Welcome to Annoying Man, SyZ !
As you know and for how much i annoyed you i hope you like my "annoying" questions.

ME: Before starting with the "annoying" question I want you introducing yourself.
Give to me and all your fans some info about you.
Name, age, town where you live , who lives with you, your school.

SyZ: Hi, my name is Diogo Barbosa, 24 years old, i live in Porto and i dont study anymore.

ME: Now all of us know your info and we can annoying you in real life too !
Let's start!
When did you start playing videogames ? And which videogames did you play ?
SyZ: I started playing videogames really early, like 7/8 years old, but then I discovered Starcraft 1 at the age of 11. I've played few videogames likes football games, Counter Strike, Command & Conquer and Starcraft

ME: When did you start playing StarCraft 2 professionally? Did you start with Brood War?
SyZ: I started SC2 professionaly one year ago after finishing university.

ME: What made you go into professional gaming? And when did you understand that ?
SyZ: What made me go professionaly was start winning some good tournaments and having good offers from teams/sponsors.

ME:How many hours per day do you dedicate to practice? What is a normal day like for you?
SyZ: My practice time really depends, some days i play 6 hours straight... some others I only play 1... it really depends on my mood and on my mind set.

ME: When did you get your contract and join a PRO team ?
SyZ: I started being sponsored by Ozone Gaming at March of 2012.

ME: What were your family's opinion on professional gaming, especially parents?
SyZ: My parents didnt agreed at first, but then they saw i could make good money out of it, so now they understand it and they like when i win tournaments.

ME: Do you have any advice for gamers looking to improve their skills? Is there anything else you would recommend for novices?
SyZ: for novice players, my advice is to practice a lot, I learnt all by myself playing a lot, watching replays and try to make what I saw others doing...

ME: Let's talk about tournaments.
What is your take on tournaments? Do you participate in a lot of tournaments ? What's your opinion about partecipate to a tournament ?
SyZ: I used to participate in a lot of online tournaments but not anymore... I think its really good for who wants to become good.
They can see their evolution through the weeks/months, getting further ahead on the tournament tree, and thats rewarding, and maybe some day even winning the tournament :)

ME: We always know what happen about IEM Guangzhou cancelled due Japan/China conflict.
What's your opinion about this ?
SyZ: Well I understand they had to cancel the IEM, but nonetheless im really sad! obviously... would have been a great opportunity for me

ME: What will be your future goals once you retire from pro gaming ?
SyZ: I didnt really thought what to do after gaming, i tend not to think about the future and just live the present.

Special thanks to SyZ that allow me to interview him !
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