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Diablo III

Fantasy-Hack & Slash
Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3
May 15, 2012
Diablo III is a dark fantasy action role-playing game, in which the player must slay hordes of monsters to stop the evil from corrupting the world. It features five character classes, a hardcore mode with permanent death and a real money auction house.
Lvlfastwoop (Zlex)
EU|Lvl 70 Barbarian|164,860 Elite Kills|1,153,530 Damage
US|Lvl 60 Monk|145,498 Elite Kills|196,499 Damage
US|Lvl 60 Monk|114,413 Elite Kills|107,401 Damage
dubzIX (Dubz9)
EU|Lvl 70 Wizard|108,906 Elite Kills|488,727 Damage
Soney (sonie)
EU|Lvl 70 Wizard|108,740 Elite Kills|886,366 Damage
EU|Lvl 70 Barbarian|87,755 Elite Kills|825,982 Damage
Yoruichi (Whosdanoob)
EU|Lvl 70 Monk|73,481 Elite Kills|991,083 Damage
US|Lvl 70 Demon Hunter|71,879 Elite Kills|1,331,210 Damage
Underlog (SvenGarrison)
US|Lvl 60 Witch Doctor|71,173 Elite Kills|208,500 Damage
Ras (xiza)
EU|Lvl 70 Witch Doctor|69,163 Elite Kills|1,606,530 Damage
Entiasbrun (crocked)
EU|Lvl 60 Barbarian|66,872 Elite Kills|140,090 Damage
Feanor (Xe4ro)
EU|Lvl 70 Barbarian|66,808 Elite Kills|1,982,480 Damage
Kerli (Johnnylol)
US|Lvl 70 Monk|59,924 Elite Kills|125,440 Damage
Shelob (Rushton)
US|Lvl 70 Witch Doctor|57,622 Elite Kills|1,624,740 Damage
US|Lvl 60 Barbarian|57,580 Elite Kills|124,162 Damage