GLG Streamers and Gigantic
GameVox is out, Discord is in
Facebook group reopening to the masses

Gigantic Streams!
Locksmith here with a small update. The NDA for Gigantic has finally dropped as far as talking about it goes and a select few have been given the opportunity to make videos and stream the game! And because GLG is always up to date on what's coolest, a few of our streamers have been selected and will be streaming Gigantic regularly! Here are the cool people you should follow ;).

Here is the full list of Gigantic approved streamers if you just can't get enough Gigantic gameplay.
Don't forget you can watch Thor over at the Gigantic Twitch channel (www.twitch.tv/gogigantic).

Now for some community shake-up!

We are switching from GameVox to Discord. I know, I know, "Why are we changing again? What are you guys doing?". Quite simply, we prefer Discord. You can use it in your browser if you want, so you don't have to download anything (or ask anyone to download anything). You don't need to create an account. And it has mobile apps so you can chat all day, wherever you are! Also, lets be honest, people weren't really using GameVox so I don't think we are losing much by switching. Try it or don't, but this is where we will be from now on.
Discord (https://discord.gg/0MJc6k79z9Iitdbh)

Facebook Group
We are opening the flood gates again! You can now invite all of your friends to the group if you want. Community rules still apply (http://www.anook.com/topic/3801).
Additionally, I have 4 Gigantic keys to give out to whoever wants one. Just send me a message on Discord and if you are quick enough, you can get one for very little effort! :)

Signed, Locksmith