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Episode 3: Ubisoft at E3. Great new titles coming up!

Ok, its time for another post. This one is about the Ubisoft press conference.

The titles i talk about here are:

  • Far Cry 3

  • Splinter Cell Blacklist

  • The Avengers: Battle for Earth

  • Rayman Legends

  • Zombi U

  • Assassins Creed 3

  • Shootmania

  • Watch Dogs

Far Cry 3 The jungle setting is still present, but now we are the hunter instead of the prey. The graphics look really good, and so do the explosions and flames. The gameplay looks really organic with actions chaining together in a realistic way. The developers promissed that there is going to be a full archipelago to explore.  

Splinter Cell Blacklist
From the trailer shown i get the feeling that the game is turning its back on stealth and focusing more on action sequences. To further back that, the gameplay shown at the Microsoft Press Conference didn't contain a single stealth sequence. I really hope that they are just making it a secret because of a reinvented stealth mode, or something like that.  

The Avengers: Battle for Earth
Acording to the trailer the cast will be of the Avengers present on the movie and also Spider-Man and Wolverine. Magneto seems to be the antagonist of the game. No gameplay was shown.

Rayman Legends
Some Wii-U gameplay was shown. Colorful as is customary with the Rayman games. The game will be co-op, with one player controlling Rayman with the normal buttons, and the other will control his sidekick with the Wii-U Gamepad up to four more players will be able to join. The music is funny as always with even the rhythm going accordingly with the level. As i haven't played the previous game (Rayman Origins), i'm not really sure it the game is going to be better, but since it's Rayman, i'm betting it will be a lot better than the previous.  

Zombi U
A Wii-U survival horror First Person Shooter. From the images it looked a bit like Dead Rising. It's a shame they didn't reveal anything about the game.

Assassins Creed 3
I've been a big fan os the AC franchise since the first game and i have to say that i'm really excited about this one. The gameplay footage show the protagonist hunting a deer which he finishes of by taking his hidden blade and stabbing it. His way to use the blade is actually different than before, since he actually takes it off his arm and uses it like a dagger. Horse riding is back. The action sequences look even more organic than they did on the previous game and his fighting style is a lot different (again the hidden blade is used like a dagger during those). What is also back is the hidden pistol. A new weapon (maybe replacing the crossbow) is a regular bow. The snowy setting looks really good. The game will span 30 years of history which is more than Assassins Creed 2 (it spans 20 something years). Can't wait for this one to come out.  

This game,an FPS from the creators of TrackMania is supposed to be a new addition to the Esports scene. The demonstration with Pro Counter-Strike players looked really good. I personally didn't like the fact that the player wasn't able to see his own weapon, just the crosshair, but for an alpha stage game it actually looks pretty solid. You can sign up for the beta at this link  

Watch Dogs
One of the most interesting games shown at the press conference. An interesting take on the cyberpunk genre. We play a man who is able to hack everything in the city since its all connected to an Operating System. The protagonist is able to tap into phone calls, jam communications, control traffic lights to cause accidents in order to create a distraction and much more. The ambient looks really realistic. Apart from the hacking, the game is a third person shooter.  

The Ubisoft press conference was as good as the Electronic Arts one.
This year and the next will both be full of great releases.

Episode 2: The surprisingly good E3 EA press conference

"A few years ago, the game you bought, was the game you got." - It was with this words that John Riccitiello, the CEO of Electronic Arts opened the EA press conference.

After hearing this, my initial thoughts were that the press conference was going to be all about DLCs but it actually turned out to be a great press conference.

This article covers the following titles:

  • Dead Space 3

  • Madden NFL 13

  • SimCity Social

  • SimCity 

  • Battlefield 3

  • Star Wars The Old Republic

  • Medal of Honor Warfighter

  • Fifa 13 & EA Sports Football Club

  • Need for Speed Most Wanted

  • Crysis 3

Dead Space 3
The gameplay footage showed a frozen planet infested with Necromorphs. Inside the buildings the atmosphere seemed like the same as in previous games. The HUD is still the same as before (minimal information on-screen and all pointed towards the character, not the player). The voice acting was really good as was the ambiance sound. To me, the most exciting news were the addition of drop-in drop-out co-op. Can't wait to hear more about this game.

Madden NFL 13
To be honest, i've never played a game on the Madden NFL series (probably because they aren't even sold in Europe, i think). The game actualy looked pretty good, with those realistic physics because of the Infinity engine, even the players body mass is taken into account. The game also features a lot of cool features like a virtual Twitter feed and being able to manage your team on a PC, tablet and smartphone.  

SimCity Social
Oh no, a Facebook game. It actually looks good, as long as it doesn't have those giant load times that  those kinds of games usually have. I can't wait to be bombarded with invites to the game -_-'. 

The graphic engine looks really good, the game is a lot colorful in contrast with SimCity 4 that was a little gray in my opinion. The addition of multiplayer features seems like a really good idea. And what looks like Godzilla attacking the city is really cool.

Battlefield 3
I wasn't expecting to see Battlefield 3 at E3 but what they presented was really great. Seems like they are trying to counter Call of Duty: Elite with Battlefield 3 Premium. BF3 Premium will give players exclusive in-game items and early access to the new themed digital expansion packs. Speaking of those, they look like a good addition. A lot of new game modes and more weapons and vehicles

Medal of Honor Warfighter This game looks like any other modern FPS, the room breach looked just like what we see in Call of Duty as did the crosshair on the grenade launcher placed on that robot turret that they control (again, just like CoD) i'm still not convinced about it.  

Fifa 13 & EA Sports Football Club
Players are able to take their EXP and Level from Fifa 12 to Fifa 13 and returning players will get bonuses on the in-game shop. Fifa 13 on iPad, iPhone and Android will also be connected to EA Sports Football Club. Other than that its just the annual update to the graphics and physics engine.  

Need for Speed Most Wanted
I didn't really understand if the game is a remake of the original or a new one with the same title like they did with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. The crash camera looked just like the one on the Burnout series. Other than that, the game looks good.

Crysis 3
As with the previous Crysis games, the graphics are awesome, all the particles flying from the bullet hits and the smoke and flames all look amazing. The sound is another thing that is also worth mentioning since it's great. I can't wait for this game to come out.  

Overall i have to say it was an amazing press conference with some really great news announced.

Episode 1: My thoughts on the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2012

This was not what i had planed for my first blog entry here, but here goes.

I should warn everyone reading this that the this post contains some harsh language and my personal opinion based on what i saw.
The titles discussed here are:

  • Halo 4

  • Fifa 13

  • Forza Horizon

  • Nike+ Kinect Training

  • XBox 360 News

  • Tomb Raider

  • Resident Evil 6

  • South Park

  • Dance Central 3

  • Call of Duty Black Ops 2

I divided each title in paragraphs so it's easier to navigate. So if you don't want to search for the specific title, just hit CTRL+F to search for it.

Halo 4 
I've never played much of Halo (except for the first one) so to me Halo 4 looked kinda cool,also  the graphics were really great.

Fifa 13 
Kinect voice support on Fifa 13 seemed like a nice new addition to the game. The fact that when we scream at the ref in real life can have repercussions in-game is cool but i'm guessing it will also be frustrating.

Forza Horizon 
It looked like any other racing simulator to me, not much to say here.

Nike+ Kinect Training
Nike+ Kinect Training isn't based on a new idea but seems like its something that will work. And it wil help boost XBox360 and Kinect sales, especially to middle age housewives i guess.

XBox 360 News
After that came Internet Explorer for XBox 360 and the fact that we will be able to connect to the console from our smartphone, our tablet and probably our toilet.. I personally hate IE. It's a web developers worst enemy and the scum of browsers. But who knows, they might have actually been able to finally make it good. Only time will tell.

Tomb Raider 
I have to confess that i'm pretty excited with the new Tomb Raider, but after watching the gameplay footage i was a little turned down by the game. They showed 2 or 3 minutes of gameplay and then 5 of cutscenes. Yeah, it's cool that we have to press the X button so that she doesn't fall of the cliff, but after that she fall in a river, and then down a waterfall and into a plane and then she pulls her parachute and goes right against every freaking tree branch in sight, in the middle of that we get some Quick Time Events, but to me that is not enough. And to top it all, during all this time she doesn't stop screaming. Seems like we are watching a really weird and twisted porn movie.
After that, they even decided to announce that the first DLC for the game is going to be on XBox360 first. My question is: Why the fuck do they keep doing that?
I still remember when i bought a game and it came all on the disc. And if the developers wanted to add more stuff to the game, they would release expansions and those really added more stuff to the game. not just some stupid skins and other fucking cosmetic items that don't enrich our experience in any way (unless you acount for the feeling of being ripped off big time).

Resident Evil 6 
This game was a nice surprise, they seem to be returning to zombies as enemies. The flow of game seemed a lot like RE5.
Overall it seemed like it was directed by Michael Bay.
My only question is why the hell is that train running it the city is infested by zombies (or whatever they are).

South Park
The South Park game looked cool. I have no idea if any of what was shown was actual gameplay but it was still cool. And having Matt Stone and Trey Parker on stage was also pretty cool.

Dance Central 3
After South Park we were treated to Dance Central 3, and what better way to present a dancing game than having some celebrity dancing live on stage. As for actual game images, we were shown some clips of the game that looked like Kinect Star Wars (i still can't believe George Lucas actually approved that piece of shit) but with different backgrounds.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 
To me, the biggest disappointment came last, in the name of Call of Duty Black Ops 2.
What the hell are they trying to do with the game?
Flying turrets, what looks like a PipBoy on the characters arm, and a weapon with a sight that can see trough walls.
If they actually put that weapon in Multiplayer people wont even need to Wallhack.
Apart from that, the setting seems too much like Modern Warfare 3.
On a positive note i think the addition of women to the game is a good idea. We only see one woman (the US president i believe) but we also hear another one. I don't remember ever seeing a woman before on those games so i enjoyed the addition.

To finish, i really didn't enjoy the Microsoft press conference and i really hope the others are better.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and i will try to post my thoughts on all the other press conferences during E3.

Thank you all for reading.