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The-Big-E wrote

Its not an uncommon sight to see video games being brought up by the media as a thing of pure and blackened evil, how they rot our brains and corrupt our young, but how much of that can actually be attributed to the games themselves and not the people that play them? The key here does not perhaps lie with the games themselves, but instead the parents who allow their parents to play these games. Having worked in game retail, it was an all too common sight to see parents buying games with 18 ratings, a la Duke Nukem, for younger children and ignoring my advice on the ratings, almost offended as if I questioned their ability to raise their own child.


Without demonising parents or games we need to as an industry understand that the games made have implications on those around us, whether they be young or otherwise susceptible to the images in gaming. on the flip side of the coin the people that buy the games for the young children in question need to really look at themselves and see that allowing children to play these games can have a negative effect.


At no point do I want to argue with the ability to parent and the choices they make but the issue is never as black and white as the media makes it just look below.

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