tracks your progress via ratings, achievements, mounts and so on and so forth.

Negative side of vertical progression games - easy its once you consume the content the game becomes boring. In addition, the game also feels grindy and its more of the heavy time investment games out there.

This is the main reason why WoW lost 1.3 million subs last quarter - people raided, consumed the content, got used to new PvP done it all and got bored. Everyone waiting on a new patch, new nerfs, new buffs, refreshing gameplay, new monsters to smite wif your mighty SWOAAAARDDDDD, and FIREEEE BALLLLS of steel or some shit.

My Biggest beef, pork and chicken with those types of games is that they feel very grindy and more focused on character development rather than having fun. In addition, these types of games also require you to have online friends to play with and while it looks good on a paper we all know that our REAL LIFE, girlfriends, boyfriends, your mom, gyms, work - will take a huge toll on our gaming and we can find our hours of gaming either diminish or we might have to change hours that we play, leaving us unable to play with current friends and forced to find others. The biggest negative side of this is relying on other people to have fun.

Horizontal Progression Games:

These are very tricky games, and while they do offer some grinding, the main focus of these games is gameplay. They are usually focused around players casually logging in and having fun with out feeling of being left behind due to not having up to date gear and other crap. Good example of vertical progression MMO games is Guild Wars 2:

Gear is free, no leveling when it comes to PvP. PvE gear has a cap and PvE evolves around killing monsters for achievements and fun rather than a shiny new purple. THE PURPLE my friends they are amazing like a brand new car totally worth our time!!!! (sarcasm detected!) WoW challenge dungeons - is a horizontal progression component. Some might argue that arenas or RBGays is the same thing - but I tend to disagree as you need your gear maxed before you can get into good groups thus creating invisible entry barrier and making it very hard for undergeared players to get their ratings.

MOBA why did I mention them? Well they are the prime example of horizontal progression games where people log in to have fun rather than grind. One of the most successful MOBA games is League of Legends (yes some might argue DOTA 2 is best, Smite, Heroes of Newerth, My MOM raids my basement or other mobas). I do not want to argue which MOBA is the best, I just want to go off the MOBA that I have the most fun in - League of LAGANDs and disconnects which is bad, especially when your team relys on that specific lagger that curses you in french and calls you dumb american (true story).

MOBA types of games are known! For their horizontal progression. League of Legends has the most stream viewers, one of the biggest following / community. This game is roughly what 3-4 years old? (no idea honestly its my ball park estimation.) It is certainly "younger" than world of warcraft. It has a bigger following, way bigger and yet there are only roughly 4 maps to play on. Regular classic 5v5, 3v3, dominion, AREM.

So when it comes to amount of content that was developed - World of Warcraft will smoke the crap out of League of Legends. Then why doesn't WoW have as big of a following if not bigger? The simple answer - While LoL does not seem to have as much content as WoW - their content is current! There is no such thing as outdated "useless content" as for example WoW has (BC raiding for XMOGs? Get a life you nuuuurrrddd!) While WoW has more game content most of it is outdated and most of the time irrelevant compared to the current season / raiding. At the same time LoL has same 4 maps that have been played and they are all the time relevent regardless of a patch / season.

Once you got your level, your runes or some shit LoL focuses on having fun, on just logging, getting that que and focus on playing the game rather than "pimping" out your character. Yes WoW has battlegrounds but those are more of a festival of who having the most gear wins type of scenarios. Undergeared random battlegrounds suck ass while in LoL runes do matter but not to the point of blue geared WoW character vs full purple character.

That's horizontal progression games - they focus on gameplay rather than character progression with different PURPLES!!!

The question arises then - why GW2 kinda well you know failed... It had one of the most amazing starts possible when it comes to MMOs. And their philosophy is probably one of the better ones compared to other MMOs. Free gear, free 80 if you want to PvP. Focus on gameplay rather than grind - all this sounds amazing. The problem with GW2 was probably very simple - not enough of a time investment / balancing.

While League of Legends has it flaws when it comes to balance - it is certainly built around rock paper scissors where one champion counters another one. Early vs late game champions, over 100 different ones. And believe me I thought some of the champions are just a complete and uter trash when it comes to high end PvP gameplay and I was suprised by some of the top LoL streamers playing those champions and making them work.

Guild Wars 2 on the other hand felt like Rock, Paper, Scissors, Darth Vader, Atomic Bomb and Ultralisk. While it does have professions and they do have options there are just quite frankly not viable professions, not viable options and lots and lots of cookie cutter builds. I played for 2 weeks GW2 recently 3-8 hours a day and qued against some high ranked premades (30-60 ranked) and my experience was miserable to say the least. I just think there was really no good amount of time investment in the game balancing by itself. While league has 4 maps there are lots of things you can do - support, jungler, ADC, bruiser, AP carry and something in between 2. In GW2 there is only 1 mechanic - node capping, and while it does have some sort of a layer - bunker build, 1 shot 2 shot mechanic, condition builds, roamer. I just do not think it was enough to make the same Battle Grounds enjoyable over and over as LoL. Also Moba games usually take longer time than just 1 warfront.

In my opinion GW 2 Developers need to come out of their mom's basement, roll up their sleeves and be open about their vision of the game, balance, class roles. Develop more interesting profession / weapon choices. In LoL deveopers say this champion is a support, this one ADC, this one is Jungler, this one is bruiser. You know your class role and what it can fulfill while GW2 devs are silent. It is frustrating to play warrior sword and shield while you see other professions surpass you at evertying you do. You do not have a nitch on some professions, and some are straight more effient that you are. What is the point of offering variety of builds if there is a limit to what you can do profession wise (yes taking about warriors - 100blades or go home, Necro - conditionmancer or go home type of scenarios at high ranked play (usually!)). Give the life to builds make Necro axe spec have a specific role, or sword and board warrior, or a melee ranger have the roles that they can fulfill.

I would honestly make a shrine to GW2 if they can come up with more interesting gameplay / professions items in the future. 8 professions cannot simply satisfy our nerd craving theory crafting hunger. Come on with some weapons that transform your professions if creating a new profession feels like a huge time investement. Example: corrupted sword - will transform a Warrior into a Death Knight, Arcane Shield will transform elementalist into arcane melee warrior, dual dagger set will transform thief into assassin. and so forth.

Basically I think the plateform of gaming (no grind easy access) in GW2 is far superior of WoW model that has endless grind attached to it, but where GW2 failed is communication with their fans, balancing issues, and simply not enough content.

Ironically WoW had one of the most fun horizontally progression Battle ground maps - Alterac Valley where people would fight all the time, get the resources, summon avatars, assault bases and have some really long 40 minutes epic battles. People enjoyed it! But for some odd who knows whatever reason Blizzard let it die out with future expansions.

So what is the point of all this that I am typing -

In a hopes that WoW at some point also recognizes that they should tone down vertical progression in their game, its boring! Am I the only one annoyed by a constant gear grind even in PvP? Point capping?

WoW needs some structure again where people log in to have fun rather than progress their character. I have some ideas that I will post in the future blogs and twitt to their developers. Its funny but I did get a few responses from WoW Devs especially when I made a survey compared to GW2 where all I heard are crickets.

WoW needs to amp up their horizontal progression they need to make the game be fun instead of huge grind fest. And if people will seen entertainment in WoW over grind and WoW can provide it with horizontal progression then what we will see is a lot less people unsubbing in between patches and subscriber fluctuations.

Thank you for reading my long ass blog post about vertical vs horizontal progression games. And I will post some ideas in the future. Later!

  • Jan 16, 2014, 6:02:22 AM

That's the reason why WoW should create PvP realms, strictly for PvP insta max lv, max gear free or easy to obtain.

They would kill a few private servers at the same time as the easy to obtain gear is what appeals to a lot of people.

That's why I went back to 3.3.5 realm to do some PvP and I can't get enough of it :P

MMO AIDS are cool! DOT Classes Mechanics Blog!

Yo guise tis Reinhart... Your favorite Russian talking. And today we will be talking about Aids.. I mean dots. (not meaning to offend anyone but for some reason I always called DOTs - Aids)
This is going to be a blog about DOT classes and I love them so much, what are the advantages and disadvantages of DOT classes.

First I am going to say why I love DOT classes - Indirect damage - meaning the damage that is there but is simply unseen by your opponent. Dots have been notoriously known for being a very sneaky mechanics that grinds down the players and usually by the time they realize what is killing them it is already too late.

Personally I love the freedom that DOT classes provide. The freedom to do damage and focus on everything else out there.

Lets take a closer look at what DOT classes are good and bad at:


1) Higher awareness, freedom. Now I know a lot of people would argue here but personally I think I have a lot more awareness as Affi lock than as a demo or destro simply due to the ability of the DOT class to focus on control and positioning while the dots are ticking.

DOTs are sort of fire and forget mechanic not that a BIG fire and forget mechanic because DOTs have limited timer but once they are there on a target what else is there to do than to control, set up a kill, position yourself at your advantage?

2) Multi Target Pressure. Another reason why I love dots because in most MMOs DOTs have a very fast application and decent spread (talking about WoW Rift and SWTOR). Due to the possibility of multi DOTing DOT classes usually strive in the environment with limited healing due to their spread pressure

3) Dispell Protection - a lot of DOT classes in MMOs have dispell protection - due to the fact that DOT classes do not have any upfront burst it is essential for them to let their damage sink in. Thats why classes like Affi Lock, SPRiest, (Warlock RIFT) have really good dispell protection that combined with their own CCs or CCs from the other classes further secures your own team's dominance.

4) Synergy! DOT classes have an amazing synergy with either really high burst Damage Dealer like mages, or High sustain damage dealer like DKs, or semi hybrid SPriests. What essentially DOTs do is give an opportunity for your teammate to solo a healer or other DPS with just your plain DOT applications.

1) Lack Dispell protection - DOT classes that lack dispell protection usually find themselves running very limited comps and usually those are heavily combined with the classes that do provide dispell protection. EX Boomkins, Ele

2) Worse in Duels... DOTs are lower Damage. Notoriously known for DOT classes lacking the burst. So therefore if DOT class is fighting a burst class that a burst class has a straight up advantage in 1v1 fight. For example: Affi Lock vs Mages, or basically anything right now. DOT classes that have their primary focus on just DOTs usually ended up being weaker in 1v1 situations. This came from experience of multiple MMOs for me.

3) Healer outhealing?! Another biggest problem for DOTs is that they could be completely useless and they are havily dependent on enemy's healing capability. For example: if the burst in the game is too high than the burst healing should be really high as well. This in fact penalizes DOT classes due to the severe lack of burst and the heaving healing output from healers. In other words DOTs strive in the environment with limited healing or low coefficient healing and usually DOT classes are weak in the environment of high burst healing.

4) Lack of focus in PvP. DOT classes rely on DOTS........ No seriously! If the single target DPS is asking for a DOT class to focus his damage on his target - while it could potentiall bring a bit more pressure single target damage wise, DOT class will measly utilize like 20-30% of his class's potential. Nothing frustrates me more as SPRIEST, or AFFI Lock in RBGs is to call out targets because DOT Classes have to be spinning, corrupting, and basically spreading their aids across the entire enemy team.

DOT classes are amazing, they are very fun to play just simply because there is always a lot to do, having higher awareness and not being completely dependent on their globals to do damage is a great blessing in the PvP environment. Unfortunately lack of burst and the levels of enemy healing could prove that playing DOT class can be extremely frustrating.

Use them on your own risk :)

Da Russian is out!

Zee Desk Night comps and their viability for 5.2

Ok so lets get right into it. I have roughly about 20 minutes to make a blog about Death Knight comps and sort of rank them on their strength and then top glad count viability.

Soooooo lets get started:

Lets talk about our beloved mongo no skill required comps:

Dk R Healer
Death Knight Rogue Healer (preferably disc) Due the the amount of CCs possible on the healer, DK's burst I think this comp will easily make a major come back like season 9. Why disc priest? because they have a good amount of CCs, offensive dispell and yeah they do not die unless its UH DK whaling on them for a good amount of time with out peels.
Forst Better


I get the feeling that windwalkers could be a potentially great replacement for warriors due to basically having everything that warriors had in 5.1 plus gag order. Monks do not have I 1 shot mechanics not that I know off. I know mastery stacking monks can do wonders but I would still rank their burst lower than shadow dance or a Swifty's recklessnessNESS. So basically I think that this comp can do really well especially vs high burst teams that this upcoming season will be filled with. Anybody else like getting openered! RMP says "HI!". But this comp surprisingly will do very well vs RPS/RPD RMP Whatever Rrrrrr. Due to having AMZ + Ring of peace. Basically I think they both monk and DK can good care of each other and thats why I am having a good thoughts about this cleave (hpally pref.) Can work with both UH or Frost as this is more of a sustain damage dealing comp.


Hunters duuu DAMUUGE with their cute pets, MM hunters do not tickle anymore, they can actually molest now (they literally got license to molest by blizzard). So yeah hunter DK healer will work very well. Rogues might be a problem but with good hunter cycling his pets and sacs this should be fine. can work both UH or Frost.

Now here is the thing. With BM hunter this comp is a joke. I ran it, won vs multi rank 1 players KFC. This comp is literally easy as hell.

With MM hunter due to LOS possibility and DK having to enable hunter to do damage and more of a positioning complexity PHDk with MM is not that mongoloidy.


Wull. I mean warriors carried us in 5.1 now isn't it time to take care of them back?! Screw that they took our JOBS! On a serious note though I think that TSG should be fine it will have same burst but over all more sustain and warrior will be more squishy Among all Mongoloid cleaves I would rank this one the lowest to be honest. DK can be both Frost or UH

Now there are other comps possible like ebola and other crap but I just get the feeling those would be represented below these comps and I really do not feel like typing over .8% represented comps or some shit.

Now lets talk about comps that take SHkills to play:

For these comps I think UH DKs are going to be stronger mainly due to multi dot synergy and also execute.

UH Play Healer

SPriest UH DK + Healer prolly could be potentially strongest and the funny thing it will work really well with the Resto Druid this upcoming season. I think this comp is better a bit that UH DK Lock because SPriest's utility box still surpassing UA Lock's but never the less Lock can go Demoor do more damage so not 100% Sure.

Shadow Cleave
Will be a lot stronger due to the fact that it is getting 30 seconds stun and trust me thats a lot from DKs perpsective. Soul Reaper into Asphixiate anyone?! Can't wait. Locks losing some of their control but gaining some surviviability vc cleaves due to passive 10% damage reduction (we lost 3% armor mitigation I Know) and lock's blood horror which is actually really nice. So I would rank this is 2nd best comp

Zombie Chicken Cleave - with boomkin's getting some major awesome buffs (crickets........) Yes 2 extra seconds on Clone, Cenarion Ward a bit of a damage boost, you better believe they will do very well. I ran it with my friend to 2200 this season on KT with KFC infested battle group and my friend finally got his 2.2k achievement. Was awesome, fun comp lots of aids, surprisingly very easy to run. I think this comp can prove to be really strong.

Liberty Cleave - how is it named liberty cleave I have no idea, but I this is going to be the last one on my list I think that this comp overall will be relatively strong but DKs and Mages do not mix all that well together so I think this comp could be glad viable, definately 2.2k viable but it will be at disadvantage.

Ok so those were listed by the easiness to get 2200 and I sperated them between cleaves and actual cool ass comps. Now for glad viability will see I am not sure yet. I would take top 2-3 of each list and tell that those are definately glad viable comps.

  • Mar 27, 2013, 7:40:25 PM

Way to easy*. Stupid ipad...

Apologies to GW2 community. Guild Wars 2 PvP still sucks but its because of Bunker builds first and

OK i would like to apologize to the community. I spent about 25 hours playing it got in tournaments alone. and yeah not many thiefs out there who know what they are doing. killing them was actually relatively easy.
The problem is bunker builds. OMFG man i though phantasms were OP (which they are for a fire and forget mechanic). But boy the developers in PvP are completely clueless if they haven’t fixed bunker builds yet. How long was this in a game for? They seriously need to tone down condition cleansing for eles, guardians and engineers. This is absolutely absurd how much damage mitigation and condition removal those specs have while dishing out relatively good pressure.
This is embarassing for anybody who wants to say they play this game proudly. Like I said before (and good i was hard on a review) this game is not worth purchase for PvP content only.
MMR broken
Premades vs Pugs
Bunker builds
Some overtuned abilities (heartseeker, null void) need toning down.
No arenas,
Only node capping maps.
Poor excuse for MMO PvP even though the game has a far more potential to than WoW from PvP perspective. This is actually very very sad that developers did amazing job with this game. AMAZING. Combat feels 10x more fluid and live than WoW. Much more interesting game. Literally a skillfull play can make you 2-3x more durable.
I feel like developers put like 90% effort and its amazing, and the 10% left that needs work and they for some reason too stuborn to impalement it.
Whoever is working on balancing this game needs to get his head straight and actually do what he is getting paid for.
/ thread
/ game
PLEASE for the love of god Developers head our cries and work on a freaking PvP. Stop being lazy get our feedback. Trust me once you burn out whats left of your loyal fan base PvP will hit of no return point in this game.

  • Mar 7, 2013, 9:36:53 PM

Well I am a Guardian bunker and I've been ranking up as one and I'd like to say that they need to give bunkers more ranking points (glory) for being one since I get realy low RP.


Yes Bunkers are op on a 1vs1, become a little less at 2vs1 and after that its not, the pvp is designed to be with team work, so good teams know how to take down a bunker even 1vs1, BUT I've seen 3vs Ele..... ele's are OP (even after the new patch with the -50% healing power in water).

Engineers I find not that op maybe a few months ago they were but now i rarley see a op bunker engi.

and last Guardians: It depends, some become op because of skill, but I read that you went in tournaments alone so that changes alot of things, when you enter alone you will have around 20% team work (maybe even none) so taking down a bunker would be harder then it should be, (yes the solo que sucks realy bad, Premades vs Pugs and so on.) try makeing a good group play with TS/Skype/raidcall?/Ventrilo and see how it go's.


I agree with most of what you say here, they need to fix the PvP fast before more people leave it, its getting boring and after 1000+ games you feel like 'what am i getting from this', I mean its all the same, there needs to be something new you get from pvping.

Why I stopped having fun in GW 2... (PvP perspective)

I am working on a review video for it and right now I decided to also add another show to my youtube channel - PvP game reviews. Playing multiple games for over 12 years PvP exclusive content being in top 1%-3% of multiple games (from MOBA, Strategy games and MMOS) I think I can provide a decent reviews, entertainment and suggestions and balance fixes.

DISCLAIMER: I am not here to offend anybody here, and I understand that there are tons of fanboys that will higher an assassin to take me out... Well lets not go that far, but ALL I ASK from fanboys here is that to give my post a benefit of the doubt and try to understand that this is MY and most of my subscriber's opinions and most of us quit playing the game therefore we are giving reasons why we did.

Just getting started!
Please do not wave a fanboy exclusive patented "This Game just came out" flag right in front of my face because it won't simply work.

With new added battle grounds, warzones, warfronts whatever they called I cannot simply believe that developers did not have time to design a 4 walled structure for people to PvP. To be frank Arena "Room Design" is a lot simplier than battle ground design, the problem lies in not developers having not time to design Arena Room its because the meta system of the game is different.

99.999999% of the PvPers who were "hardcore" in GW1 and some new people who came into GW2 were expecting Arenas when it came for structured PvP, and instead we got shoved with battle grounds and node capping right into our throats and it tastes monotone!

The problem with Arenas not being introcuded right now are due some of the core class structural errors on top of the system "no holy trinity" system that back fired. Arenas are all about crowd control or focus fire, they are also about healing and healing prevention.

Not having a healer right now in GW2 will make Arena matches too fast and it will be basically best defensives cookie cutter builds vs best defensives cookie cutter builds. THAT IS THE MAIN PROBLEM. Imagine 3-5 people focus firing Necromancer (profession with decent tankiness but absolutely worst possible escapes) Necros will get plastered. Imagine 3-5 people focus firing Mesmer with 3-4 different vanish / stealths?!

Yeah - that is a problem of not having a healer in arena. Classes with most escapes and burst will prevail in the arena environment where classes even with amazing sustain damage, and condition control will be left behind.


I would strongly suggest Arena Net (GW2 Devs) to introduce the Arena mechanics and if they still feel strongly against healers then add NPC that heals people or introduce passive 6,000 healing per second (arbitrary number) in 5v5 match done to the entire team and the way that 6,000 will heal will be based on the lowest HP class getting most healing. (Example you have 4 people at 80% HP and 1 person at 20% then 4 people will receive 750 healing per second to top them off and 1 person at 20% will receive 3,000 healing per second (FYI 3,000 is decent but vs 5 people you will still die and do not forget about posion))

This way I feel like we can have fun in arenas, they will take decent amount of time, classes will be decently balanced due to their over all utility they bring rather than who has the best escapes / defensives / burst.

The problem here is yet again not developers being lazy to introduce duels, no. The problem here lies in class balancing and the lack off (will talk later in this blog.) Imagine mesmer with 3-4 stealths and phantasms dealing up to 5k damage with illusionary unload? Or thief with Cloak and Dagger + Back Stab the one who can crit up to 40% of your health bar and vanish up to 6 times in 1 match?!

Yeah good luck balancing here... The problem with introducing dueling in GW2 will also be admitting that the balance in the game is an absolute joke outside of objective playing for battle grounds / warzones.

The sad thing is that people are still dueling - they join the specific game / server with no people in it and start dueling. Unfortunately they do however have to deal with random people joining and playing warzones like they are supposed to (killing everything and capping nodes). Which makes it a pretty irritating experience for random people joining somebody's dueling game and people in a dueling game having interruptions.


You can't stop or force people to change their mind about dueling. If they want to they will find a way how. What you created is a poor joke of a dueling experience with tons of frustrations! If developers want to go that route of not introducing dueling in the game - fine, but they are missing out on a big aspect of PvP that MMOs have to offer. Rework class balance reintroduce it - yup thats all I got when it comes to suggestions about dueling.


For people that a new to MMOs, or PC gaming then battle grounds in GW 2 will look fun. For seasoned PvP veterans this is a joke... and a bad one...

When I quit this game the things that made people rage is just 1 simple mechanic - node capping (capping the objective points) with a slight variations with one having water combat (YUCK!). 2 more battle grounds came out - and what do we have - MORE node capping and a slight stench of water combat.

ENOUGH! It is boring. Essentially all we have is 3 node capping over and over and over and over and over again. The worst part of it is that you get to chance to play your favorite one once in a rotation of 5 and if you want to get into another one you have to leave your own warzone / battle ground and join a new one.

PLEASE for the love of twitch, youtube, google and anything else that is holy in PvP come up with some other designs for battle grounds. 5 maps of the absolutely the same game mechanic is over done. (FYI the most fune is prolly frost of niftell or w.e its called beause at least there is much easier to find and engage in team fights.)


This is going to be a GHOOD ONE.

First of all lets talk about something that does not make any sense:

You can not see damage, healing and other raw numbers that is actually HUGE when it comes to player growth. How do I know that I am doing something right?! Engaging the right fights or have decent positioning if I cannot see my progression with damage?! How do I know my rotation is right if I du not see damage?!

Why there are no damage score board?! Because Dev's afraid that people will look at score boards and finally realize that there is a HUGE imbalance in a game?!

Reward system promotes a lot of objectives and this is where the developer wants us to focus sure. But its BORING! Can we have some awesome rewards for killing people as well?!

I seriously feel like a 3 year old child and have developers shoving me porridge filled with their perception of the class balance that also stinks badly (not everyone likes porridge filled with capturing nodes balance.) I feel like this game is getting balanced around NODES captures and to me this is by far the worst possible way of balancing the game. People give crap to Blizzard for balancing around 3v3 in arena. Imagine balancing around objectives?! LUDICROUS!

Not to class balnce itself:

I completely disagree with the class balance in the game. I get the feeling that Devs balance the game around maps and node capping and if you look at it like that it is in fact looks decent. But the meta class balance, the balance of specs, traits, skills the 1v1 and team fight balance it is pretty horrible.

**Lets get started:*

Random Ques are getting ruined by 2 professions
Random battle grounds (place where you can start learning PvP is filled with Thiefs and Mesmers. Why? Because they are kings of 1 v 1 combat with multiple escapes amazing burst or pet damage. I would rather face pre nerfed retaliation guardian than face a mesmer with 4 different vanishes.

Somehow developers forgot 1 tinsy tinesey thing - having multiple stealth mechanics is not fun for the other party facing the thief or mesmer. As a thief I literally can do 3 cloak and dagger / back stabs with 18k damage total before the enemy will have a chance to react or counter me. (lets not forget other utilities escapes as well)

Random Ques get filled by 80% thiefs sometime and it is AGGRAVATING (notice caps here, yes they are here for a reason) to watch 3 thiefs simultaneously heart seeker your ass. The PvP meta system of the game is an absolute joke.

The fact that thiefs can be very effective with absolutely not much of a time investment or thought completely ruins random battle grounds experience.

Now the biggest rebuttle i heard from people - well in the tournaments its way more balanced. The problem I have is - new players who do not want to get into trounaments and would like to practice their profession will have to deal with countless thiefs and mesmers and by the time they think they are ready for tournaments they would want to throw this game out of the window.

And this leads me into another thing - Professions balance:


It sticks, its crap, its aggrivating....

Individual skills - I have yet to find more of an imbalanced MMO when it comes to individual skills. "Mesmer's null void - clears booms from enemies, conditions from allies lasts 7 seconds) 45 seconds CD. Can somebody in a right mind tell me why this skill is not a 3 minutes cooldown and is not on elite spot?!
Why do phantasms that unload 4-5k damage are on 16 seconds CD?
Lets take heart seeker - its a damage, gap closer and execute 3 mechanics rolled into 1 with extremely low initiative cost and no cooldown.
Literally some classes have abilities that makes you wonder how is this still in a game after 5 months of the release?!

Not in any MMO ever I seen so many discrepancies when it comes to strength of skills. Some classes literally have 2-4 different mechanics pooled into 1 skill. Arena Net this is a bad joke...


Lets start with thiefs - easy to play, tons of damage, tons of escapes. Class is squishy? yes it is absolutely! Class has a lot of survivabilities - YES. How is this possible - lots of escape mechanics that makes the game not fun for other party.

Thiefs do too much damage, easy to play with 1-2 button spamming - your justification they are "squishy" fine increase their armor/ hp and nerf their damage + escapes.

Mesmers - anybody else seeing that this is absolutely wrong for a mage class to have one of the best heals in a game on top of illusions?! Anybody else things that the class with multiple abilities to spam illusions should not have 3-5 options for stealth?! Just me?!

The problem here is 1 very simple my friends - NO healers. any damage counts and for mesmer's illusions on 16/24 sec CD this is a freaking heaven. First time I played mesmer I was able to kill 2 people in a 1v3 set up by just running around. I seriously scored in top 3 places for points by just sititng in a middle and let my pets do all the work for me. Pets do too much damage in this game. Add some utilities to them and nerf their damage to where it is decent but not overpowered. NO WAY IN HELL should be a 1v1 fight where top damage done to you was from pet's abilities.


it is seriously "down" state. Boring, annoying, and absolutely unbalanced part of the game to an absolute monstrous levels of nerd raging. Example: Mesmer dies - his pets remain, he can port, he can put dieing illusions while his pets are doing damage (15-25% of your HP every 5 seconds!). Necromancer has umm 1 second fear... poison... life drain for 200?! Please tell me that you do not thing that the down state mechanics is an absolute joke.

REWORK your classes/ skills. Make it not possible to stack stealth skills, make it not possible to stack a lot of passive damage via pets (mesmers, rangers to some extend MM necros) Give pets more utilities!
Rework individual skills. Skills like Null Void do not belong in this game as it is a hardcounter to any condition class in a game fighting vs mesmer's team. Make classes more balance around the combat not around who can get caps better.

PvP in Guild Wars 2 is disappointing due to unbalanced skills, class stacking, stealth stacking 1 boring ass mechanic and thats it!

It is by far the worst experience I had behind lineage 2. I would seriously play 100$ if they rework guild wars 1 put a bit more effort into it and improve graphics than play guild wars 2.
This is one of those sad things where the expansion / build up that not only did not deliver what it promised but also disappointed hardcore fans.**

My personal review rating is 4/10 with 4 scored mostly around amazing PvP area and PvP gear designs, and the way PvP is made with no grinding

  • Mar 7, 2013, 2:39:17 AM

1v1 class balance in Guild Wars 2 is an absolute impossibility, which I imagine is why dueling itself is not implemented. There are just so many different ways to customize your character and playstyle that people complaining about "My Mesmer can't beat a Warrior!" really mean "my very specific build and gear set up cannot counter that warrior's very specific build and gear set up". Due to just how many options each player has at their disposal, expecting a balanced 1v1 experience is unrealistic.


Secondly, putting a damage meter on the scoreboard offers nothing to the PvP experience in Guild Wars 2, because damage is not the number one focus of combat. Due to the fact that no one is a dedicated damage dealer, no one is a dedicated tank, etc etc, the number of "amount of damage put out during this game" is arbitrary and means little to the overall match. Besides, players would use it as a way to judge other players on how well they're doing, when the Engineer they're calling out is built specifically to help control a target so others more damage-focused can kill them easier.



The Meta system of MMOs is too easy to see it

The Meta system of the game is too easy that people do not see it.

I get a lot of questions and the most hated question i have right now is "what is your rotation?" I usually like to say X CB X CB A X Z (brutality combo for sega 16 bit one of the Ultimate Mortal Kombat Characters)

People are SOOOOooo (emphasis on Oooo) worried when they are playing PvP setting in MMO that they are doing something wrong that it actually stops them from being creative with their playstyle, and of course the side effect of that thinking becomes - "I do not want to be seen like a noob therefore I will copy what other guy does". It is still buffles that instead of thinking for themselves and exploring the limits of their class gamers would rather just copy somebody else's playstyle and play according to what they think is right. End of Cata i went full mastery as UH DK and haven't looked back since even for arenas I was laughed at by many top players until they lost their precious R1 / Glad titles during last week of pushing. (nothing is more fun that seeing a Gladiator crying like a little baby when you snipe them with your 3s team that is at 2k MMR :)

Anyway this is the topic of the next blog that I will name "Do not kill your own creativity." This is however the post that is going to be an abstract shiet that some people will call lame / common sense and others will think its genius whether its one of the other I will let you decide. I will tell you 1 thing though that this post might help you with prioritizing your offensive / defensive capability.

So you there who is reading my blog right now - tell me what is world of warcraft PvP consists off? Close your eyes and think of WoW PvP and images that it will bring (for real close your eyes, no seriously close them now). And here is what pops into your mind well not sure about yours but here what comes to my mind - damage, burst, dots healing, defensive cooldowns, CC, stuns, different CCs focus CCs, stealth and all that jazz. Yeah my comrade that shiet makes sense and WoW PvP does have all that well and all other MMOs too. (did you get random images of frost nova when I asked you about PvP if you did replay with 1 in the comments)

Umm yeah well those are layers. This is where it is going to get goodly wierd ass hell so lets get at it. Ok here are the layers of PvP or levels if that will make sense but I like to think of it as layers well being a medical student i like to picture something like bone, muscle skill (no those are not all layers but those are known).
So the layers are the following:
CC / Anti CC
Damage / Healing
HEALTH (no, here is no mana only health, and yeah mana is another resource but lets put it in damage / healing I will explain later)

So why all the layers? because shit is confusing until you actually look closely and see that EVERYTHING depends on 1 little thing called HP bar. Why people bitch about burst damage - HP Bar goes down quickly, why people bitch about lack or too much healing - HP bar goes up quickly / slowly. Think about it - from the moment you started playing any video games what is the most important thing there - HP motha fooking bar (sorry for cursing just kinda in a mood a bit). Why HP bar then? well because it relates to the most importante thing in life is the life itself. Death is something people are scared of and it is something that is a normal thing in our daily lives, and it is the most driving force in our civilization. Living is winning dieing is losing - you want to argue - talk to the people who were in wars. So what is the core thing of any mmo - life itself. you live in Arena you win man, you die - you lose (well unless you fighting a potato that does not know how to stop a res).

Why am I saying all these nonsense? Well its not really a nonsense.
Everything in MMO is based around getting that HP to 0 or staying at 100%. Damage is the most important for your damage dealer, healing is the most important for your healer. Surviving is the most important thing in general.

When I just started playing WoW arena I told my first arena partner that I figured out Arena I said that everything in arena is ALL about Damage and healing. I told him that no matter what there is: focus shmocus, stun shmun, and all other crap - everything is about damage and healing. Well he kinda
looked at me like I am retarded and started argueing about how some classes can pad meters and still lose, and I said I was talking about effective damage that kills people. Anyway he was higher rated than me so he pretty much shrugged everything I told him and told me I am an idiot (indirectly of course). 2 seasons later the guy kept insisting that I should play with him and that he is a good player and he improved since we last played. (oh the motha fuking irony at its best)

This is where it gets interesting... I PROMISE!

Damage and healing is the most important wait a sec let me put it in caps IMPORTANT thing in PvP because they are the ones that get that HP to 0 or 100%.
It is virtually a scale (and no not a total scale although pattern does follow it 80% of the time) I am talking about doing more damage / healing wins matches.
But picture scale ب|ب on one end put healing on another put damage - what you get? you are dueling a healer :D what happens when daamage exceeds healing - DPS wins a duel, what happens when healing exceeds damage - healer calls DPS terrible and /laughs at him in between the times he needs to heal.
Lets create a dialog because i think they are fun to read! Lets make it between confused Troll(T) who does not know a game but still likes to argue and call people bad and Reinhart(R)

T: But wait Reinhart da wierd ass blogger what about stuns, silences that DPS can use to kill a healer are you forgetting about those? see it is not only about damage and healing!

R: Not really. It is still there.

T: So you are saying that stuns are the portion of damage / healing model

R: Not a portion, part.

T: What about defensives cooldowns like AMS, Bubble, Iceblock don't tell me that they are all portion of your damage / healing model?!

R: They are in there. In fact those are also parts of model about damage / healing. In fact man everything is about damage / healing because those have direct influence on HP bar.

T: Shields and Necrotics also?

R: Yup those are also part of healing / damage

T: Dude you fucking suck, you type random shiet possible and think your subscribers will understand you. Go learn english. (angry troll leaves)

R: (turns back to his audience and speaks)

Ok here. picture following scale this time I want you to put 3 different same and healing mechanics on 1 scale and put the same on others. What do we get - 3v3! Everything in 3v3, everything in WoW PvP is about damage and healing - why? because they are the main effectors of HP bar! You are playing 3v3 match lets make it 2 DPS 1 healer both teams. Tell me why do you pop defensive cooldown? so that you will take less damage and for a few seconds your healer can catch up on healing.
Why do you switch to a healer - so that melee can have easier time preventing heals because healer has to kite and juke or he will get interrupted. Why is it bad to get interrupted? - because your healing will decrease and healing will be on a lesser scale than damage.
Why do you stun? so that the enemy team will do less damage, or so that enemy player cannot prevent you from doing damage, or so that enemy player cannot reduce you damage on him via defensive cooldowns.
Why do you CC? to lower healing, damage, or to prevent enemy from preventing you from damage...
Why peopel dispell stuff? So you could do more damage

Everything is about scale between healing and damage. There is such a thing called healing threshold and if you are above that even only by 5% you will notice the entire enemy team will act funny / differently and scared.

But do not be fooled because there is a different between effective damage and padding damage. Frost DKs spamming howling blast is a laughable case in 3v3. Frost DKs using necrotics is deadly.

Using death rune to put 30-40k necrotics is awesome, using death rune to cast icy touch that can dispell icy veins is way more rewarding, using death rune to cast icy touch for barrier is more effective.

But why? SO THAT YOUR team scale side will be in a better shape. There is such a thing as effective damage and healing. And the reason people hate stuns, CCs, because they are preventing you from doing the job that you fell in love with - healing / damage. So this is the core thing about you in PvP. EFFECTIVE DAMAGE! You can play some sneaky comp that controls a lot and uses that fine tool to burst the target down from 100% to 0%, or you can be a BIG BOY comp that spreads a lot of pressure and makes the enemy team fall behind on healing.

Wether through extensive CC, or too much damage you are a DPS need to find a way to pass the threshold of healing in order to score a kill. Guess what - when healer is CCed you are passing the enemy's team healing threshold.

This is where it gets interesting. I know a decent DK he got to 2100 this season in 3v3. We dueled and I lost like 2 out of 7 duels. Surprisingly he was an incredible dueler. So anyway that DK told me how amazing he is he was 2600 rated and right now he is having hard time getting 2.2 because his teammates are always bad and blah blah and shit like that. So anyway the guy bragged he is soo amazing at DK utilities - much better than me that he always chains of ice the melee, always tries to steal with good dark simulacrums, he always kites when physical DPS is on him and he told me that basically he could push higher ratings than me. I got pissed off and stopped talking to him because the last thing I need is another PvP diva who thinks everyone has to play perfectly.

Later that day we faced each other in arena. And boy was that DK good. He was chaining me all the time, me and my warrior. He would peel, couple times he would position himself closer to healer and actually got one focus mind freeze off he probably had the best stance switch i have seen. As soon as we would switch to him he would go blood and start kiting, then he would go back UH if we were not on him and start peeling. What can I say the guy did some amazing shit in a 3v3 match (it was TSG vs TSG mirror and it was both UH DKs). So he reminded me of a NINJA MASTER KUNFU KARATE KEMPO BOXING TAEK WON DO master who shows all his amazing moves infront of the guy who had a gun.I just gripped into Asphixiate then DR Shock Wave then war bringer their healer 2 times and we killed him.
At the end of the match I did about 40% more damage and 30% more Necrotics. The guy got pissed off raged at his team and /ignored me when I said he was doing it wrong. 1 thing I found out in this life is that its extremely hard to convince a stupid person that he is stupid.

Here is the funny thing - being pretty in arena and doing something cute is always fun and admiring as long as it does not hurt your primary role - DAMAGE. By kiting a lot, chain of icing a lot focus freezing the other DK though he was amazing when in reality all he was doing is trying to persuade himself that he is one of the best DKs and everyone suck while in reality he missed the important role of his DK - Damage.

With that said here is your priority, he is your mother fuking rotation - You need to exceed your enemies healing per second in order to win. All your UH rotation is based on that - weather its scourge striking a mage to make soul reaper proc, weather its using death rune to dispell BOP, weather its gripping a healer's heal and pestilancing instead of wasting grip as a gap closer.

Everything is based around doing more damage than healing, doing more healing than damage, preventing damage, preventing healing. What you need to understand is that there is not right or wrong answer there is your role and you need to fulfill it to your best ability. Sometimes as affi lock its better to cast more fears than dots, sometimes its better to cast more dots than fears whatever will be the best, but the decision should come from what is the best skill usage for the best outcome. Example: Affi lock fighting vs BIG ASS DOT Cleave - there is no way in hell you can outdamage your opponent if its a good dot cleave - so what do you do you focus more on single target damage - assist your partner with dots and then fear the DPS a lot to lower their damage and not allow them to set up an amazing spread pressure. Or Affi lock vs for example Warrior, Hunter, RShaman. Guess what - this is as bad as it gets vs this team in terms of fears, hunter has 1 min extra trinket, warrior has berserker rage, shaman has tremor. The effective uptime of your fears is really low especially if you are getting trained. So what now? are you going to focus on trying to fear that comp the most, or your spread pressure to force the enemy team play more defensive and let you get a few casts off.

Thats why in PvP not all black and white, there is no define answer to rotation, or CC priority, or other shit like that. Rule of average - use your abilities to the best of your knowledge that would provide the greatest outcome possible. This is where offensive AMS or lich borne comes in place, everything is based on judgement, and everything is based on having your team damage exceed the enemy's team healing.

(What about double healer) Think again you are still basing yourself vs the enemy's healer and its ither you trying to oom him or kill him regardless it is still priortity for you to fulfill your role to the fullest.

I hope this wierd ass post helps a bit. I will make a VLOG about this as well.

  • Feb 28, 2013, 5:37:54 AM

1, also this is a great post. I think I've been playing too rigid myself, should branch out... As a Fire Mage, there's much more I could do with Alter Time. Looking forward to the next blog man.

The definition of UH DK - What hybrid actually mean?

First of all read everything, I am not making any short cuts for anybody here because this nerdgasmic post will be similar to mathematics where its hard to understand last paragraphs with out reading first. Also this blog will be posted as a video very soon. The only thing I ask for is do not make any videos about any information that will be typed here in the instructional blog BEFORE I release this video myself or I will rant, HARDLY!

Ok lets get started with UH DKs. This the core problem for most people that failed at UH. I was doing 2s at roughly 1900 MMR (was fighting multi glad warrior / paladin as a DK HPally) and I was on a skype call with one of DKs who decided to purchase some of the lessons to increase his gameplay. I was streaming everything privately. I asked him of course if he would mind if I would make a blog about what we were talking about here and he said he would not mind at all. So lets get started.

His main concern was how will he win against warriors in 2v2, 3v3, or duels.

The first question I asked him and I am going to ask you is: What is Unholy? When you picture Unholy Death Knight how do you picture that spec, gameplay / play style, your role?

The guy was stunned because he expected me to show him a hidden road with a forbidden UH DK knowledge :) and the first thing I asked him was just the basic question What is UH DK?

So he answered pretty accurately: Death Knight spec that spreads diseases, builds necrotics, commands pet, and does mediocre damage with spells (death coil).

It is a great question and answer. Try to ask / answer this yourself. For people who followed my channel you guys usually know I love simplicity. Things are meant simple, the moment human being starts putting their corrupt things into simplicity we have politics and other crap arise. ADD ftw lets go back to the topic. The question and answer in fact is something that can help 95% of UH DKs out there.

Before I give it to the depth of the question / answer thing here is the last meta game change for UH DKs. First of all I will tell you that I absolutely LOVE my UH DK right now way more than Cata and the funniest thing even though they are "considered" in the worse shape compared to the other UH DKs. So lets talk here: Cata UH DK - Spam Necros, Spam Necros, Spam Necros let the other DPS assist you with killing your target. MOP UH DK has a bit different meta game here he has to correctly build necros, multi DOT and also have indirect finisher. Because UH finally got its cool AOE DOT Pressure toys baseline compared to last season where UH Pretty much had either go for utility/ single target damage or go AOE DOT Spec. Also in comparison UH's Pet has comparative damage reduced but our baseline DOT damage have been increased. This is why a lot of UH DKs fail right not since they went from fulfilling 1 main role - stacking necros to trying to fulfil multiple roles at the same.

Now to the answer:
So he answered pretty accurately: Death Knight spec that spreads diseases, builds necrotics, commands pet, and does mediocre damage with spells (death coil).

Next question I asked him: Does UH DK exceeds in any of the things you listed here?

The question kinda stumbled him and he kinda mumbled something I could not fully understand. So I had to ask him something more specific:

Is UH DK as good in melee as warrior? Is UH DK is as good DOT Class as a UA Warlock? is UH DK's pet as strong as BM Hunter's pet? Does UH have the best finisher?

The obvious answer was - NO! we are a hybrid class.

There is sort of an invisible level, a line to how good we can perform and thats line is PvE. The reason why UH DK does not do as much melee damage as a warrior because if he would than in PvE he would also have extra pet, disease, and spell damage that would put him far ahead warrior on DPS. So lets say the range of DPS blizzard is looking for right now is 110-120k DPS so in order to balance it out for UH we have a lot of indirect and a lot of small number damage going around which infact put together could be just as effective as warrior if played right.

This is where everything comes in together:
If you are weaker than warrior in Melee then why are you trying to melee him all the time? If you are weaker than a caster at damage then why are you trying to kite as much? ETC...

The problem with a lot of UH DK players is that you ARE NOT a warrior, you are not a caster, or a DOT class, you are not 100% fully pledge pet class, you are all of them combined and in fact you have to know all of those roles in order to be an effective UH DK.

People call me pussy all the time when I kite rogues or warriors in 1v1 on my UH DK but the fact is till there - If I could win in melee vs warrior or a rogue what would be a point of me kiting?

The problem why UH DKs can't compete with warriors in 1v1, 2v2,3v3 is because of 2 things 1 - they play like warrior, or they are a former Frost DK who has pretty much 1 role again - tunnel as much damage in melee as you can with occasional HBs at ranged and they go from a spec that takes 1-2 roles top to a spec that has 3-5 roles built in it. 2 - lack of skill. . .

When you are playing your UH DK treat him like UA lock, Like hunter, like warrior, like caster he has a lot of different things going for him and he does not excell at 1 particular thing. If you are not in melee with warrior - warrior loses 99% of his damage, you however lose 1 of your roles (granted its your primary). When I am fighting warriors, rogues I kite constantly with my diseases up and the window between runes.

Runes are another thing that is basically a primary glue to all of those roles for UH DK. Runes do melee damage / pressure and apply dots from which they generate runic power and enabling you to become a caster DPS with elements of beast master hunter (garg + engraged pet HUUUURT!!!). Here is the thing - we do not have most amazing rune management systen - essentially we will run out of runes and nothing you can do about it. So in those times what you need to do is to kite the warrior even in arena, if you have way too much runes available and you and your partner trying to get to mage but you cant - then switch and burn the crap out of those runes! Thats the UH Play style thats the hybrid everyone is talking about and thats where I will do a lot more videos showing you how those multiple play styles incorporate together.

FYI trust me state of the art UH DK rune management video is also coming!

  • Feb 21, 2013, 8:29:15 PM

Hello Reinhart! I'm adam and I am following your dk videos for months...the main problem is that i'm playing on 3.3.5 uh and I can't find a good guide/macro/keybind video.Can you help me in this if you have some time? my email address is : i hope you will write! thanks :)

Guide: How to be a good youtuber?

(for those lazy assholes out there read the **BOLD **parts if you do not have time to read the whole post)
Hey there guys a lot of people asked me to help them with their youtube channel and how they can become a better youtubers. Granted I am not the most successful youtuber out there, and I still think of myself as a relatively small youtuber, but nevertheless I still have a feeling that I can contribute a lot to the community regarding youtube and how to be good at what you do.

First of all look at my stats:

Compared to most youtubers even 2x my subscriber size I get more views a day than them, and I would like to give credit about that to my audience for staying loyal and keep on watching my videos. In this guide I will walk you guys through on how to gain audience and how to keep them interested!

I will be talking about Content today. Next week I am thinking of making Blog about youtube operations

Now I will be giving you my tips. There are a few things I could be doing myself to attract audience for wrong reasons: like putting half naked ass and then playing wow game like a retard, but I do not believe in deceiving people with thumbnails just so I could get more traffic. I could also be doing some retarded troll things also but as I always said to my followers. I want them to think "Reinhart just made a new video! I wonder whats it about!" instead of "Oh another troll video with boring and weird humor." (yes I know my rants are .... cute? eh nvm they are weird and boring!)

I am thinking of doing some cool things with league of legends but I need to find a few youtubers to collab with. If you are interested msg me here on anook.

Back to content:
First of all you need to figure out the direction of your channel. When I started I wanted to make a great instructional channel where people would come to watch to get better at their game, and also provide them with some entertainment. The way I look at it for youtube its Entertainment > Gameplay > random ass vids.

When you will be making your channel or you already have your channel up try to figure out what exactly would you want to do with your channel. Find its direction and find a way to portray this to your audience. Problem with doing same videos about your gameplay is that its very monotone. People ask me to rate their arena videos, and their channel but if all I see is arena, after arena, after arena after arena ... people will get bored. If your video is not any different from the previous one what is the reason for your subscribers to come back and watch it?

This is what I noticed - most of successful youtubers have 2-3 different themes going in their videos. Try to find the way for yourself.

Are you high rated? Yes - help people get there. (I got 7 people gladiators from watching my videos and I do not think any WoW player can take pride in this) Teach people, walk them through your gameplay and what you will get in return is loyal audience.

Are you high Rated? No - no problem. There are lots of youtubers that are very successful and not high rated. What you will need to do in return then is think of how you can engage your audience. Make a series - road to 2200, and suprisingly enough people will try to help you. They will also give you lots of props of getting there all on your own. Find the ways to entertain your audience.

**DO NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR RATINGS! **The thing I see is some youtubers do false advertising about their ratings yet they cannot even break 2.2k and get their T2. Nothing makes me laugh more when a "gladiator" youtuber shows you 1500 MMR footage.

Be honest and truthful to your audience and they will repay you back by being loyal and supportive.

**Show people your personality! ** If you followed my channel you know sometimes I usually go HAM on something I do not like about gaming industry. I either rant about the game or some person doing something shady (weather they are too big or too small it does not matter). I also love DOT mechanics and I call them AIDS, I think its kinda funny. I am an innovator of AIDS in gaming! But if you look into this - those are direct reflection of my personality in my channel. When people come to my channel and they click on video they expect "Yo guise" and "Dosvidaniya". They expect me to not fluff crap up, roll up my sleeves and tell them like it is. What I like, what I do not like, how I play, what I do. They know my play style and they take a small portion of it and keep it with them.

Do the same thing! Now I am not telling you to declare war on every youtuber out there, but find the way for people to get to know your personality. Have you ever heard of being too nice, bland and boring won't get you anywhere with ladies? Well the same thing applies here! If you do not have a personality to portray to your audience what is the reason for them to come back and watch the videos. **DO NOT BE A DULL, NICE PERSON **who makes same videos all the time. Work it babe! Get your personality going and its better to start now than later.

**DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF TO BE FUNNY AND SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT. ** This is also big one. I see a lot of people in their early twenties, late teens talk about how ganksta they are and how they get lots of "chicks" just to make some of naive younger audience view them in a different way from what they are. Yet when they finally upload their webcam VLOG, they have posters of star wars and batman in their apartment that they share with their roommates - mom, and dad, they look like a scare crow from wizard of ox, and the only chicks they probably got are chickens at their grandpa / grandma farm.

Be truthful and work hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect, and its better to have your subscribers respect you for what you are rather than have a bunch of randoms viewing you for what you aren't. I am only a human being and I am trying my best to get better. I got fatter due to bad diet, and excessive partying and now I am working on getting my ass back on tredmill. Be honest once you get what you want in your life people will respect you and look up to you.

Now I know this is mostly abstract post and something my audience is not used to viewing from me due to how analytical I usually make my posts, nevertheless I think this is something I wanted to share with you guys.

I hope this helps to all smaller youtubers out there.

  • Jan 7, 2013, 4:52:43 AM

anytime Hansol. Enjoy your content a lot

  • Jan 9, 2013, 7:51:19 AM

Thats a great guide, thanks for that man, inspired by you and hansol i opend a chanel and having huge fun with it, i am looking for ppl to co work with to increse both of us viwes, also if you have any idea as to why i cant link my chanel in anook?

  • Jan 17, 2013, 6:17:35 PM

LF another blog post Reinhart! I know you're a busy busy man. But i really enjoyed reading this.

UH Death Knight Offensive Stat Priority (WOW NEW FINDINGS ZOMG) 5.1 Patch Strength > PvP power

Here we will be discussing a few different offensive stat priority. First of all where do they apply? Primary stat priority will be str vs pvp power and secondary will be hit and expertise till cap and then mastery vs haste vs critical.
This blog will be PvP power vs Strength for UH DK gemming:
Lets get started with some nerdy ass calculations of Strength vs PvP power what is good to gem?

Str vs PvP power:
(quick verdict Str wins for now! but PvP power might surpass it)

I will be using only death coil damage formula as example but believe me I tested diseases necros and surprisingly strength came out on top. I will show here 2 different damage simulations with and without fallen crusader.

So first of all lets see at the accurate strength / attack power levels that we get from gems:
160 strength gem gives total strength off
(160+1600.05) *1.15 (strength plus strength bonus of plate specialization all this times UH Spec +15% strength) = (160+8)1.15=1681.15 = 193.2 ~ 193 attack power or 386 attack power
Thats not all!
Plus Horne of Winter 10% AP boos:
1.1 = 424.6 ~425 attack power

Thats with out fallen crusader.
With fallen crusader we have following:
193*1.15~223 str or 446 attack power
With Horne of Winter we approximately have
491 Attack power

Now lets look at PvP power:
320 Gem gives around 1.20751% increase in damage dealt to players

I will take my DK as an example here and mirror his stats. Keep in mind that we need to include some factors in calculations. Difference between 2 stats becomes smaller the more resilience target has, PvP power is expected to surpass strength at higher strength levels. Weapon scaling strikes usually work better with PvP power but UH does not have a lot of weapon scaling to go around it is usually an indirect magical damage and necros that gets us the kills. Lastly my DK is really well geared armory here:…
And he has a lot better gear than average DK PvPers.
Here is my DK Stats in order to calculate Death Coil Multiplier:
15044 Strength or 30088 AP with horn its 33096
12829 PvP power or 48.41%
42.42% Mastery

Let the nerd ARISE!
Death Coil Damage formula:
(1133 + 0.514AP1)1.(mastery%)
in my case its:
After that 25,841 will be multiplied by PvP power and multiplied by (100%- PvP resil%)/100. I will take 65% resilience as average what would you expect from players at 2200+ rating in Arena.

(258411.4841)0.35~13423 damage done to player

Thats with out fallen crusader or any procs or trinkets.

Now lets say I decided to convert 1 resilience gem into Either Str or PvP power and I am not sure which one is the best?
With extra 160 Strength Gem we have:
33482 AP and DC damage is following:
(1133+0.51433482)1.4242 ~26124
Damage to players:
With extra 320 PvP power I have following:
(258411.4962)0.35= 13532

Raw Damage Difference:

160 Strength increased my Damage done to player with 65% resilience, no procs or FS by 1.0115%
320 PvP power increased my Damage done to player with 65% resilience, no procs or FS by 1.0081%
Or strength gem gives your roughly 1.0033% more damage than 320 PvP power
Thats only for 1 Single Gem! After regemming 640 PvP power to 320 strength I noticed roughly 3% damage increase on diseases and necros and all damage will be varied based on the damage formulas.
Being a HUUUUGE nerd I will post calculations for Str vs PvP power with fallen crusader up:

(1133+380610.514)1.4242 = 29476 DC Dmg
(294761.4841)0.35 = 15311 DC Dmg to players
With Str Gem:
29834 total dmg or
15497 DC dmg to players

With PvP Power Gem:
15436 DC dmg to players

Raw Damage difference is:

Str comes on top here by 1.004

Which means Strength becomes better than PvP power if you get fallen crusader procs.

Now also keep in mind that its only DC but there is also Necrotics which scale way better with STR compared to PvP power and the rest is our damage.

Now I will say that I am expecting PvP power to surpass strength later in the expansion when our gear gets proportionally better, and % of the damage increase will overcome raw damage increase modified by attack power.

For now this season as it stands Strength > PvP power for gemming those extra sockets.

  • Jan 3, 2013, 6:26:03 PM

Viruz right now I am not 100% sure what stats better. I have seen some UH DKs who got to 2200 going traditional Haste as primary stat. I got up to 2350 as Mastery + Crit.

  • Jan 3, 2013, 7:40:56 PM

Ye .. I guess at the end of the day its about how skilled u are :)

  • Jan 3, 2013, 10:04:20 PM

skill will always trump gear....within reason of course

UH DK changes NERDGASMIC Analyzations
  • Unholy
  • Reaping now also applies to Icy Touch.
  • Summon Gargoyle no longer costs Runic Power.
  • Gargoyle Strike now deals Shadow and Nature damage (was Nature only).
  • Ebon Plaguebringer now causes Plague Strike to inflict Frost Fever, in addition to its other effects.

Ok nerds and nerdlets lets jump into awesome nerd analyzing that we all love. Theory crafting time!

*** Reaping now also applies to Icy Touch
(short verdict for people who do not want to read - great)
I like this change for a few reasons.**

First of all UH never had single frost rune conversion skill and now we have it. It will be amazing! There were so many times where we would just sit on frost runes and just use them for chains of ice runic power gain rather than converting it to death to apply a few Necros. UH's priority is shoving necros up the target's throat until it chokes from it and this chain is great in that regards.

This change as many of you figured out further puts a HUGE important on offensive dispelling via icy touch glyph. I definately think it will be a time for us to take out our big icy touch glyphs and make those pesky mages, resto shamans, priests cry. I am still not a big fan of dispelling hots from druid if druid has lots of life bloom stacks but if the druid is trying to multi hot dispelling rejuves will definately help us with out pressure.

Couple things: Death Advance is further going down the path of being useless because we will need chill bains for icy touch to be viable. Opening rotation could be icy touch plague strike festering + blood boil and vualya we will et all our death runes rolling. This change will truly help us with our necro stacking quite a bit. Of course the value of death advance further dimishes with that.

Thing that needs testing:
You know in my pressure master video for RBGs as UH DK you can blood boil a death rune that is sitting on frost's rune space and the death rune will just keep rolling into death rune once again. Sort of refreshing your death rune on frost's rune spot via blood boil. Question is if we icy touch death rune that is on the blood rune, will the death rune remain and refresh itself or will icy touch simply use death rune and convert it back to blood rune?
Fingers crossed I hope it works just as blood boil for frost as icy touch will work for blood rune's spot. What that will mean? It will mean we can simply use our death runes to refresh death runes, clean the target from all shields and hots and then hit it really hard with necros. By the time healer reapplies shields and hots back the target will be suffocating with necros and our diseases.

*** Summon Gargoyle no longer costs Runic Power.**

Quality of life change rather than a buff. About time I would say because we literally had to sacrifice almost 2 coils + 4 blood tap charges to put our garg. Also garg costing RP put a huge damp in our own follow up damage because of RP cost thus making counter pressure from UH DK a very hard thing to pull off. Change is great and we can easily force the team to get off our teammates by counter pressuring them.

What is counter pressure? Its when the target pops all its offensive cooldowns and you pop yours to force the target to come back to healer and get caught up on healing. Example: I was fighting 2180 ret hunter rshaman with my 2300+ Shadow Cleave this season and ret popped all his CDs on my me. I popped trinket + garg+ pet stun and strang on ret to force him to play Defensive. He almost croaked under pressure and was forced to bubble and get back to his rdruid to get caught up on healing. This way I saved my death pact CD that I needed 30 seconds later when both ret and hunter connected back on my DK with stampede + bestial wrath up.

*Gargoyle Strike now deals Shadow and Nature damage (was Nature only).

Further puts mastery on a priority list for UH DKs to use in PvP. I was mastery stacking at the end of cata and I am mastery stacking now. This change further increases a value for mastery in PvP and even PvE. Not much else to say it except for finally garg is not doing damage that is completely different from UH's theme. Nature damage wth? We are not a freaking green peace we are Death Knights!

*** Ebon Plaguebringer now causes Plague Strike to inflict Frost Fever, in addition to its other effects.**
Ok this change is badass and a bit mongoloidy.

Mongoloidy in PvE as it over simplifies our rotation.
Badass in PvP for a few reasons.
We can use outbreak early in a fight to put diseases up, this season I am using my Outbreak to refresh diseases with all procs up and I think that now we can actually start a fight with outbreak and jump into causing pressure right off the start with 2 scourge strikes and 2 festering. When we will need to refresh our diseases we can simply use plague strike. Only thing I can say it is worth holding onto your out break is vs spell cleaves as sometimes you need to use outbreak to refresh your diseases at ranged.

Lastly it is a huge buff for us in RBGs when it comes to disease application and spreading both Icy touch and Plague strike changes.

Now a few things about this change. Again cull blains will be by far the best talent in T3 because we will need either have outbreak cause snare or plague strike cause snare right off the start.

Lastly it is use vs rogues as we can apply both diseases while they are cloaked!!! it is amazing and with chill blains we can actually snare them as well assuming no bugs with 1 simple plague strike.

Overall these are not damage buffs but more of a quality of life changes making our rotation in PvE a lot easier and in PvP a bit more convoluted I think it will further help us in our quest for killing people and making them rage quit.
Things that we need is prolly lower CD on strangulate and higher absorption from glyph of death coil. 16k per coil is absolutely laughable. if we get those I get the feeling we will be in a pretty good shape in Arena.

On the other hand I am scared of rogues right now. The buffs they are getting are too strong and rogue;s burst is absolutely amazing.

  • Dec 24, 2012, 4:53:25 PM

Rouges will probably (hopefully) get their changes changed (hehe) in the PTR. RIght now its ridicoulus. Both prep and shadowstep + the new instant 5combo ability will kill anything in the opener. Well, I guess I just have to team up with a rouge, as long as the changes is good enough for a good rogue to want me instead of a warrior ;)

  • Dec 24, 2012, 5:53:34 PM

Btw reinhart... Doesn't festering strike convert frost runes???

  • Dec 24, 2012, 6:33:52 PM

It does, but if you only have a frost rune available and no blood rune, you cant convert the frost rune, without the new change

The Sad state of the Warlocks in 5.2

Hey there guys a few asked me to make a post about what I think of the warlock changes and I think I have write it for the community.

First of all lets take a look at the changes:

  • The Felhunter ability Spell Lock is now an interrupt, and no longer applies a 3 second blanket Silence.
  • Blood Fear has been redesigned. This ability is now cast on the Warlock, and causes melee attacks that strike within the next 60 seconds to Fear the attacker. When cast, the ability has 1 Charge, costs 20% health to activate, and has a 30 second cooldown.
  • Soul Leech now provides an absorption shield instead of healing.
  • Sacrificial Pact now requires the pet to sacrifice 25% of its health to activate (was 50%).
  • Kil'jaeden's Cunning is now a passive talent, and its activated ability has been removed.
  • The passive damage from Archimonde's Vengeance no longer has a visual effect.
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice now increases the damage of abilities by 20% (was 25%) for Destruction, and 45% (was 50%) for Affliction.
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice now provides the spell Whiplash instead of Seduction when a Succubus is sacrificed.
  • Glyph of Burning Embers has been removed, and its effects are now baseline for Destruction Warlocks.
  • Glyph of Soul Shards has been removed, and its effects are now baseline for Affliction Warlocks.
  • New Glyph: Glyph of Ember Tap. This glyph increases the healing gained from Ember Tap by 50%.
  • New Glyph: Glyph of Drain Life. This glyph increases the healing gained from Drain Life by 30%.

Now I will be the first to say good riddance on blood fear. If you followed me on youtube I made a V Log about blood fear saying how skilless the talent is and easy it was to control the healer with instant 30 yard range fears. My suggestion to blood fear was to reduce casting time of the regular fear by 0.3 to 0.5 seconds which I think is warranted and would create a better window for us to CC yet it is still completely stoppable.

Now before you raise your hands that start shouting about representation of the locks this season compared to cataclysm which believe me is roughly 8x less let me just say a few things. First of all class might not be overpowered in arenas (yes demo had its days with LOL chaos waves and as I said previously good riddance!). I do not think overall class is overpowered - affliction is the squishest of all lock specs and usually gets tunneled down to the ground by any melee / ranged or melee cleaves, destruction while it is tanky has a major problem of getting LOL Bolts off against any good knowledgle team, and as far as demo goes, even though it has lots of instant cast damage they oppose a biggest threat in meta state and if the team saves silences, stuns for when demo pops demon soul then it is usually harmless. Also both demo and destro are missing key feature to be viable - Fear protection from dispell.

This is where Blood fear falls short. It is an amazing CC on a healer as offensive pressure but it is absolutely garbage for peels as dispell is 8 seconds cooldown and any good healer who saves a dispell will keep their team offensive. I will propose a few blood fear changes myself.

The problem arises from the following - removal of demon armor (+30% healing increase) and soul link. Last season affliction locks were trained but the reason why they were more tanky than my DK is because of undispellable earth shield on +30% increased healing lock with 20% damage redirection to the pet. Blood fear was created with the new talent system introduction to help keep the melee off the locks for a decent amount of time to let them get a few of their casts off. Even though dark geren, health stone buff and even sacrificial pact are nice toys they siimply fall short due to the loss of 20% damage mitigation and 20% increased healing intake and blood fear too care of us being consistently trained by any melee.

Let's also not forget siphon life 2% heal that can get up to 2.6% heal with demon armor up 50% of the time corruption ticks. I think it averaged at 1.3% heal per corruption.

Locks also had more control in Cata through having howl and death coil baseline, and it was a really good balance in terms of CCs for all 3 specs - affliction instant howl of terror of 32 sec cd, demo pet stun, and destro shadow fury. Now locks have to lose 1 of their core CCs howl or coil.

We also lost shadow flame which was baseline and was amazing peel as it was AOE 70% snare infront of the lock.

In terms of getting melee off locks - blood fear is an absolutely atrocity, not only melee can offensively pop their AMS, Zerger rage, Cloak of Shadows to keep them from getting feared even for 1 second, it also costs WOOPING 20% HP. I do not think that with current hp levels 82k hp is a warranted cost for a fear.

Here are a few problems I am facing with T4 (60 lvl talents). First of all they cost HP. With blood fear change what we have is mediocre choices on high cost talent tier that is also all over the place. The very first thing I would like to say here is that putting CC on a tree filled with mix and mash talents is usually a really bad idea. It can be either too weak (asphyxiate example) or too strong (shock wave example). And it is really hard to find a happy medium between different utility and CC.

Problems with Unbound Will (1 min trinket) is that it costs HP which makes it useless choice to trinket out of stuns or any CC when lock is being trained as you basically give the enemy team a free execute, it is also too gimmicky as it becomes useless vs dispell protection classes like shadow priests and UA locks because once u use the talent you will get silenced or horrified (i died on my lock first time in season when I unbound will and found out it procs UA, I got hit for 80k UA crit and lost around 75k hp too, in addition was silence to pop my major defensives or port).

Burning rush is also a huge let down because it adds damage to the cleave that is on the lock and because it does not lets us escape from snares we basically still waddle at 75% speed with 2 melee that can charge, grip, shadow step, leap back to us.

**Here are my proposed changes for the LvL 60 Teir 4 talents:

Blood Fear Spot:**
Remove blood fear and give us some sort of the root or give us old shadow flame 70% snare back and put it into this tier where I think it would be a worthy contender of unbound will and could be used to keep melee of our backs and unbound could be used vs spell cleaves that are trying to set up a kill on one of your partners.


Make blood fear cost 10% of your hp become a passive talent and fear the healer when he dispells fear off his teammates for 75% of the fear's duration. So 8 seconds down to 6 on a healer 4 to 1, and 2 to 0.5. This will help both demo and destro to peel for their teammates.


Keep the current changed blood fear
* Blood Fear has been redesigned. This ability is now cast on the Warlock, and causes melee attacks that strike within the next 60 seconds to Fear the attacker. When cast, the ability has 1 Charge, costs 20% health to activate, and has a 30 second cooldown.
But remove HP cost from it.

Burning Rush:
Remove HP cost from the tier and make burning rush a 15 seconds cooldown that also gives a 3 seconds freedom. This will help us greatly vs melee cleaves and let us catch a few spare seconds to get a few casts off and help our healer to catch up on healing.
Unbound Will:**
Remove the HP cost increase cooldown to 1.5 minutes.

I am thinking of posting what I wrote so far on WoW forums, but lets keep this on for the blog and lets go into analyzing the changes.

  • Soul Leech now provides an absorption shield instead of healing. - Garbage was, garbage is. For affliction getting haunts off is a huge opportunity between instant sould burn soul swap dot application. Meliphic grasp hits for 3000-5000 damage and 1k a second shield is down right laughable.
    Soul Leech needs to effect all damage off the lock for it to be an effective talent and it might actually make soul link not that useless as it will double dip the shields. For those who think its OP think about it this way it can get up to maximum temp 2nd wind if lock has spread damage on all 3 targets.

  • The Felhunter ability Spell Lock is now an interrupt, and no longer applies a 3 second blanket Silence.
    Good change. Finally blizzard read posts that both the community and I made about removing blanket silences.

  • Sacrificial Pact now requires the pet to sacrifice 25% of its health to activate (was 50%).
    Very interesting change. I think we might see locks that run with grim of sac with this talent. For those who do not know you can still use sac pact with no pet up and it will sac your own hp for the shield. So at 400k hp we can sac 100k for 400k bubble for 20 seconds. Effect lowers the more we are getting trained.

  • Kil'jaeden's Cunning is now a passive talent, and its activated ability has been removed.
    Nobody used active ability so it won't affect us anyhow.

  • The passive damage from Archimonde's Vengeance no longer has a visual effect.
    About time. Was kinda tiring seeing death grips everywhere.

  • Grimoire of Sacrifice now increases the damage of abilities by 20% (was 25%) for Destruction, and 45% (was 50%) for Affliction.
    Mostly PvE nerf and I think it hit a good spot with out nerfing major PvP damage for Affliction Warlocks, and for destro / demo it is a minor nerf.

  • Grimoire of Sacrifice now provides the spell Whiplash instead of Seduction when a Succubus is sacrificed.
    We all asked for it for a while. Seduction was just a very silly choice granted we had a spammable fear. Only time it was usefull is when you blood fear one target and use seduction to CC 2nd target during blood fear CD.

  • Glyph of Burning Embers has been removed, and its effects are now baseline for Destruction Warlocks.

  • Glyph of Soul Shards has been removed, and its effects are now baseline for Affliction Warlocks.
    Minor buff opens up a Glyph Slot

  • New Glyph: Glyph of Ember Tap. This glyph increases the healing gained from Ember Tap by 50%.
    Destro becomes even more tanky... Actually way more tanky with this change. not sure if it was needed.

  • New Glyph: Glyph of Drain Life. This glyph increases the healing gained from Drain Life by 30%.
    Interesting choice. I tested drain life on live servers and it averaged anywhere from 55-65k healing. I think its a decent change when it comes to clutch survivability, and it also synergizes well with Kiljaedan's Cunning since you can use drain life and LOS behind the pillar and still channel for its full duration.

Overall changes for locks. Good riddance of blood fear and spell lock silence, but we need to get something way less cheese and decent for us to use in return. I do not believe those are all changes and I am looking forward on seeing 5.2 changes towards warlocks

  • Dec 24, 2012, 11:14:09 AM

Very poor blood fear change, looks like I will be sticking to UW. Second trinket allways comes good, and tbh, blood fear has no spot in 3s. In RBGs I find it damn good. As for the new dradin life glyph I see a good chance to increase my output in rbgs while protecting flags if it will work with harvest life and soluburn. Who knows, might even drain tank in arenas? Soul leech and felhunter lock changes, just lol.

Bad expansion for affliction pvp it seems, but fml, I am sure gonna stick with it.

  • Dec 24, 2012, 11:17:18 AM

Oh, and for the rogue changes, you know how they say: "bigest warlock nerf is a rogue buff"

Then again, will RLS have a comeback?

  • Jan 1, 2013, 7:53:28 AM

I really hate that they removed the fel and demon armours, I felt like that was a nerf to the skill level required for locks as well as their survivability - want to see more passive healing given to affli locks, such as they were in the past

Preliminary DK Survivability Changes

Hey guys I know I was supposed to give you a break down of haste vs mastery for UH and show you how master is far superior 2ndary stat but I think it will be a bit more fun to give you run down of DK changes in 5.2 and what to expect from them. Needless to say I will make UH DK stat priority very soon as well.

This blog actually coming out too long so I will separate it into 2 different topics. Survivability changes which is this topic and UH DK pressure changes which I will work on as soon as I am done with this Blog.

  • So those are the changes:

  • Death Siphon now heals for 150% of the damage dealt (was 100%).(still garbage for PvP)

  • Conversion now costs 5 Runic Power plus 5 per second thereafter (was 10 Runic Power plus 10 per second).(amazing)
  • Unholy
  • Reaping now also applies to Icy Touch. (amazing)
  • Summon Gargoyle no longer costs Runic Power.(quality of life change)
  • Gargoyle Strike now deals Shadow and Nature damage (was Nature only).(about time)
  • Ebon Plaguebringer now causes Plague Strike to inflict Frost Fever, in addition to its other effects.** (hidden buff with new rotation changes)

I will go through all the changes explaining you what I am expecting to change here and how those changes are a hidden buff to UH DKs.

Lets start with healing talents that are getting buffed:

Death Siphon -
(Quick verdict if you do not want to read - Garbuuuuuge!)
Death Siphon now heals for 150% of the damage dealt (was 100%).
Heals for 150% of the damage dealt instead of 100%. 50% extra healing is nice but I think it will be still garbage for PvP as a talent choice. Here is the math around it:
I am 485 Item Level full malevolent with some tier gear upgrades and T2 weapon and fully mastery stacked. My Death Siphon in PvP hits for 13.5k on average, with out a massive damage procs or activated trinket. Granted it can go up to 16-18k with all the damage procs. The healing that we can expect from Death Siphon is roughly around 20-27k with no MS effect on us.

The strength of Death Siphon is the ability to heal while kiting the enemy and give us some runic power for lichborne heal.


Necrotic Strike hits for around 13k physical damage and right now does roughly 30-31 absorption with up to 35k physical crits and 60k absorption with all proc. Using Death Siphon over Necrotics will completely obliterate any counter offensive pressure and it won't be enough to heal us through burst for 1 main reason - we can only get Death Runes every 15 seconds in UH presence with out blood tap procs.

Thats why I think the ability overall falls short of being anything remotely viable for PvP. It is still good option for PvE so unless they do something drastically to it I think it will be a mediocre talent for the rest of its talent's life. Possible good changes is Death Siphon putting up HOT on us that heals for some % or maybe make Death Siphon some sort of the heal based on Disease Damage or even make it a DOT (not disease) that ticks for 3-4k dmg and heals us for 4 times that amount every 3 seconds (so roughly 5.6k healing per sec which is 1.2%)

**Conversion now costs 5 Runic Power plus 5 per second thereafter (was 10 Runic Power plus 10 per second)****

(Quick verdict for those who do not want to read - amazing!)

This change has layers upon layers of hidden buffs and is amazing!

Lets start with the new vs old uptime of conversion in blood presence. My average rune regen I think is around 9.5 but I will round it up to 10 for easy calculations (thats with mastery stacking) in addition I will not include this at the start of the fight and with out empower runic weapon ability. Just pure raw sustain survivability when we need it. I am also including death strike in this equation because when we are getting cleaved we will need all the heals we can get and rune of falen crusader procs which is realistically to expect over 20 seconds of combat. So here we go:

Over 20 seconds we can do 2-3 death strikes from frost / UH Runes 1 death strike from blood runes and 2-4 blood boils with 1 horn winter which totals runic power at roughly 90- 130 (110 average). (why disparity - well thats will depend at what current rune stage are you going to start trying to heal yourself. you can have 5 seconds left on all of your runes with some runic power or you can have at least 3 available)

With old conversion we could get average 11 ticks which is almost half the uptime to the total of 33% heal including 1 rune of fallen crusader proc with extra 3% heal and 3.5 death strikes which is 24% heal - our total healing comes down to 60% healing over 20 seconds which is roughly around 3% heal a second (gasp! possible 2nd which with 1 exception though we literally trading 80% of our pressure for that where 2nd which is a passive activated heal)

With new conversion we could get average of 22 ticks I will put only 20 because we are basing our results over 20 seconds which means we have whole 10 runic power left! (total healing from conversion is 60%) with death strike and fallen crusader proc heal we getting up to 87% which is 4.35% healing a second.

You say whats the difference? We literally gained extra 1.35% healing or DPS needs to do extra (435k hp * 1.35%= 5750) 5750 damage per second. With blood presence HP buff this is literally half the 2nd which change.

This is huge when we are getting trained by physical DPS.

Some possible short comings of Conversion: It is also toggle ability and cannot be activated while we are CCed stunned and so on. It is sustain healing and falls short when we are getting bursted down really hard. We are sacrificing huge chunk of our damage in order to keep it. It also drains our runic power which makes lichborne less effective when it is used for healing. So it definitely has its limitations as this the best defensive scenario during which we won't out put almost any offensive pressure (for those who are wondering whats the difference it is UH presence 7.8 second rune regen no necros and no big strikes + death coils blood taps I am sorry I am too lazy to calculate this as it can get really messy with a lot of different variables).

**When can Conversion be used: **
I think it can be used really well in duels, 2v2 and 3v3 scenarios. In 5v5 and RBGs I still think that Death Pact will be a superior talent choice because of the levels of burst increase in those PvP brackets. Also in some 3v3 we will need death pact over conversion with the levels of the burst (fighting mage / destro lock / warrior / feral / rogue (yes their opener burst is amazing)) if team consists of those 2 classes put together then Death Pact would be a superior choice if DKs are getting bursted down.

vs Dot cleave teams (and they are having a come back due to DOTs scaling with gear Nadagast streamed 2500 shadow play and I would imagine Boomkin Lock will be viable as well) new conversion will be a must to have in order to save your healer's mana and help him prioritize his / her healing over your other partner or even healer himself.

Some talent / glyph choices difference:
When we are picking conversion lich borne becomes less effective as I already stated due to its requirement to heal through runic power. Therefore lichborne could be used as a CC escape and potential heal burst with procs up but vs teams that do not have excessive amounts of fears we can possibly go AMZ or Purgatory. Which further increases our capability to peel with AMZ (i think we can go AMZ vs RMP, RLS, Boomin X) basically any major magical damage dealers. Even vs Death knights it becomes amazing.

Glyph of Icebound Fortitude: If you check out my armory:…
I am usually running with glyph of icebound fortitude which basically reduces our survivability by a bit but gives us an extra trinket vs stun. With conversion against physical damage dealers I think that IBF's damage mitigation value increases as it further increases damage threshold that we can tolerate with conversion up (think about it this way conversion = damage that is healed through if conversion heals for 10k that we will need to take more than 10k DPS in order to keep losing HP) Extra 20% of IBF with conversion up will increase our damage threshold by 20% and I think that IBF will become a decent ability vs melee cleaves when they are popping all offensive CDs on us if we decide to go Conversion.

Shifting presences glyph also becomes invaluable here as conversion becomes extremely effective in blood presence and shifting presences will help us go Defensive when we need to with out losing our runic power for some immediate healing and will also help us to keep our offensive pressure up when we switch from blood presence to UH / Frost.

Spec Synergy: I think blood DKs will benefit from it the most as conversion is another amazing heal added to them as a runic power healing dump. Imagine blood DKs with Death Strikes + conversion (ouch that might be a bit too much so I am asking you guys not to ruin healing for UH and Frost by going mongoloid Blood DKs vs 1200 noobs, not mater how alluring possible trolling with healing could be.
Unholy 2nd best to benefit from conversion - because conversion drains offensive power of the DK, Unholy has a lot of passive damage through higher diseases ticks and pet attack therefore UH will see a lesser damage reduction from Conversion heals.
Frost benefits the least from Conversion but it has a bit higher healing threshold due to 2 permanent death runes that will allow them to squeeze 1 extra death strike over 2x rune rotation.

Racial Synergy:
Undead further becomes an extremely viable option for UH DKs due to the touch of the grave procs with conversion up, and also if we decided to spec out of Lichborne to AMZ I think Will of the Forsaken could be possibly good replacement for that.
Tauren Synergy - stomp gives us 2 ticks of conversion up which is 6% healing while DPS is stunned which could be a game breaker, but also 5% extra health will increase conversion healing by a good portion.

Synergy with healers:
I feel like conversion will work extremely well with Hots as all the hots are is basically an increased threshold for DPS to go through in order to do an effective damage. Imagine conversion + rejuvenation + 3 bloom stacks+ regrowth + wild growth up all of those with Resil Stacking DK and in blood presence. How much of active DPS other team has to go through in order to bring the DK down (being math nerd here is my estimates - 7k regrowth, 21k life bloom 15k rejuv, 7k wild growth = 56k every 3 seconds or 18.6k every second if we add BP + conversion we will get 18.6 + 430*0.03=18.6 + 12.9k = 31.5k active healing per second with 10% extra mitigation from blood presence we will get up at roughly 34.6k effective damage per second tolerable ( conversion + blood presence also doubles the effectiveness of druid's hots).

So Druids, Shamans will synergyze with conversion even more (maybe to some extend monks). (it will also help hpallies and disc priests but not as much as HOTs (those are kinda my thoughts)

Final thoughts. I have been begging blizzard to reduce cost of conversion to 5 RP (even saying reduce healing to 2% to make it more balanced(my 11 page from november 18th post:…)
Blizzard exceeded my expectations by far. I think that conversion is definitely a welcome change to our sustain survivability. It won't be easy to use as we will need to predict burst on us and use it BEFORE major swaps on us since it only then can compete with Death Pact. I think it will also put a bigger gaps between good DKs out there and not so good.

  • Dec 25, 2012, 5:56:49 AM

do you think conversion might work better with a shammy rather than a druid because of the increased max hp you get from the shammy heals. If you have the shammy hots and normal healing on you with the buff that has gotten me to over 410k hp (missing 3 mal gear) with conversion, wouldnt that be just massive amounts of healing from conversion alone?

  • Dec 25, 2012, 9:11:13 AM

yes Boog. also keep in mind blood presence with conversion is amazing. I think you can get to like 480-500k hp levels and 3% of that is weeee scarry healing

  • Dec 28, 2012, 11:13:21 PM

I like these changes but I personally think we actually don't have enough defensives as UH, I think in cata we were good because we had blood press and IBF against melee, and ams,amz against spell casters. But now we only have ams and blood press and IBF which isn't enough, I think they should totally buff IBF so that it decreases all damage take by 30% and Lower the cd to 2 minutes. I also think they should take away deaths advance in patch 5.2 because it will become useless since everyone will be using chillbains to make icy touch more viable. Them they should create a new viable talent to take over that, maybe a on use Runic regen spell. Then since we only have 2 cc's as uh (since most pick ds other the freeze stun, and even if you do pick it; it will get dispelled at 3 stacks) They should lower the cool down of Gnaw, down o 30 or 40 seconds I think. (If you think that it would make gnaw op, think of it this way, Rouges have a 5 second stun on a 20 second cd, warriors have a stun on a 25 second cd). If these changes are put through (plus the changes which are already in the 5.2 latch notes) We should be more viable and after using our defensives CDs we can actually survive the enemy's team burst for 1 - 2 mins). I hope Ghost crawler or a developer read this. Thanks for reading.


Hey there my DK brethren I am working right now on a blog master vs crit vs haste as a primary stat. stay tuned

  • Dec 29, 2012, 7:43:22 AM

I would say mastery>pvp power