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Female, 37 years old, lives in Belgium

About Elloa

  • I've been, I'm and I always will be a dreamer, a wanderer, an utopist, an idealist. Losing myself in virtual worlds, and trying to share Joy, Hope and Love through internet. My humble contribution to make this place a more welcoming home for all!
  • I'm a female gamer from Belgium, working half time, and mother of two kids. My native language is french, but speak English fluently enough. I create videos on Youtube that are informative or relaxing. I'm also doing something I call "SoftlySpoken Stream" on TwitchTV to offer a space where to relax
  • I've been fascinated by MMORPGs since the first time I played Anarchy Online. This game made me bought my first computer with the money I saved to travel in India. Exchanged my neo-hippy style of life for a geeky-nerdy one.
  • Since then played AcheronCall II, WorldofWarcraft intensively for 7 years, Aion, Rift, SWTOR, AgeofConan, Tera, TheSecretWorld and GuildWars2 Final Fantasy XIV, Wildstar, ArcheAge, BlackDesert. Currently playing TheElderScrollsOnline Final fantasy XIV Overwatch and WorldOfWarcraft
  • I'm a social gamer. I've always been leading projects, guilds, organising events. I take care of communities, invade forums. I blog, stream, edit videos and screenshots.

In game, I enjoy exploration, immersion, teamwork. I'm a PVE person, but enjoy casual PVP once in a while.

  • Currently moderator on and founder of the community Whitestar
  • Playing The Elder Scrolls Online and other games
  • Community Manager for Saga of Lucimia
  • Producing video guides for ESO and ASMR/relaxation videos
Last updated Dec 2, 2016, 12:53:18 PM