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Male, 33 years old, lives in Germany

CanFo is now following Riotarded, Agro, AeZ and exelor.



ESEA TF2 finals are live right now, exciting matches so far!

ESEA_Orange LIVE Season 12 LAN Finals from Dallas, Texas - Orange Stream (TF2)

New SHiFT codes for golden keys:

Facebook: 535TB-FK5K3-3W5KJ-SBK3B-R6RRX

Twitter: KBCB3-THXT5-CX3TB-3TT33-TW5ZS

Valid until 21 CEST


VanillaTV is casting the ETF2L Season 13 Premiership match of Crack Clan versus Epsilon eSports tonight. Tune in at

Season 13: Premiership Match - Epsilon eSports vs. Crack Clan + Highlander Reminders | ETF2L
October 23, 2012 Season 13 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Premiership Match - BFF vs Epsilon eSports Watch live video …

The 3rd ETF2L Highlander season with a total prize pool of over €2,500 has just been announced. Sign up with your team until October 24

Highlander Season 3 Signups, Division Changes, Playoffs & Prizes | ETF2L
October 16, 2012 Season 3 signups are now open! You can now sign up your team on the competitions page . …

More competitive Team Fortress 2! Quarantine and Team Decerto are playing in the Premiership Division of ETF2L's Season 13 tonight at 21:15 CEST/15:15 EDT. Tune in to the VanillaTV stream!

ETF2L Premiership - Quarantine vs Decerto
atmo - Having exhausted their wildcards and rescheduling options, two of the premiership's reputedly smaller …

Here is a great new YouTube channel with highlights from Team Fortress 2 streams, courtesy of

Medic Down
Highlight from truktruk's stream found here: For more awesome TF2 streams check out …

If you are interested in competitive Team Fortress 2, you should check out the VanillaTV stream tonight at 21:15 CEST with Lutuset vs. vier // red in ETF2L's Season 13 Division 1.

ETF2L Division 1 Lutuset vs Vier Red
After a barrage of premiership matches in the last few days, tonight we are dialling it down one notch and …