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Dec 13, 2016, 5:19:40 PM
by Vijo
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Jul 16, 2015, 6:53:09 PM
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May 21, 2015, 9:54:54 AM
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Mar 31, 2015, 3:42:29 PM
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Dec 2, 2014, 6:20:42 AM
by Aldys

A zombie apocalypse is not for the faint of heart. You have to be learn to do the unthinkable. But what do you do when the living are more dangerous and the dead?

Walking Dead [A New Frontier] - Zombie Killing Family
THe zombie apocalypse isn't a place for the faint of heart. You have to learn fast that those people that are …
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For those of you brave adventurers who enjoy a good scare and 360 degree Minecraft videos, I bring you an epic experience that I will make you want to try it again and again.

Minecraft - 360 Degrees [FNAF]
Do you like Minecraft? Do you like the epic scary game that is Five Nights at Freddy's? Do you like 360 degree …
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I am so ready to take on new Minecraft challenges, defeat new mobs and claim victory! Using shaders and face cam I make everything look gooooood.

An Epic Minecraft Adventure [New Horizons]
It took some time and some blood sweat and plenty of tears, but I am finally able to run Minecraft with …
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Going through a haunted mansion to defeat a great Minecraft evil would have made most people piss on their pants. not me... maybe just little

Minecraft Horror 360 degrees [A New Evil]
After defeating so many horrors and monsters I finally came face to face with the evil one. but the truth is …
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Going all in, balls out ain't an option know. I will gather up all my sneak skills and come as a shadow on all my enemies. they better be prepared

Dishonored 2 [Episode 8] Sneaky like a Ninja Mouse
This game makes you feel more immersed into the dialogue and interactions and the first dishonored game. I …

Just when it seem that you will reach the promised land, a zombies jumps out and bites you in the nuts.Secrets are being revealed and lives will be lost. Good thing I got ninja Jesus on my side.

Walking Dead [The New Frontier] The Truth Comes Out
Just when I thought things start to get better. We get a guide to the new town and although things get rough …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

I powerful commander was betrayed. Using all his skills, he will face countless enemies and monstrous creatures. Time for some mobile gaming stick figure carnage.


Tip of the Day: Not everybody will become a great youtber, but a great youtuber can come from anywhere

Cartoon Wars [Episode 1] Warrior Rising
I am finally bringing mobile gaming back baby! People seem to like this game a lot and I am happy to please my …
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Herobrine is a very dark and murderous Minecraft legend. I do this series of 360 degree videos to warn people of how deadly this being is.


Tip of the Day: No one deserves subscribers. You earn them.

Minecraft [Epic Voiceover] Herobrine
It has been a while since I posted a Video. but even though life keeps me busy I ain't quitting youtube! I …
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The tower of Barad-dûr looks like child-play compared to the battle towers in this world. Well... not really but they are still a pain in the ass to beat. and I will conquer them all.


Tip of the Day: The best way to get back at haters is to keep trying. they can only put you down if you let them

An Epic Minecraft Adventure [Conquering my Tower Fears]
I conquered a battle tower before and I am making my mission to conquer all the battle towers I encounter. I …
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We are kicking ass so much that the world itself crashed! no matter. We always get back up ready to fight once again. sorry for the fps. Working on that for the next kickass episode


Tip of the Day: if you get a spam comment on one of your videos don't get angry. spam them back even greater. although that could get you a warning from youtube

Dead Island [Episode 6] A Glitch in the Zombie
Even with crappy fps and getting lost won't stop us from saving everyone. It is hard to keep a good fps and …
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When life gives you lemons, you squirt lemon juice onto the eyes of your enemies. when life give you a Minecraft Nether dungeon, you plow through it and kick as.


Tip of the day: It is ok to look at other youtubers for inspiration but try to develop your own thing

An Epic Minecraft Adventure [Looting the Dead]
I went deeper in the dungeons of Minecraft hell. I underestimated my enemies and came close to kicking the …

They try to destroy us. They tried to destroy our confidence but they forgot one little detail: in this world of the walking dead: You are either predator or the prey. Once we regain our strength, it will be their turn to be scared.


Tip of the Day: Something, Something, Something dark side

Walking Dead [The New Frontier] Dude where is my Zombie
They destroyed the camp and killed many people. now those of us who managed to survived will gather up and …
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After saving the good doctor it is time for me to make my escape. They took my crown and forced my hand to paint the city with red. I will keep doing it until I can set things right.


Tip of the Day: getting good at a game takes patience and dedication. but that is not excuse for taking attention away from your health

Dishonored 2 [Episode 7] Get to the Boatta!
I have saved the good doctor and put a stop to the reign of the infamous crown killer. but that won't be …
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We men don't get lost in a zombie apocalypse. we explore and try to find new and more badass ways to kick zombie ass.


Tip of the day: With hateful comments, haters want to push their buttons. Instead of responding in an angry way, just be passively aggressively happy

Dead Island [Episode 5] To the Lighthouse
I think I wouldn't have been able to survive if I was alone. but it is not only about us. there are many more …
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I got set back but that ain't gonna stop me. I am a fighter and my comrades need me. I am not the best shooter but I sure am an stubborn one, and that will be the enemy's demise


Tip of the Day: go to the restroom before starting a recording session. you wouldn't

want to have to drain the dragon when you are about to defeat a boss

Battlefield 1 [Down the War Hole]
I may die multiple times but ain't staying down. Mateo is my comrade and brother in arms. I will storm to fort …