The night dressed the sky of Stros M'Kai with her most eleguant gown, a dark blue silk sparkling of thousands stars. The two moons were shining like two queens. The breeze was fresh, and the flowers arround the foutain spread their heavy, bewitching perfume. The water murmur was soothing. It was ...a perfect night.

Five fine ladies were gathered: two had a skin darker than the native of the island, the color of the ashes of Morrowind. One was dressed with a heavy dress, probably too warm for this latitude, while the other one, white haired, wear blue and purple pants and jerkin. The three others visibly came from the northern kingdoms, fair skin and eyes, tender lips, a blond, a redhead, and a mahogany...The ladies chatter was suddendly interupted by the apparition of Lady Eldariel, a propably high born Altmer. The mer give her most formal salutations before leaving the gathering in a burst of magical blue light.

But the five friends didn't formalise by her departure, and started to organise the games. Indeed, they had decided that this night would be an evening of enjoyement of all sorts. They started by the game "Khajiit says". The rules were very simple - the one playing the Khajiit, Elloa – was to give orders for the others to follow, only if the order was preceeded by the words "Khajiit says". The goal was to trick others to do mistakes and to gently mock them about it. After Elloa, Vaetilda became the next Khajiit and exausted the group with jumping, playing dead, and other excercices of the like.
The next game was lead by the woman with long red hair and a fierce glance. She was running every where arround the city and the others had to follow closely, imitating her in every way. After a while she left the lead to her friend, the gorgeous Rannian.
The girls ended the night by playing "One two three Piano" and shared a good laugh with the failures of each others! It was a long time since Stros M'Kai quiet night had been disturbed by so much movement and laughters.

This is just a little summary of our event "Games in Stros M'Kai". @Vaetilda @Nicouche @yorkeyg and @ianwilliams were participating. We played old games of our (my) childhood, and it was actually very fun. As I had originally planed this event to mix up low levels and higher levels, but we were all veteran players, we decided to go in Craglorn to continue our adventures. We had been joined by @Typhoios and later by @Arjun and @Phaith
We rided arround, on our horses, doing some repeatable quests, public dungeon and other world events, before to end the night at four people in a gorgeous Delve. We spend great time together in good mood and a very relaxed atmosphere.

You can watch the videos of our Craglorn adventures on my Hitbox channel if you feel like it. I've tried to cut the most interesting part.

Elihnir Sewerworks
Adventures in Craglorn
The Howling Sepulchers