It's now five years that Whitestar had been created. Every week (or so), I'll share a Chapter of our Story. I hope our newest members will find amusing and interesting to learn how everything started.In the last blog post, we discovered one of the most creative roleplay project of Whitestar: Whitestar Magazine.


The goal of Whitestar was to offer two or three days of progressing raiding with a tigh-knit group of friends. Our hope was to mix casual with progress, a relaxed but serious attitude, and most problem that would be eliminated by the trust we carried for all our members. We wanted to achieve this by building a stable team of ten players that knew each others very well and could work great in team because of this. We didn't wanted to have to bench anyone, so our raiding group was almost just 10 members, with the possibility to replace a missing raider by one of our few social and roleplay members. At least this is how we had planed things...

Presentation of Whitestar
Whitestar is a social guild with a core of players who have played WoW together for a long time. We have chosen to stay a small guild, where people know each other very well and where our members can feel a sincere, international friendship. Our organisation is made to fit casual and active players. We are playing on the server DefiasBrotherhood EU

Our goal for Cataclysm

  • We want a serious, regular raid team that's close to a class run to raid and progress two evenings a week
  • We'd like to see a lot of activity where social raids, PvP and RP events take place within our guild for all our members to enjoy
  • We want Whitestar to be a place you want to call home!

We started the expansion by delving into Dungeons and Heroics together, always in group of five, we only used the relatively new Dungeon Finder to teleport in the dungeon, but we almost never "pugged". Cataclysm heroics weren't as easy as they were in Wrath of the Lych King, or later in Pandaria or even Warlords of Draenor. This difficulty was nice to train as a group, as a team, and to get to know the game style of each others.
From the members that are still active today in Whitestar, we had @Sharlena playing as a restoration druid, @Alakina as herself, well I mean... a shadow priest, @Internet as a worgen arm warrior, and myself as restoration shaman.

While we achieved to gather a nice group of commited and friendly players, we got struck by misfortune. For example @Sharlena had severe internet connection issues and I had a weird problem of FPS during fights using a lot of fire effect. Considering we were trying to progress in Blackwing Descent and that the first boss was was bad. Very bad. This caused us serious issue to keep our motivations going, as we were spending so much time wiping on fights we knew for technical reasons. Our raiding group was also so tight that once someone was missing, we had no one to replace him or her.

We tried to open up our recruitment a bit, and we met some great persons.One of those person was @Chakra. But we also lost several players that weren't interested by World of Warcraft anymore or were called by real life issues.
We managed to progress in the third raiding instance until the last bosses. We worked a lot on Chogall, and we almost killed it. We worked on AlaKir, and we almost killed it aswell. I don't remember if we ever attempted Nefarian. Our raiding team stoped there, and with our raid events abandonned, most of our members stopped to play World of Warcraft. Whitestar, once more, was put in hibernation...

That's when I decided it was time to move on to other games, and made the first attempt into transforming Whitestar in a multigaming community. For the very first time in six years, I decided to stop my subscription.