After much late night discussion among members in the Dominion Accord it was tentatively settled upon to bring events to Woodhearth so that it make act as a new rp hub for the Dominion. As we have previously had a lack of hubs, this has caused for our roleplay community to be split apart and has given the impression that we have less roleplay than we actually do and have a much smaller population. While this may be partially true, we are now actively working towards helping our faction thrive. Therefore some guilds will be moving to/opening branches in Woodhearth (as was their plans anyway) and will be creating regular events for everyone to join.

Please post any events or links to events in this thread so we can have a central place where roleplayers can discuss things going on in Woodhearth.

A map for better navigation of Woodhearth:
Here's a link for fullsize. Credit goes to Pidgeons.

Current Events:
What: The Woodhearth Tavern
The Woodhearth Tavern is most active on Wednesday evenings, possibly due to the shipments of honeymead and rotmeth arriving from Willowgrove and Vulkwasten the night before. Though it's located in what some call the "bosmeri district" of Woodhearth, khajiit, altmer and near everyone else is welcome. Also, unlike some bosmeri taverns, it keeps a good amount of food and drink that outsiders and those who don't follow the Green Pact will enjoy. Across the street is The Greenbower, an inn of sorts where travelers can rest for the night.

When: Every Other Wednesday, 7:00 PM PST (Starting 12/17/14)

Where: The Improbable Cutlet, Woodhearth

What: Twin Tails Company public Tavern Night
The Leadership of the TTC will have their minds clear to negotiate potential contracts with those that wish them! This event will take place at the Greenbower tavern weekly and the Twin Tails will have personnel in the Curious Curios on other days to take contracts.

When: Sundas (Sunday), at 7pm EST.

Who: Message @Rosanna_Foxfire, @DappleJax, @eveningshadow for more details and phasing assistance. See this thread for more details.

Where: Woodhearth, the Greenbower.

What: Woodhearth Open Market
Treethane Fariel, seeing the decline of trade within Woodhearth, has called upon the capital of the Greenshade region to host it's first Open Market. Merchants from all over the Dominion will be in attendance, selling their wares to the many colorful buyers that will be there. Please come visit this miniature festival for good food and drink, the finest weapons and armor, magical spells, clothes , potions, and more!

When: Thursdays at 8pm EST.

Where: Woodhearth, in the Bosmer district ground level trading circle. If you are a seller, go to the Khajiiti stall to check in Icly so we can let everyone know where you'll be setting up.

Why: The Kin of the Shadow Phoenix, Thalmor Inquest, and other guilds want to host more events in Woodhearth to make it a place where characters from all over the Dominion can come for RP. This rp will be 'Shopkeeper' or 'Trader' type rp but can include anything from tavern-type rp, to theft rp, shady dealings, to fights that may break out. Any and all rp is welcome. Characters can come to sell, buy, or anything else. Finding other characters who share your interests and making connections is what this event is all about. If you have any questions, want to help make more 'city-life' events for Woodhearth, or want to know how you can get your group involved in the city, just post here or message me or Faer'veren.

This blog was copy and pasted to promote the event, credit for what is written here goes to Morriel from the TESO-RP website