Dear Whitestarians,

as you know, we are a multi gaming community. Hence not every World of Warcraft member might be well introduced to our ESO members and same with our other ingame guilds. We still want to achieve a very close and family like surrounding in our big community, so please join this little activity and leave a post with your ingame persona/character in this thread.


(fixed it, I hope, cough cough)


Nickname: Neny
Ingame character name: well, I am playing Mercy mostly, but I am still Neny XD
What's your favorite thing to do in your game?: I enjoy playing quick play matches with guildies and friends. I prefer healing and support roles because I don't hit an elephant if I stand next to it :'D
What's your least favorite ingame thing?: obnoxious/rude people
Would you mind other Whitestarians to join you in this game?: Ofc not!! Would love to welcome more community members and to play with them!
Which other multiplayer games do you play?: only ESO at the moment

(see thread for more information)

We will marge all the posted ingame personas into a big blog post in the end, so everyone is able to "meet" the Whitestarians playing another game, who you would normally not meet ingame :)

Thank you very much in advance for taking part!