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Streaming DK Leveling on Tich Horde!! Level 75 at the moment, playing some phil collins and hanging out! See you there!

Starting KFC

Hey everyone, I am going to be playing KFC pretty soon with some cool guys I met on Tich, I'll keep you guys updated with how the games go and the rating progression!!

  • Jan 14, 2013, 4:57:20 AM

sounds great if you need any help let me know

Full PvP Set!

Alright guys so I just finished farming my full Dreadful set and I got chanted and gemmed, now on to looking for partners to get used to playing with and get used to a comp, I'll be making the push to 2.2k next season, for now I need to get more play time in! Wish everyone the best as always xD

  • Spoon

P.S. If you play on Tich Horde and feel like helping out my skype is - Canzto