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  • Jul 15, 2016, 11:42:58 AM

Fear the rabbits :D

  • Jul 15, 2016, 1:08:54 PM

Haha I couldn't tell if they were serious but I hope they are :D

"Kingdom Come: Deliverance" Report by LegendaryDrago

In the many years I have sat in front of a television with my eyes bleeding from the violently intoxicating LED lights that beam to the back of my retina, I have always wanted a video game that could simulate medieval times in the first person with realistic melee. For years I played games like Skyrim or Dishonored that in fact, have some delicious gameplay mechanics, or my personal favorite Chivalry Medieval Warfare, but these games either include magic or their combat system doesn't take into account real time physics or full limb targeting..That is, of course, until now!

I remember the day I saw it. E3 2015, I was watching one of the conferences and a very short video appeared without warning, and after about two minutes I knew I had seen the greatest trailer and tagline for a game. The words read simply: 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance', followed by "Dungeons and No Dragons" There it was, fully armored nights with up to 16 layers of armor, from undershirts to underwear, you name it, all with their own benefit. A limb targeting system unlike anything seen before it. Where several places on each limb can be hit, causing damage and negative effects on that part of the body. No longer would I see a sword attacking the head doing limited damage, no, in this if you're not wearing a helmet, in one shot, you're dead. Hell, even the horses have armor!

The weapons have a specific way they targeting armor as well as how they interact with other weapons. Swords do maximum damage to anyone wearing light or medium armor and maces can literally be seen denting the armor of heavily armored knights! Your bow shots also have to be precise, landing at the joints where the pieces of armor join together, or of course, head shots! During melee, swords that contact each other will grind and spark and are physically manipulated based on how they come into contact. No more will I see swords going through each other :) I hope anyway!

Much like what we've come to expect from RPG's, there needs to be a crafting system that's fun and believable. Once again, Kingdom Come: Deliverance shines. Using historically accurate remedies and herbal concoctions, alchemy is more about herbalism, and uses plants, spices and herbs to create medicines that can be used before or after battle. The mechanic for brewing and mixing is actually the nicest I've ever seen! You see your character's hand precisely grabbing certain things and mixing the ingredients together, unlike other games where it's just a interface to go through. In this game, you'll actually have control over your hands during the process! The same thing goes for blacksmithing, swords must be sharpened and you'll be required to watch the blade as you grind the metal against the wheel! Not to mention find hides and other resources to make the handles of weapons! I haven't seen how axes and maces are maintained, but surely that's to come!
Now, onto the juicy material!

Combat! This is the main reason I fell in love with this game! Initially the game advertised as many as 30 or more spots on the body that a sword could land on. This number has declined but I have not been able to find the exact number. Nevertheless, I have played the game and the gameplay is undoubtedly fun, intuitive and challenging! Each enemy has a marker on their chest with 5 red lines indicating the head, upper and lower body. While moving your mouse around, you will notice the fighters stance changes and the stance you start attacking with isn't necessarily where the blow ends up. While holding your sword straight up (mouse all the way up), you can adjust during your swing and swing across (mouse to the right or left). This is used to make the NPC's think you're going one way so you can counter them. The use of fainting is also used and it feels so incredibly satisfying! Just before an opponent swings you can faint to either side and engage in a close quarter attack or simple get the hell out of the way! Not only can you faint, but you can dodge as well, swiftly moving to either side and getting out of harms way. I highly recommend you check our Warhorse's video page on youtube to watch the combat system in action!

Large scale battles is also something I am incredibly excited for. Usually in these games the major battles are played out in smaller areas because the processing power is too great. However, in Kingdom Come you can expect lifelike battles and castle sieges with upwards to 40-50 players on screen at once, all working in unison to capture the objective. Standing in line with your troops, awaiting the call of war horns and the battle commencing is truly going to be a experience unlike anything that we've seen before.

The game also allows the player to choose the kind of player they'd like to be. The game has a fully realized crime and thievery system as well as wanted persons system. If you're a bad guy you might end up being hunted, but if you choose, you may help someone locate a wanted person and deal with them however you wish. Each mission is not linear as this game is an open sandbox! Choosing to walk into a castle or monastery and respect the people is your decision. If you're the kind of player who wants to watch the world burn, well, that option is available and quests can be completed as a good or bad guy. I say guy, because this is an RPG that focuses on the main character Henry. Depending on how you play the game, you can be more of a scholar who uses the power of conversation and manipulation to gain the advantage, or you can be a complete badass, sword wielding warrior! Or both :)

The narrative is told through the eyes of Henry, the song of a humble blacksmith and the game takes place in the Kingdom of Bohemia, modern day Czech Republic. The Bohemian King has died and the new monarch is kidnapped by his brother who pillages and plunders the kingdom, including the village of the main character, Henry. During the pillaging, Henry's family is murdered and it is that moment he clings onto hope and revenge, seeking to dethrone the false king and restore order and the rightful air to the throne!

I wanted to take a moment and talk about the graphics. In a photo-realistic world that's based on a real time in history, with real events, it is important to make the world feel lived in. Warhorse studios has done gone above and beyond what I have seen in an open world before. Buildings are made with such love and detail, some of which are buildings that still exist today! One artist mentioned that he worked on seven churches and it took him 2 years to complete them all! Two years!! These interiors are breath taking, they're far more realistic than anything I've seen... from the decor, to the run down bricks and stone, the cracks in the floor, hand painted artwork, candles illuminating the and the sun and moon light playing off the walls, filling the rooms with natural beauty. The interiors are not only where the visuals shine, no, not at all. When I think of a game that has done a forest justice, and I mean, real photo-realistic justice, I cannot. However, this wish I had of the medieval setting is now complete with the most gorgeous and lifelike forests I have ever seen. From the way the flora interact with each other, to the paths that can be found and the incredible variation of other trees and plants. There has been an incredible amount of time spent bringing these backroad woodland areas and full boreal forests to life :) But be wary, you never know who could hiding in the bushes!

Finally, I must point out that if you're a fan of ether first person, melee combat or medieval times, this game is for you! There's no question about it. While it is set to release sometime in 2017, the beta can already be played by contribution. The price of US49.99 will give you access to the beta and any updates released until the time of the game's release.. but lucky for you, once the game is released they are giving it to those who paid $49.99 or more. I could not be more excited about what Warhorse Studios have done and there has been a need for a game like this forever. To anyone who has not seen footage of the game I highly recommend you check it out! You will be in love.
Thank you,

  • Jul 8, 2016, 12:57:27 PM

This seems very interesting indeed! If it plays like Chivalry @Internet will want to try it out. Now, i'm personaly not excitted at all about big fights against other players, but wandering arround picking up flowers in a realistic forest, that seems to be my kind of thing!!

  • Jul 8, 2016, 1:20:47 PM

Yes! Well if you enjoy exploring beautiful landscapes this game is for you!! Also, the mechanics are similar to Chivalry, only broadened and more complex :)

  • Aug 17, 2016, 3:34:04 AM


No Man's Sky: Early Report

NO MAN'S SKY: Early Report

With No Man's Sky's release date just around the corner, I wanted to
give my thoughts on the things I like but starting with some I don't. To be clear, I have never been this excited about a game before, and even though I love the concept, design and seemingly endless universe, I found some minor issues with the mechanics and lore itself. So please, after reading I would love it if you could offer your thoughts on the game and if you think it's right for you!

Firstly, I really dislike no player housing for those who wish to find a planet and completely explore it. Maybe you want to actually walk across an entire planet? If you do, I'd like the ability to leave my mark. Aside from actually naming stuff, it would be fantastic to build something on each planet.. although I do see how that changes the model completely, but it would be fantastic. With a game world this infinite the idea of getting to the center of the universe it impossible, so, I would think we could eventually get tired of exploring and say hey, I'm going to stay on this planet, call it my own planet and go completely wild building on it. God, I hope they figure out a way to patch this into the game because if they do, and we all get to make our own homes or even cities on planets I will be in love!

A completely baron universe, but there are trade ships? What the heck are they trading if there aren't citizens on planets to trade for. And everyone's just floating in space trying to survive? Did I miss something here? We know there are buildings, workshops, bases, etc on planets, and they're inhabited by NPC's, but it's not like there are cities, towns or houses on any planet, suggesting that there really aren't many people living on the planets. It is somewhat hard to believe that in an infinite universe, there wouldn't be a planet far more populated than another, however as it appears, the population ratio between planets doesn't appear to be all that vast. Some planets won't have any factions inhabiting them, while others will, and you'll see them sparingly throughout your journey.

No multiplayer interaction. While I know Hello Games hasn't fully released their information on multiplayer, they have suggested there won't be much interaction between players at all. Now, this doesn't upset me because I enjoy solo experiences and sharing my journey with friends, but I wonder after a lengthy expedition, perhaps you put in 1000 hours, wouldn't you want the ability to say, teleport to a friend? There are examples of magic, as the stones you find to read words also contain magical powers that can heal you, however this is more of a spiritual magic, it would be a cool to include portals or some other way of playing with a friend. Perhaps to do this it could be incredibly difficult where both players have to gather enough resources of a particular magical element, requiring an incredible amount of play time and exploration, making the task more difficult. This kind of idea would completely immerse me further, giving the narrative an incredible twist! Actually interacting with a player on the other side of the universe for the first time and being able to join them to explore together. If you get tired of them, well, have a ceremonial send off, shaking their hands and saluting them, then shooting off into the eternal sky, to discover the universe alone.

Combat, while I have seen glimpses of the combat, it doesn't seem like that's going to be a major component for players and while for me, that's not important, I would like the combat to be fun while I'm in it. I am sure I will be testing the limits of my wanted level to see just what mechanical beasts come after me. But that's just the problem I have. Since there aren't many NPC's on the planets, are we only going to fight space battles, air battles and droids? There hasn't been much mention of ground fighting with other NPC's. Also, when you shoot an animal, the centinals show because for some reason, the animals on these planets are to be protected. I understand that, but if a giant bull with an eagle head comes charging after me I'm going to shoot him in his beak. So I hope there's some sense that's gone in to making the aggressive animals because if that was the case, we would have a legitimate threat and fantastic battles could result.

In No Mans Sky there is a lack of attainable items because the main idea of this game is to go out and explore, taking only what you need maybe reaching the center of the universe. They have confirmed there is something at the center, and they themselves are eager to wait for someone to discover that. Will that happen? There's a possibility but most likely not for a very long time. So what does this mean? Well you only have a single weapon and it's considered a multi-tool. It allows for customization, one minute it's a sniper rifle, then a shotgun, land disruptor for blowing holes into the environment and a mining tool for gathering resources. There will be a plethora of others, however these are the ones I've seen.

You will also only have one ship, and you attain a new one by trading your ship for another. The ships are not customizable in appearance, only the internal parts can be altered and so if you want a more badass ship you've got to trade for it and probably provide other resources as well. A problem that could arise from this is having one ship and spending so much time improving the hyper drive ability or defence to find a ship that's much better and losing what you worked so hard for. I am sure I will see a lot of ships I like and the idea of only being able to have one at a time is kind of the pits if you ever want to see your old ship again.

On the flip side, we know there are nearly an infinite number of ship combinations so there will always be new and better looking ships down the line. The type of faction you trade from will also influence the characteristics of the ship. For instance, some factions are explorers and knowledge seekers, their ships are for more long distance traveling while another faction will be more into combat and pirating.

As well as customizing your multi-tool and ship, you can also customize and optimize your space suit to survive on your journey through the universe. These upgrades cost resources which you'll find along the way, and they can range from better armor for surviving cold and other harsh environments, rocket pack for flying high, underwater suit for better survivability and much more. There really isn't a down side to any of this as these upgrades further enhance your experience with the game and allow you to see more, do more and explore endlessly. As it appears the outside of the universe is where everyone starts, and as you make your way closer to the center, the climate will change and your suit needs to change with it.

The graphics in this game aren't ground breaking, but there's much more to it than just the visuals themselves. When you're standing on a planet you can look up and see the moon or moons and other planets around them. Those planets you see can be visited, and you can even make out the landscape. From space, if you're at a space station you can look out the window and see a planet and everything you see, no matter the distance you're from it, is actually where you see it. If you happened to see an island stranded all alone on a planet you can fly from space and literally end up exactly at that island. This kind of distance viewing is unbelievable and to my estimation nothing has been done like this before. Once you're on the planets you'll see particles of dust, and other debris wavering in the air, or snow and rain pouring or sprinkling down. The sun and moon cycles are beautiful and I think it's the lighting effects that really help this game's aesthetics. Each planet has a day and night cycle that differ depending on the solar system they're in and how far or close they are from the sun determines the kind of planet it is. Farther away you'd expect a colder, winter climate, and as you approach the planets nearest the sun perhaps more lush or desert planets. The resources you obtain in these types of planets seem to be exclusive to their climates. For example, in a winter climate, there will be precious resources only found there, the same for warmer climates.

In conclusion it appears that Sean Murray and Hello Games have been very hard at work, and with only 10-12 employees, what they're accomplishing is beyond amazing. They have also made the decision to stay quiet about most of the games features and I think this is a great decision on their part. Everything I've said only composes a small portion of the actual game's mechanics, gameplay and features. You can expect that many secrets will be unveiled once the game releases on August 9th, similar to Minecraft when it released, the devs didn't tell you what to do or give you an opening quest to learn the game... No Man's Sky is taking this exact approach, only amping it up with an almost infinite procedural universe with breathtaking landscape and vistas, planet sized planets orbiting their sun, NPC factions to meet and align yourself with, gear to influence and customize, animals, plants, planets and galaxies to name, space and land combat, pirating or purely exploration.. the choice is ultimately yours!

Thank you,

Legendary Drago

  • Jul 8, 2016, 2:20:30 AM

@Firkan's not completely off my list, but it's getting close to the bottom. As I have decided to start saving coin for the Playstation VR, after it seeing that there will be VR games of "Star Trek", "Batman" and "EVE:Valkyrie"...

  • Jul 8, 2016, 12:46:55 PM

@BT-Vanguard @torhagen has already prepared a organisation for Whitestar. We will definitively be playing together. We planed this all back in the day we resurected Whitestar from its ashes in february 2014

  • Jul 8, 2016, 11:12:40 PM

@Elloa Noice! I'm not sure what ships I want yet but I have all of them available on the buy back system so just a matter of deciding. I shall hunt for the White Star org in SC n send an application form then possibly sway my decision slightly based on what ships we are lacking.