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HoloPoptarts wrote

So according to Miyamoto, it sounds like Zelda U is going to let you do things at your own pace. Sounds like it has the potential to be one of the greatest exploration games ever made.

Miyamoto Explains Zelda U's Open World, Things to do Everyday
Everyone seems to have a pretty vague concept of what exactly open world means, especially for a Zelda game. …

I've always loved the Forest Temple theme from OoT. It's so beautiful and relaxing, yet eerie and creepy. This remix is pretty awesome :D

Forest Temple (Psylum Remix) [Download in description] by Psylum
Legend of Zelda OST - Ocarina of Time: Forest Temple (Psylum Remix) (Original composed by Koji Kondo for …

Finally more Hyrule Warriors pics :D

Complete Hyrule Warriors Famitsu Scans, More Screenshots, Amazing New Poe!
We finally got our hands on the complete Hyrule Warriors scan, sent to us anonymously. It contains a lot of …