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Male, lives in New York City, United States

Blaugust Day 31!


Thank you Belghast and thanks everyone for reading and your support. This was a great way to start off a blog and I hope continue writing 'til sea swallows all!

Thanks to Blaugust (Blaugust #31!!!!!!!!!)
(This post is my last post for the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) FINISH! I didn't think that I would get here. …
Blaugust Day 30!

Where I talk about my experience at NXT: Takeover Brooklyn

Yeah, it's a lot of words about pro wrestling. Deal with it :D

My experience at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn!
(This post is #30 out of 31 for my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) I wanted to post this …
Blaugust Day 29 - Are you there Glob? It's me...

I'm still standing. Rolling with the punches as I tend to do as I main Monk in FFXIV.

This post talks about some difficult decisions I've had to make in a leadership role. Really just trying to figure out when you have to cast someone out of a guild. It can much more difficult than you think it is.

When Do You Remove A Guild Member?
(This is post 29 out of 31 for my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) This is another post that …
Day 28 - My brain is pudding

I leapfrog on Chestnut's DD post with one of my own and make obvious movie references.

Sometimes You Eat the Bar and Sometimes The Bar, He Eats You
(This counts as post 28 out of 31 for my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) Because I'm a bit …
Blaugust Day 27!

Don't call it a comeback! I'm still kicking out the jams

My thoughts on the GW2 F2P announcement and looking towards the Heart of Thorns expansion

Thoughts on Guild Wars 2 Free to Play Announcement (Blaugust #27)
(This post is Day 27 of my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) Big Announcement Just the other …
Blaugust Day 26

I take a field trip to the Silverwastes in GW2 for the first time!

GW2 - Silverwastes Field Trip (Blaugust #26)
So while I've stated plenty of feelings about Guild Wars 2 and will continue to for this crazy home stretch …
Blaugust Post 25!~

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Today I'm touching upon a few posts that have addressed concerns about the trend of MMOs going towards less Massively Multiplayer games and more just single player games with just a lot of people around you. I talk about some experiences in which in lieu of game content I banded together with other players to have fun regardless of it.

Filling the Cracks With Your Own Content
(This post is Day 25 of my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) While I have not been fulfilling …
Blaugust Day 24

Trying to claw my way out of this hole.

Just an apology for missing many days. Sorry folks

Dragging Towards the Finish Line
(This post is Day 24 of my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) I find myself stumbling at the …
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#Blaugust 2015 Day 23!

I've been sick the past couple of days so I fell behind again :(

I give my thoughts today on the job changes in Final Fantasy XIV's 3.07 patch.

Final Fantasy XIV 3.07 Patch Reaction
(This post is Day 23 of my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) After talking about the upcoming …
Blaugust Day 22!

♫ Caught up on Blaugust and it feel soooo good~! ♫

FFXIV just finished its 14 hour two year anniversary stream and they announced upcoming content for Patch 3.1 and beyond.

I summarize what they revealed and give my thoughts!

A Much Needed Content Infusion (FFXIV patch 3.1 preview!)
(This post is Day 22 of my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) Two years Since THE REALM WAS …
Blaugust Day 21!

I talk about a few smartphone games that I'm playing between raids and crafting. Triple Triad and One Piece Treasure Cruise!

Going Mobile!
(This post is Day 21 of my participation in the Blaugust 2015 initiative!) A new app enters the fray! Noticing …