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Male, 23 years old, lives in United Kingdom

About DaLargeOne

Any lane, any champ: I can adapt and learn new techniques and skills on the go which makes me a scary opponent. But if you want to be on my side then add me as a friend on LoL and I will be sure to accept, my user is DaLargeOne, low level account is DaProOne incase you aren't Lv30.

Favorite champions.

  • Rengar - Devastating burst damage and so fun to play with his passive! Early game you can just gain that fury and then wreck and I mean WRECK!
  • LeBlanc - The jukes you can pull with this champ is infinite. Makes LB great champ! Very hard to play but i've mastered her and I love jumping across walls as my passive goes off, so confusing for the enemy!
  • Zed - A mix of both of the above makes this burst champ with insane jukes so fun! Also he can play top mid and jungle so it doesn't matter what your team picks you'll normally be able to play him somewhere, if not Zed support ftw!
  • Blitz/Thresh - I use these champs as support because of the insane pulls I do! To play these champions you need to realise that Blitz's pull is alot faster giving less reaction times but thresh has more utility (e.g. lantern). However I love playing both of these and using them to their full extent!
  • Lee Sin - Great fun in general and you can confuse people when you're flying around! Lee Sin was actually my very first champion so I guess that explains why I enjoy skill shots! I also played him as a support which I didn't actually loose a match with him down there! (you should try it so fun!)
  • Caitlyn - I Just love her range and poke I mean comon who doesnt love catching a running low hp enemy with your ult and laughing as they stop knowing they're doomed!
  • Katarina - Simple, great poke and MASSIVE BURST. I bought her recently and if you check my profile then you'll find out that I love dominating and roaming with her. Normally you can do your combo and move on the the next 3 champs before the first one knew what happened!
Last updated Feb 3, 2014, 10:21:50 AM