Hello everyone,

Since the earliest days The Elder Scrolls Online had been my favorite game. It has evolved so much along the years! It is now, a wonderful game to play alone, in duo, with a few friends or with large groups. The game is flexible, and allow players to play together regardless of their level and factions. There is many activities to do, and for a guild so many possibilities to organise fun events!
In June, the first expansion will be released, with a new areas to explore, new quest, battlegrounds, and a new trial! So much content to try out and to play!

For the three years anniversary of Whitestar-ESO, I've decided to invest more time and energy to restore and create a wonderful guild for all our members to enjoy themselves in Tamriel! I'll do this together with @PhunkeyMonkeh Not only we will organise many events of all kind, and encouraging everyone to join, but we will slowly restructurate the guild and give it a bit more of organisation so we can expand it in a truely active guild. We are also preparing a big surprise for Whitestar, that I hope will be source of much enjoyement for everyone!

Some of our ideas

  • PVE - DLC Veteran Dungeons (training)
  • PVE - Veteran Dragon Star arena (training)
  • PVE – Normal dungeons farming
  • Social - World Bosses hunt by small groups
  • Social – Thieving contest
  • Social – Mage guild, Undaunted guild, and Fighter Guild dailies
  • Social – Housing contest in Inn rooms
  • PVX – expeditions in Imperial City
  • PVX – delves and skyshard hunt in Cyrodiil

Some of those events will allow flexibility and some will requiere a defined team.

Re-organising the guild, ideas

  • Bank will be cleared, and reorganised
  • Recruitment will be slowly re-open, possibly promoted on forums, social media
  • Rank system and permissions will be re-considered (Veteran members, guest...)


  • Wednesday – Relaxed PVE
  • Other – random event of our choice

Ultimate goal:

  • Being able to form group of 12 players for Trials

I hope this will encourage old players and new players alike to return in The Elder Scrolls Online and join us for wonderful adventures in Tamriel.If you have any questions, or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.