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Diablo III

Fantasy-Hack & Slash
Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3
May 15, 2012
Diablo III is a dark fantasy action role-playing game, in which the player must slay hordes of monsters to stop the evil from corrupting the world. It features five character classes, a hardcore mode with permanent death and a real money auction house.
Colossal (ophidian)
EU|Lvl 60 Hardcore Monk|39,928 Elite Kills|84,908 Damage
SlapaTit (Exitosus)
US|Lvl 70 Hardcore Monk|24,846 Elite Kills|638,378 Damage
Kortes (kortes)
EU|Lvl 70 Hardcore Crusader|22,522 Elite Kills|398,176 Damage
EU|Lvl 70 Hardcore Witch Doctor|12,328 Elite Kills|1,189,660 Damage
Suportdort (Sativ)
US|Lvl 70 Hardcore Wizard|11,134 Elite Kills|766,037 Damage
December (Animan)
EU|Lvl 70 Hardcore Monk|10,608 Elite Kills|1,134,000 Damage
TooTanky (konsumman)
EU|Lvl 70 Hardcore Crusader|10,194 Elite Kills|274,933 Damage
Persenaama (jezet)
EU|Lvl 70 Hardcore Monk|9,801 Elite Kills|862,545 Damage
Sen (Grayzon)
US|Lvl 70 Hardcore Demon Hunter|8,143 Elite Kills|882,393 Damage
Munkholm (Siggi)
EU|Lvl 70 Hardcore Monk|7,643 Elite Kills|407,522 Damage
MGJ (Exitosus)
US|Lvl 70 Hardcore Monk|7,406 Elite Kills|761,925 Damage
Krän (Hared)
EU|Lvl 70 Hardcore Barbarian|6,788 Elite Kills|526,892 Damage
Animatrix (Animan)
EU|Lvl 70 Hardcore Wizard|6,633 Elite Kills|803,856 Damage
mynt (nivren)
EU|Lvl 70 Hardcore Monk|6,390 Elite Kills|420,794 Damage
Tridkiten (Hared)
EU|Lvl 70 Hardcore Witch Doctor|6,042 Elite Kills|828,315 Damage