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Kuruseida wrote

Hello everyone, My name Is Eli, I recently just picked up on ESO on Pc, North american server. I was a longtime player on playstation, and Im not to far in, It took me awhile to set my character up, Im picky you can add me on steam, The link to my steam is on my profile, Thanks have a good one.

SammySalsa wrote

How is everyone out there? My name is Samuel i got eso about a month ago for xbox one (US server) and ive been figuring the game out and learning as i go but theres a lot of things id like to do with a group and its harder than i thought to find people to play with ingame. So im looking for some friends(haha sounds pathetic asking for friends) to play with. Im lvl 28 khajiit nb (my life story) and im usaullay on during the week from 915ish am to about 230pm i work 2nd shift so if your available look me up and add me Gamertag: SammySalsaDip


Greetings! I'm trying to level up my Wood Elf character. I want to hit lots of Dungeons and World Bosses and stuff. I'm a lvl 13 right now, I want to be a little higher level before I tackle the thieves guild dlc I just got. I play on PS4 NA server, most days after 2pm EST.

riskybiscuit wrote

Hey I'm looking for some people to play ESO with, used to play with some friends but they aren't into it anymore now I'm level 35 solo playing on pc. Add me on steam riskybiscuit if you wanna play :) 18 M

Niketta wrote

Hi! Im looking for friends ti play with on ESO for pc. 19 F, level 19.... need friends to quest with and have thieves guild dlc


Hello! Im new and looking for new friends to play ESO PC on the EU servers. I'm a lvl 13 and was wondering if anyone wanted to quest with me? Thanks :) I'm 32 M

Chocy shared a post by lydiasmart

Remembering I like ESO. And when I say 'like' please don't mistake that for talent of any sort.

Chocy shared a post by lemonborn

Just looking around for people to play The Elderscrolls Online or a co-op game of Divinity: Original Sin or Magicka 2 with. Above titles are PS4, gamername is Lemonborn, for whatever reason I receive friend invites on the PSN often (albeit sporadically) so if you send an invite include a message referencing anook, and a game we have in common.

New to Anook, played ESO on xbox a while ago when it first came out, and decided to start playing again with my old character I'm lvl 29 high elf sorcerer AD. looking to find people to play with and run around with on xbox one, i feel like a noob again. I'm 24 yo and my GT is jrthakid760. let me know thanks

  • Feb 4, 2017, 1:34:25 PM

Welcome on Anook and in the ESO community!!

  • Feb 5, 2017, 6:08:02 PM

ESO is my first MMO, so I am VERY new. I'll find your GT soon!

Hey, new here. Just looking to start a PVP/PVE and supply traders Guild. On PS4, NA server and Ebonheart Pact.


Hey, new to anook and would like someone new to play with on Ps4 EU server. Im 18y old, got no headset or mic for ps4 so closest is skype on my phone. PSN: Sniperhenrik9

- level 25 dark elf sorcerer.


Anyone want to join me in a the dragomstar arena tonight?(PC NA non vet) You're also welcome to join my noob friendly PvE/PvP guild.

shimmer shared their video
  • Jan 27, 2017, 1:32:36 PM

Ok, so I know what I’ll be doing when Homestead comes out now :)

  • Jan 27, 2017, 6:13:57 PM

I wish they had been more generous with item limits to allow for more creativity like this.

Jordan-Sims wrote

Hey everyone, my name is Jordan, I just got ESO for Xbox one and I'm looking for people to play with so I can get a good first experience, NA server, gt: AmazedArcher. Message me if you would like to play!

  • Jan 21, 2017, 11:34:48 AM

Welcome on ANook and in the ESO community!