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Second Enterprise segment

For the next upgrade we will be making the Enterprise-type Forecastle.

The materials we need built are:

Phase one:

  • Steel Ingot x30
  • Cobalt Rivets x22
  • Cobalt Joint Plate x20
  • Garlond Steel - done

Phase two:

  • Steel Rivets x30
  • Mythrite Ingot x12
  • Steel Joint Plate x30
  • Darksteel Ingot - done

Phase three:

  • Mythril Rivets x20
  • Darksteel Plate x18
  • Mythril Ingot x30
  • Rose Gold Ingot - done
  • Clear Glass Lens x30

I have altered the numbers where we had parts left over from the last build.

Next upgrade

I have tentatively settled on the Enterprise-type aftcastle for the next upgrade. It increases the Retrieval stat on the airship, which affects the amount of items returned and xp gain.

Materials needed are as follows:
Phase one:
We had the majority of the materials for phase one already in the fc chest; they have been placed in the Fabrication station awaiting construction. Once we have the rest of phase 2 and 3 made up we can make the new aftcastle.

Phase two:

  • Mythril Rivets x30
  • Mythrite Ingot x18
  • Cobalt Joint Plate x30
  • Darksteel Ingot x9

Phase three:

  • Mythril Rivets x30
  • Wolfram Ingot x18
  • Darksteel Plate x18
  • Mythril Ingot x30
  • Clear Glass Lens x30

If there is something on the list you want to make please reply to this post - trying not to get dupicates(bank space is precious). Also, we have partial stacks of some materials already in the fc chest.

  • Aug 14, 2015, 5:56:39 PM

I'll work on the cobalt joint plates today!

Repairing the airships

When airships go exploring their segments experience wear, just as armor does when a character battles monsters. Airships can make several trips out and back before they need repairing, and all segment experince wear equally. To repair the segments requires Airship Repair Materials. These can be made by most crafting jobs - learned from the first Master book. Each repair material requires five Grade 6 Dark Matter and one Dark Matter Cluster, plus 5/5 crafting crystals dependent on what job is making them. Level one segments require one Airship Repair Material apiece to be repaired, Level five segments require 2 each.

Enterprise-class upgrade segments

Airships are constructed of 4 segments: Hull, Rigging, Forecastle; and Aftcastle. Each segment add and/or subtracts from 5 different stats: Surveillance; Retrieval; Speed; Range; and Favor. The next rank of upgrades are the Rank 15 Enterprise-type.

These are the stats for the 4 Enterprise-class segments:


  • +108 Range
  • -18 Favor


  • +108 Speed
  • -18 Retrieval
  • -18 Range


  • +108 Surveillance
  • +108 Favor


  • +108 Retrieval
  • -18 Surveillance
  • -18 Range

We'll probably upgrade the Aftcastle first, since 'Retrieval' seems to directly affect the amount of experience the airship earns on it's run.

There's no hurry on upgrading the second airship, since it will be spending all it's time farming Sector 1 for the Magnanimous Mogcrown. The FC needs 3 of these items to construct the Magnificent Mogdelier.

Enterprise-class segment materials list

The next set of upgrades are the 'Enterprise-class' segments. Below is a full list of all the materials we'll need for all 4 segments. Once I decide which segment to start with, I can post a list of materials for just that segment.

  • Steel Ingot x75
  • Cobalt Ingot x69
  • Darksteel Ingot x36
  • Mythril Ingot x60
  • Electrum Ingot x24
  • Rose Gold Ingot x9
  • Steel Plate x24
  • Darksteel Plate x36
  • Iron Rivets x24
  • Steel Rivets x96
  • Cobalt Rivets x54
  • Darksteel Rivets x21
  • Mythril Rivets x108
  • Uraeus Leather x24
  • Oak Lumber x24
  • Spruce Lumber x24
  • Treated Spruce Lumber x12
  • Void Glue x9
  • Clear Glass Lens x60
  • Varnish x18
  • Steel Nails x45
  • Steel Joint Plate x30
  • Cobalt Joint Plate x60
  • Ancient Lumber x24
  • Wolfram Ingot x18
  • Roll of Farreach Canvas x18
  • Mythrite Ingot x36
  • Wyvern Leather x18
  • Garlond Steel x36
2 ships for the price of one

The upgrades to our first airship are completed; and the old parts were used to construct a second airship.

Airship update

The airship has gathered enough Bamboo Weave and the plans for the next level of segments(Invincible type) has been purchased. The airship can be upgraded one segment at a time, so this stage will be a little less intense.

The first segment upgrade is going to be the Invincible Forecastle; mainly for the boost to Surveillance:


Materials for the first phase:

  • Steel Ingots x 30
  • Steel Rivets x 30
  • Cobalt Joint Plates x 30

Materials for the second phase:

  • Steel Rivets x 30
  • Steel Joint Plates x 30
  • Darksteel Ingots x 12

Materials for the thrid phase:

  • Silver Ingots x 30
  • Mythril Rivets x 30
  • Ancient Lumber x 9

Looking for help with the Ancient Lumber in particular, since those are running about 85,000g on the market board.

Airship: stage 2

Edit: Airship is going to need a lot of the crafting reagent Coke. If you have some taking up space on a retainer, please consider sticking it in the FC bank for making upgrade materails. Thanks
Even though our aiship has only just started to fly expeditions, now seems like a good time to start gathering the mats to build upgrade parts. Below is a list of the materials we'll need for the rank 5 (Invincible) segments:

  • Spruce Lumber x18
  • Treated Spruce Lumber x12
  • Walnut Lumber x18
  • Cedar Lumber x9
  • Ancient Lumber x18
  • Varnish x18
  • Iron Nails x39
  • Iron Rivets x39
  • Steel Ingot x105
  • Steel Rivets x126
  • Steel Joint Plate x60
  • Cobalt Ingot x78
  • Cobalt Rivets x21
  • Cobalt Joint Plate x54
  • Darksteel Nugget x21
  • Darksteel Ingot x45
  • Mythril Plate x18
  • Mythril Rivets x78
  • Garlond Steel x36 - made with materials from expeditions
  • Rose Gold Ingot x21
  • Electrum Ingot x39
  • Silver Ingot x60
  • Horn Glue x18

All contributions can be put in the FC chest.

Airshop ahoy

Final Fantasy XIV airships are comprised of 4 segments: Hull, Rigging, Forecastle and Aftcastle. We start with only one pattern. There are more, but we need to buy them with items obtained from the expeditions they fly. Everyone starts with the 'Bronco-type' airship, with a certain set of stats. Airships level up by flying expeditions to known regions; finding and collecting items; and discovering new regions. Free companies can have up to 4 airships, currently; but after the first, the others need to be unlocked.

There are 3 phases to construction of each segment. A single crafter can load all the materials for the first phase into the Fabrication Station, but that's all. At this point, to advance to the next stage of production, a group of crafters, either a full or light party, needs to be present in the workshop. Anyone with any crafting ability at all can help by being in the party; but to load a material into the FS the crafter has to be able to craft that item. As the level of the airship segments increase, so does the level of the materials required.

We have now completed our first airship and it is flying expeditions. For anyone interested there is a list of all the mats we gathered at this site.

  • Jun 20, 2015, 11:46:54 PM

Well if I'm on and you're trying to setup a group just let me know but my highest crafting class is only 20 so I most likely won't be too much help. :(

  • Jun 30, 2015, 12:01:20 AM

High level crafting is not a requirement! =)

Catinglasses is now following fyreuni and Tamrielo.

Greysky Armada has advanced to 3rd now!

Free Company Standings | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone
Competitive standings for the free companies.
  • Apr 13, 2015, 6:39:42 PM

Go team!

  • Apr 13, 2015, 7:16:57 PM

I am so damned floored

  • Apr 13, 2015, 8:58:45 PM

This is awesome!


Also, in our bid to take over Eorzea - or at least Cactuar: Greysky Armada is now ranked #6 on the realm.

Free Company Standings | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone
Competitive standings for the free companies.
  • Apr 8, 2015, 10:06:36 PM


  • Apr 8, 2015, 10:13:18 PM

Nice! :D

  • Apr 8, 2015, 10:39:57 PM

This is so insane.... we like jumped from 16th last week to 6th this week