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RedSoxsbabe wrote

New to Xbox. Looking for friends GT is RedSoxsbabe

Not New to PC but just started a new Warden class character. Looking for friends to play this game with.


Still not sure what im doing so i n3ed some people to run with, im on NA, ps4, aldmeri dominion. I play for fun so im lookjng for like minded people who just want to have fun. My psn name is skyward_bound464 :)

shanedean wrote

Looking for friends to run with on ps4 NA server. Cp 720 master crafter. Happy to help low levels. Psn: RolandOGilead223

Super new to game. Just started playing a few days ago and haven't done much. Looking for PC players close in age (teens). I live in NA

UserID: fryed_chikken

  • May 13, 2018, 1:43:28 AM

Still looking for friends?

  • May 13, 2018, 1:54:29 AM

I don't think I'll have time to play any time soon. Maybe in a couple weeks.

SaerSinaps wrote

Just started playing recently, looking for some friends on PC (NA), my id is @SaerSinaps

Drayer21 wrote

Bought ESO like 3 days ago and wanting someone to play with, I'm only a level 17 so don't judge me, my psn is DrDray21


Hey, looking for friends to play with on Ps4!

Just bought the game so I am starting fresh

Psn name: AlfyForYa

Hi! I just started playing ESO again on the NA server on PS4 and was just looking for someone to play it with. I’m doing more of a PVE completionist thing but would be nice to have someone help with group bosses and dungeon stuff. PSN: ingeniousarisus

brysonwar wrote

Hey I'm new to the game and looking for a friend to get into the game with. ESO Tag is :brysonwar (pc player)

  • Apr 21, 2018, 6:00:09 AM

sup dude! are you on NA? if you are, add me @ Sleepy_chimera

emlaphant wrote

Hi everyone, looking for someone to adventure with and help with a few quests I can’t complete alone :)


Hi all, just got back into eso and have got really hooked on it. Not always sure i know what i am doing, but am happy to help and do any quests or dungeons! Pre-ordered summerset to!

Add me on PS4 - Holderuphigh

Anyone can add, but as am from England i arrogantly only speak english!


Hey people! I've been starting playing ESO again, but this time on PS4 and would love to have some people to play with...

If you wanna run some dungeons or quests, or just be kind and help me grind hit me up. I have acces to microphone if thats req!



Gametag: vozzp


Just started playing on PS4 EU server, khajit nightblade. Looking for other English speaking people to play with. Feel free to add me - PSN: Beardgel