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pkudude99 shared his post

Mods, mods, it's all about the mods.

[Warframe] It's All About The Mods
I mentioned this in a prior post, I think -- In Warframe it's the mods that really make the weapons. Each …
pkudude99 shared his post

finally tried out multiplayer in Warframe. It takes a good game and makes it better!

[Warframe] Co-Op Makes the Game Go Faster
So I'd been avoiding multiplayer in Warframe like the plague... not becuz I'm opposed to multiplayer, but, …
pkudude99 shared his post

I'm starting to feel like I know a little bit of what I'm doing in Warframe now. A little.....

[Warframe] Starting to Figure Things Out
I've had a bit more time in Warframe now, so I've had time to talk with my friend "J" who plays it and have …
pkudude99 shared his post

Started trying out Warframe a couple weeks ago. I'm really enjoying it so far.

[Warframe] Trying Something Different
I've been in maintenance mode on FFXIV for a while, and obviously not posting about it. A friend has been …

It's been a while, since .... well... everything's 70. What more is there to say? So here are some pretty pictures!

[FFXIV] Long Time No See
It's been a while since I've posted becuz, well..... I'm still playing 3-5 times a week in order to cap out …


[FFXIV] Now What?
All righty... everything's at 70, so now what do I have left to do in this game? There's still the daily …

My 1st run-through of the new dungeon.

[FFXIV] Drowned City of Skalla
I did my typical morning play session today before work, and since it's patch day I headed right for the MSQ, …

Goal completed! Time now to have fun with FC mates and make lots of money crafting... or something....

[FFXIV] Everything 70!
Happy gaming out there!

Crafting is a lot of work, but it's oddly satisfying too. And I suck as a healer unless everything's going right. So... I'm fine when I'm with good players, and I can't carry bad ones, since I'm just not good enough. Which is probably why I don't play healer much....

[FFXIV] This Crafting Thing
Now that my leveling journey is nearly complete, I've begun to devote more time to crafting to see what all I …

I keep leveling up... which is good.... but I've only got 5 levels left. All good things must change into other good things soon, I guess.

[FFXIV] More Leveling Progress
So.... level 68 White Mage and level 67 Astrologian are all I've got left to level up. But i may hold off a …

Yep... more tales from the duty finder. One is left to wonder -- just how does someone who plays so poorly able to get so far? And of course the answer is.... fools like me are willing to carry them on through the dungeons or something...

[FFXIV] PUG Tales Episode 6
Progress Update: It's quicker to list what isn't 70 that what is..... 67 White Mage, 67 Astrologian, 68 …

More PUG tales -- bards who don't sing, healers who don't heal, and an archer who forgot that he's a bard.... Fun times!

[FFXIV] Pug Tales Episode 5
So there we were running Ala Mhigo with me tanking on my Paladin, a White Mage, and 2 Bards. the bards both …

I've run out of ways to say "I leveled up some more" so I just posted a lot of pictures with captions, and that makes a story, sort of. Hence "picture book."

[FFXIV] A Picture Book
I've run out of creative ways to say "I leveled up some more...." As a result, I'm just going to upload some …
  • Sep 14, 2017, 2:23:31 AM

Love the way you've displayed all of your characters journey, great post!


Got my "Falcon" mount this morning!

[FFXIV] Falcon Mount Get!
Of course, it's an airship, not an actual falcon, but. . .you know. Still a nice-looking mount to get for …
  • Sep 5, 2017, 8:41:23 PM

Ooooh congratulations!!


More PUG tales -- bad AND good!

[FFXIV] PUG Tales Episode 4
So there I was, tanking an Expert and the luck of the draw was Kugane Castle (as usual, and which I don't mind …