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Diablo III

Fantasy-Hack & Slash
Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3
May 15, 2012
Diablo III is a dark fantasy action role-playing game, in which the player must slay hordes of monsters to stop the evil from corrupting the world. It features five character classes, a hardcore mode with permanent death and a real money auction house.
HolyWarriors (Holywarriors)
US|Lvl 70 Monk|53,080 Elite Kills|971,709 Damage
Kito (Keato)
EU|Lvl 70 Monk|53,051 Elite Kills|683,812 Damage
rawrr (mandahhh)
US|Lvl 70 Monk|53,015 Elite Kills|119,464 Damage
Ryuga (fzz)
EU|Lvl 70 Demon Hunter|52,891 Elite Kills|1,674,670 Damage
Tychus (IMBoBo)
EU|Lvl 60 Barbarian|52,629 Elite Kills|17 Damage
US|Lvl 70 Wizard|52,436 Elite Kills|268,396 Damage
US|Lvl 70 Monk|51,695 Elite Kills|152,139 Damage
tgasdf (MystoKaiDan)
EU|Lvl 60 Monk|51,140 Elite Kills|9,090 Damage
Narcissist (malpractix)
US|Lvl 70 Demon Hunter|50,891 Elite Kills|1,355,790 Damage
Zerocool (Zerocool5784)
EU|Lvl 61 Barbarian|49,413 Elite Kills|143,452 Damage
US|Lvl 70 Barbarian|49,332 Elite Kills|1,051,810 Damage
Senco (sencix)
EU|Lvl 70 Barbarian|49,235 Elite Kills|1,637,240 Damage
EU|Lvl 60 Monk|49,100 Elite Kills|161,220 Damage
Nigjohnson (Razorlor)
US|Lvl 60 Barbarian|48,824 Elite Kills|188,380 Damage
Relaxqt (dennisgtc)
US|Lvl 60 Wizard|46,780 Elite Kills|26 Damage