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Here is one from another server

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I fixed the 3rd one

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Here is the 3rd one

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Here is my second one. More coming soon! Comment sugestions!

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Finally I finished my masterpieces. I have 2 of them. Here is the first one.

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hey guys wazzup my channel doesn't have a lot of videos anymore school started also read this


<a target='new' href='

/' title="WPM Test">

<img src=""; alt="WPM Test" title="WPM Test">

<b>WPM Test</b>


Your Typing Speed is 17 Words Per Minute.

You typed 7 incorrect words.

Your gross typing speed is 24 words per minute.

Your accuracy is 71%.

New youtube channel with fraps! Come check out my 3rd video, Splegg gameplay 2: a nick of TNT now!

Soon i will get a u tube and ezvid (i want bandicam but it isn't free

EMachine03 wrote

Good morning to all! :P

Creepers were supposed to be lizards :D

  • Aug 17, 2013, 6:31:30 AM

i thought they where suppose to be pigs?

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