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Misleading title is misleading XD

The Identification issue-To dual wield, or be a Ser.
Note: the title is somewhat misleading...and this post is going to be some what of a depressing one, just a …

I take a brief look at Blaugust, look at the future, and decide another step of my debate.

A Blaugust Retrospective-looking at the future.
While I did some thoughts on the finale post, I took the time to go back and re-read many of my posts. Both …

I wanted to supplement my Finale post with something that the FC helped me discover :)

Blaugust The Finale! 2.0
Yes I know I don't need to make regular updates here anymore, but I feel that maybe I should add onto what I …

Blaugust Day 31: The Finale!

Blaugust: THE FINALE!
WE DID IT GUYS! WE MADE IT TO THE END! I kind of hope that the video works...Anything to use as an excuse to …

Day 30 is that Day where I go what do I talk about...again

Blaugust Day 30: The One With The Terrible Title
Namly because once more I cannot figure out what to write. Blaugust has been a fun little project, and I'm …

Day 29: I muse a little on Gender Bias

Blaugust Day 29: Musing on stereotypes (and FFXIV news)
It was an interesting topic that I came across while talking to the people whom are apart of the private …

Day 28: I look at some of my goals! God god that smiley is creepy...

Blaugust Day 28: Gaming Goals?
Looking back at the posts I've made, it's been one hell of a journey learning about myself, how I like to …

Day 27 see's me exploring why people play what they play

Blaugust Day 27: Why do you play what you play?
Awhile back on Reddit, I asked a simple question to the FFXIV reddit community. Why do you play what you play? …

Day 26: I hate being late...

Blaugust Day 26: Character Profile fun!
So while I look back at this Retrospective and continue to plan out my last few posts, I thought I'd do a …

Day 25: Some more random thoughts

Blaugust Day 25: Seriously Brain…stop it.
Ever get those moments where you make a switch from Point A to Point B and then moments later something just …

Day 24: I answer Syl's AMA question!

Day 24: What is my MMO Home?
This is a Question asked by the lovely Syl from over at and while I admittedly though …

Day 23: I need more monies...

Blaugust Day 23: Woes of a Gamer
I love my games. I'm not pro-PS4, XB1 or whatever. All the consoles have their merits and all have great IP's …

Day 22 is late because I'm feeling this emotional/mental exhaustion on a regular basis during the evenings.

Blaugust Day 22: Sneaky friends…(some FFXIV data!)
Continuing onwards with my insecurity with my own job role and what I want to do, when a friend linked me into …

Day 21: the one where I just ramble.

Blaugust Day 21: The Post that I ramble about things.
Today is another one of those days where I'm not quite sure on what I should talk about. My gaming hasn't …

Day 20: The one where I plug-in Aggrochat

Blaugust Day 20: The one with the plug-in.
I didn't know (as usual) what to talk about today. Apart from the fact that I'm felt mentally exhausted from a …