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Dec 13, 2016, 5:19:40 PM
by Vijo
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Jul 16, 2015, 6:53:09 PM
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May 21, 2015, 9:54:54 AM
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Mar 31, 2015, 3:42:29 PM
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Dec 2, 2014, 6:20:42 AM
by Aldys
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

When life gives you lemons, you squirt lemon juice onto the eyes of your enemies. when life give you a Minecraft Nether dungeon, you plow through it and kick as.


Tip of the day: It is ok to look at other youtubers for inspiration but try to develop your own thing

An Epic Minecraft Adventure [Looting the Dead]
I went deeper in the dungeons of Minecraft hell. I underestimated my enemies and came close to kicking the …

They try to destroy us. They tried to destroy our confidence but they forgot one little detail: in this world of the walking dead: You are either predator or the prey. Once we regain our strength, it will be their turn to be scared.


Tip of the Day: Something, Something, Something dark side

Walking Dead [The New Frontier] Dude where is my Zombie
They destroyed the camp and killed many people. now those of us who managed to survived will gather up and …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

After saving the good doctor it is time for me to make my escape. They took my crown and forced my hand to paint the city with red. I will keep doing it until I can set things right.


Tip of the Day: getting good at a game takes patience and dedication. but that is not excuse for taking attention away from your health

Dishonored 2 [Episode 7] Get to the Boatta!
I have saved the good doctor and put a stop to the reign of the infamous crown killer. but that won't be …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

We men don't get lost in a zombie apocalypse. we explore and try to find new and more badass ways to kick zombie ass.


Tip of the day: With hateful comments, haters want to push their buttons. Instead of responding in an angry way, just be passively aggressively happy

Dead Island [Episode 5] To the Lighthouse
I think I wouldn't have been able to survive if I was alone. but it is not only about us. there are many more …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

I got set back but that ain't gonna stop me. I am a fighter and my comrades need me. I am not the best shooter but I sure am an stubborn one, and that will be the enemy's demise


Tip of the Day: go to the restroom before starting a recording session. you wouldn't

want to have to drain the dragon when you are about to defeat a boss

Battlefield 1 [Down the War Hole]
I may die multiple times but ain't staying down. Mateo is my comrade and brother in arms. I will storm to fort …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

I am thrown in an island full of zombies. most people would be scared. but watch me team up with a kickass ally and you will see us destroy the un-dead until they are the dead-dead


Tipoff the Day: when doing a co-op try to remember that you have an audience. Don't make the mistake of just talking to each other as people tend to lower their tone that way

Dead Island [Episode 4] Kick that Ass
I tried to tackle and face the undead before with no luck. Now I have a better ally and I am so ready to kick …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

The epic final conclusion is finally here! All my sacrifice has led me to this final battle. stand with me everyone for tonight we done in hell! Tomorrow I go to McDonalds!


Tip of the day: if you are making the first video of a series, try to do a quick synopsis of the game and what the strategy will be so the viewers know what to expect

Metro Last Light [The Ultimate Final Sacrifice]
It all comes down to this! I have reached the peace conference and there will more battle and shooting than …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

Last time I was in Minecraft hell i got burned. now I am carrying protection. no mob, nor monster nor boss will get near my ass without getting a stabbing to the face


Tip of the day: don't let trolls get the best of you. all of them just want to make you look like a fool.

An Epic Minecraft Adventure [Rising from the Ashes]
I am SOOO ready to go back to Minecraft hell itself and take revenge on those who wronged me. I do a little …

Somehow in this apocalyptic zombie nightmare history was rewritten and choices were made for me. But I am still going to fight. I will keep my family safe even if it means putting my own life in danger


Tip of the day: Just because you may be more popular than other youtubers, it doesn't give you the right to be an asshole

The Walking Dead [The New Frontier] - When the "sheep" hits the fan
History has been rewritten and a life is at stake. Everything is crazy and people are mad. I try my best to …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

I did a awesome co-op with a friend on his channel. We are planning to complete the whole Dead Island game. Watch us grow into professional zombie killers!

What weapon? Dead Island gameplay Part 1
What weapon? Dead Island gameplay Part 1 A collab video with sir_mr_myster I am thehumblehunter on twitter, …
Wolfpyre shared his post

So I am trying to raise some money to get my wife a New PC considering her old one LITERALLY caught fire. I found a great deal on a nice PC for 1000 bucks(Shipping included). If anyone can help please hit the donate button. This is the computer I am looking at


If you can, you can Donate here:

Wolfpyre shared his post

Wanna get into OR back into SWTOR? 7 days Free Sub and upon Subbing within 14 day 500 Extra Cartel Coins!! Click here for SWTOR!!

SirMrMistery40 shared their post

The sky is crying and the Ghost of the past are haunting. All for the tragedy that is about to happen unless I get there in time and put a bullet in the enemy's butt.


Tip of the day: "sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something" - Jake the dog

Metro Last Light [22] Revenge
This game went to hell when the main character pressed the button and killed many with the bombs. Now I have …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

What do you do when you are looking for your best friend in the heat of a hellish war? I keep getting up and kicking ass no matter how many times you fall!


Tip of the Day: No one deserves to be famous on youtube. you earn it.

Battlefield 1 - Storm the Fort
The have snipers and big tanks. but they lack the one thing I got in spare: bravery, determination, and …
SirMrMistery40 shared their post

Do you miss those awesome 2D point and click adventure games but you also wished that they had some more "adult" humor? well I bring you the Demo for the game StarFlint


Tip of the Day: it is better to age restrict your own video than to have it flagged and then taken down

StarFlint - The BlackHole Prophecy [Demo]
Trying something new I bring you the demo of a great upcoming 2D point and click game called StarFlint - the …