Sorry for a delay in the GTA online blogs but my controller broke the other day and im saving to get a new one..... so anyway with my make-shift piece of shit controller I managed to get a few hours online before the controller had a heart attack.

  • After I created my character (Felicia the Delicious) I joined the first race of the game, It was pretty shit, like two other players turned up except from Lamar and I passed them all out in about 10 seconds and nearly over-lapped some 10 year old that reported me for ramming him off the road but anyway it was an alright start to my online career and I got to level 2 from just doing the race.
  • Controller fucked up after the race but I got to play a game of jet vs motorbike on my uncle's ps3.
  • The match lasted about 10 minutes and It was fucking tense, like I was of the verge of shitting through my face.... I was on the motorbike and I wasnt really sure how the game mode worked so I was taking my time for the first minute or so, then i seen a massive fighter jet fly straight infront of me and my body combusted with freight.
  • I managed to get into the city in one shape and a possible bag of shit trailing behind me, The jet was chasing me around corners and for a moment I felt like I was in a Micheal Bay movie but then I hit a group of pedestrians and went flying off the bike... when I got up I ran like fuck until the 'x' button was melting into my palms and I was sweating like a whore in church.
  • The dude in the jet finally found me hiding in an alley with a load of junkies and hobo's and eventually died from a missile to the face, but It was so much fun and Rockstar really made a big improvement from gta4 online to gta5 and It was well worth the 60 quid

I know i spent too much time on that one match but day 3 will bring various matches, lore and possible pictures or videos of my character