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Still focusing on the crafting and gathering to pretty much the exclusion of all else. I'll get to the Palace of the Dead someday..... just not yet. I got 32 levels of Fisher in the past week, though, so the leveling is going quickly.

[FFXIV] Again with the Surprising Myself
In this past week of FFXIV, I've been doing the full daily allotment of Moogle and Ixal quests to level my …

Between the Ixal and the Moogle quests, one could arguably simply level all the crafting classes to 60 without really needing to gather any materials nor really worry about keeping gear up to date either. It's not as fast as grinding it out, perhaps, but.... it's cheap, and I've spent a lot of money on the crafting stuff already, so, I think I may just have to slow it down a bit.

[FFXIV] Crafting Continues Apace
I've continued along with the Ixal quests as a Weaver and gotten it up to 30. After a fashion. I accept the …
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Nice read. :)

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Made it to level 51 carpenter, and am now working on my harvesting classes (well... mining and botany, anyway. Fisher is just so boring...) and weaver. Go me?

[FFXIV] 50 Carpenter! Well, 51...
Between the Ixal Beast Tribe Quests, the daily Grand Company turn-ins, plus turning in the high-value leve …

I have finally fallen down the rabbit hole that is crafting in FFXIV.

[FFXIV] The Crafting Rabbit Hole
Yes, I have fallen down it.... So there I was, going through my usual "it's fun and I care enough to log in …

More glamouring, plus a friend gave me the code he got for the current promo, so new mount!

[FFXIV] More Glamour
I planned to keep that outfit from my last post for a week to decide if i really liked it or not, but after …

Playing around with glamour a bit on my Lore gear.

[FFXIV] Glamour is the *Real* Endgame
I'm still trying to come up with a look that I like glamour-wise. The latest patch seems to have added some …
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I gave Wildstar another go this weekend. Lost track of time while playing it, so that bodes well. 3rd time's the charm?

[Wildstar] A Wildstar Weekend
In my typical reading 'round the blogosphere, I've seen that Wildstar is on Steam now, but didn't care until …

I've moved a bit farther through the story and have completed Sohr Khai now. Here are my thoughts on the dungeon --

[FFXIV] Sohr Khai
As mentioned in my last post, I headed in to Sohr Khai last night. The trash in this dungeon has HP more …

As usual I woke up way before my alarm was set to go off... but it let me start in on the new 3.3 stuff, so that was good, at least.


The verdict so far: Hildabrand is still funny, but seems to have lost some of his lustre for me. Hullbreaker (Hard) was very easy. Hopefully Sohr Kai and the new 24-man raid are a bit more stimulating! I plan to find out tonight.

[FFXIV] 3.3 Very Initial Impressions
I went to bed kinda late last night, but then woke up annoyingly early. On the other hand, that gave me a …

Finally finished up the Sylph quests on my character and got my Goobue mount... and now my daughter wants one for her character too. Also, updated my glamour again, got my daughter most of the Esoterics set, actually won a Calcabrina minion and still don't particularly care for the level 60 Black Mage playstyle.

[FFXIV] Sylphs Done!
And man were they annoying. Oddly enough, their basic quests worth 5 reputation were not bad at all, but once …

Odds and Ends in FFXIV -- Chocobo companion to 20, so that "grind" is done. Still working Chocobo Racing -- got my Pedigree 5 bird in the cooker now. And I also completed the "kill 100,000 monster" achievement. I didn't even know that was a thing....

[FFXIv] 2 Grinds Completed!
And I didn't even know I was doing one of them, so arguably that one wasn't a grind.... But yeah, there I was, …
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I tried something different this week in Endless Legend -- The Cultists. they start a little slow and require a lot of armies in the field and constant vigilance to keep the filthy infidels away from their converted villages, but.... quite fun to play, and by the end their city output is simply insane!

[Endless Legend] The Cultists
This past weekend, I realized that I was in a bit of a rut in Endless Legend and playing the Broken Lords …

Ouch. Maintenance mode in my game play doesn't lend itself to posting very often --

[FFXIV][Civ5][Endless Legend] A Month? Oops!
And here I've let a month go by without posting. Mostly since I've been doing as noted in the last couple of …

Not been playing much lately, and what I have been doing isn't very exciting, so..... revisited Rift a little, as well as got my Bomb Chair mount in FFXIV, at least.

[FFXIV][Rift] Capping Tomes and Re-Visiting Old Loves
I haven't posted much lately. As noted in my prior post, I'm really just doing a daily Expert plus Vath quests …

It's been a while since I posted since I've been playing a bit less and I don't find it terribly exciting to post "I did the daily Expert roulette and Vath quests until I capped Lore and bought a piece of gear" but this past weekend I tried some new things, and last night was a fun unsynced run through Turn 9 with the FC.

[FFXIV] Fun, but with a Side of Apathy?
When I log in to FFXIV, I have fun, but now that I've completed all my leveling (that I care to do, anyway -- …