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verdi 9
Dec 13, 2016, 5:19:40 PM
by Vijo
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Jul 16, 2015, 6:53:09 PM
Redshoes1991 3
May 21, 2015, 9:54:54 AM
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Mar 31, 2015, 3:42:29 PM
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Dec 2, 2014, 6:20:42 AM
by Aldys
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

The Neather, a dungeon, the end... so many places to explore, so little time. My Minecraft sense of adventure is always ignited, and tonight I am heading into the danger zone.

Minecraft [NEW ADVENTURE] I am out!
I always have plans to make things even better. I build and I explore but it is always fun to find something …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

After humiliating my enemy I am ready to finish things up here and continue with my adventure. My enemy is more powerful than I thought but new info that I found might help me... but at a hefty price.

Dishonored 2 [Ep 16] Running like a Chicken
I was finally able to de-power the witch that was giving me so much trouble. now I am ready to do finish …

The walking Dead is a game that really messes with you. I have made many choices I ain't proud of but they all have lead me to this point. Many people have died already, but what will I be willing to do to same my own.

Walking Dead [A New Frontier] Betrayal
Family must stick together. In this great adventure I made many choices that I am not exactly proud of, and …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

Minecraft can be a little dull sometimes. But I changed all that and now my minecraft level of awesomeness is over 9000! I made minecraft look goooooood.

Minecraft [NEW ADVENTURE] Creative mind
I have tried using shaders and cooler resource packs before but the only thing that has come out of that is …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

A Minecraft Dungeon is not a place for those with weak spirit of adventure, but lucky for you I have that in spare and I still have much to explore and many busts to kick

Minecraft [NEW ADVENTURE] Dungeon Trouble
After a long absence to study for my finals (didn't pass them all :( but I passed my classes), I am now back …
Vijo shared his post

It's been a while, indeed.


To celebrate the ending of the expansion I decided to spend a bit of my free time on making another one of the Shenanigans episodes. It's been 5 months, but it's been a blast. If my save files for the last episode (this is technically Ep.4) didn't break, I might've continued with the stuff the past few months, but after it broke around January I just couldn't do it anymore. I'm not looking forward to BfA, but I know that I will at the very least have you guys and that's reason enough to continue raiding. <3


See you all (hopefully) in 5 months in Uldir (?). I believe Uldir is the first raid that we'll see anyway @Agagor @Aeyvi @Amy-Higgins @Savian @Myrth @Trellisaze @Raege @Amathal @Alfonzo @Droxx @Druify @Firkan @Ghostwing @Tebby @Internet @LunaDra @Newyn @Tammiee @Tebby!


The first month of BfA might not look too bright for most classes, but let's stick through it together. :)


P.S.: I'm just gonna say a few extra words to our newcomer @trubetskoi. I do have to admit, in the first month or so I wasn't very fond of you. You reminded me of someone who likes to make the same joke over and over and over and over again within like 5 minutes. However, especially in the last few weeks of raiding, I've grown to like you a lot. I'm glad you're here with us now and hope that you'll stay with us to accompany us next expansion.

[WoW | Shenanigans] #3: Let's finish the Mac'areena
To celebrate the ending of the expansion I decided to spend a bit of my free time on making another one of the …
  • Apr 28, 2018, 10:30:32 AM

Nooo, don't stop the rambling!

I actually prefer our non-serious+rambling raids over our progress raids. It's nice to talk about some daily stuff once in a while, instead of silently sitting there and just looking at the boss % to go down.

  • Apr 30, 2018, 1:53:18 PM

You know i am the friendliest panda that ever excisted @Aeyvi ;)

  • Apr 30, 2018, 4:44:41 PM

Damn right you are!

SirMrMistery40 shared their post

My spirit of adventure knows no bounds, or maybe it is just my spirit of fighting against mobs kicking and screaming. still, I am enjoy this dungeon and i hope you do too

Minecraft [NEW ADVENTURE] Epic Dungeon
Now at my new epic base I start exploring the dungeon underneath. I was't fully prepared mentally for what was …

While the war against the undead is ongoing there is another one coming. I thought I had a strong team, but not anymore. I was hiding a truth that came to bite me in the ass.

Walking Dead [A New Frontier] Gave's Big Mouth
I seriously thought that we would we the upper hand, our groups seem to be getting stronger than ever. But …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

I am bring you something epic I haven't done in a while in my channel: a Minecraft 360 degree video. this time I am showing you the epic minecraft parkour spiral!

EPIC Minecraft 360 [Spiral Parkour]
I am bringing an epic view of a very popular minecraft parkour map as a 360 degree video. enjoy this map like …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

As a great adventurer, I give the Minecraft Nether a try. Things... don't go as expected. But I ain't giving up! there is adventure around every corner of this minecraft world and I intend on finding it all!

Minecraft [NEW ADVENTURE] Epic Trip
I finally FINALLY light up the nether portal and venture into it. Well... things don't exactly go as planned …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

There are always great challenges and dangers when completing a mission. But when when the whole kingdom is a stake, there is no time to second-guess. Time to fight!

Dishonored 2 [EP 14] Get it Right
Things are not easy in the life of an assassin. but I didn't chose this life: I was pushed into it by my …

Streaming Ghost Recon Wildlands

FreeOne86 shared their post

Streaming Assassin's Creed Origins


I have tried to be nice. I tried to let them see the error of their ways. But they took David and made me the most wanted person in town. this is a fight long overdue. In the end one group shall stand, the other one shall fall be fed to the undead

Walking Dead [A New Frontier] Thicker than Water
I have tried to be nice. I tried to let them see the error of their ways. But they took David and made me the …
FreeOne86 shared their post

Assassin's Creed Origins